Growing radishes in a greenhouse: variety selection, planting and care

Growing radishes in a greenhouse: variety selection, planting and care

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Growing radishes is interesting to all summer residents, without exception, because the culture has many positive aspects, and most importantly, a unique fresh taste. Today we will consider growing radishes in a greenhouse and choose the best varieties for this.

Radish is a cold-resistant crop, but naturally it will not work to grow it in winter in open ground conditions. Therefore, we decided to sow radish seeds in a greenhouse and grow crops in a special construction, using the recommendations of summer residents who have been growing radishes for many years in the winter.

According to professionals, this is a fairly simple undertaking, especially if the greenhouse is in working condition, and it does not need to be prepared specifically for radishes. The main thing is that there is a sheltered and sealed building with a light-transmitting cover, heating, lighting and ventilation inside, high-quality soil and the possibility of irrigation.

Choosing a radish variety for planting in a greenhouse

Not all radish varieties respond equally well to planting in winter, although almost any of them can create the conditions necessary for growth and development. We decided to choose not only the most popular varieties of radishes, but also the most persistent ones that are most suitable for greenhouse soil.

So, these are Sax, Row, Verano, Warta, Silesia, Robino, Helro and others.

According to the observations of professionals, it is these varieties of radish that have the best indicators in terms of quantity and quality of seedlings, ripening speed and quality of the crop.

Sowing radishes in a greenhouse

The technology for growing radishes in a greenhouse involves a careful selection of high-quality and healthy seeds. It is these who can survive in closed ground and show the expected result.

For planting, it is necessary to choose large radish seeds, with a fraction of 2.5-2.8 mm, and precisely those varieties that correspond to growing radishes in winter.

Sowing radishes follows the pattern, where between the rows there will be a distance of 8 cm, and in the row between planting - about 3-4 cm. Planting takes place in rows or a form of a bed that is convenient for you, but to get a good harvest, you must follow the scheme.

You can plant radishes a little more often, as we are used to, because not all seeds will germinate. And when this happens, thin out the rows, leaving for the most correct further development of the culture, the distance between the individual plants is 3 cm.

For heated greenhouses, planting dates are oriented to January. If the greenhouse is not winter, then sowing culture should only be from mid-March.

Conditions for growing radishes in a greenhouse

Studying these conditions, you can come up with the idea that radishes are simply created for growing in winter greenhouses, so that the plants meet the minimum requirements for our investments and work.

Judge for yourself, the seeds germinate in the soil at a temperature of only + 2 + 3 ° C, which can be easily achieved in any greenhouse with minimal investment. It is important to know that seedlings have the strength to tolerate even light frosts, up to -4 ° C. Naturally, shoots appear in the greenhouse much longer than in the warm season. If in the spring, summer and even in autumn it takes about three days, then in winter the radish sprouts about 12-14 days.

After emergence, we can thin out the rows, if necessary, and continue growing. At this stage, the temperature inside should be maintained already at + 9 ° C in winter, and up to + 16 + 17 ° C in early spring. It is necessary to monitor the temperature of the soil in which radishes are planted - + 11 + 14 ° ะก.

Correct lighting for radishes in a winter greenhouse is very important. It is necessary to organize a short daylight hours, but increased light intensity is a prerequisite. If the lighting is longer and less bright, the radish may start to shoot, which will have a very negative effect on the crop.

Watering radish

Watering radishes in a greenhouse is a very important point, since it is the amount of moisture consumed by the crop that regulates the taste of the fruit.

As you understand, a juicy and pleasant radish is obtained only in the case of systematic and timely irrigation, when the amount of moisture is constantly maintained in the soil. If it happens that water is saved or there are serious malfunctions with watering, root crops can become bitter in taste and quite hard.

Growing radishes will not require you much time, but decent knowledge.

How to plant radish in a greenhouse

Absolutely everyone can grow radishes in the country, in a greenhouse or in the open ground, and therefore we recommend that you try the production of this crop, and you will certainly be satisfied with the result.

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