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DIY chimney cleaning

DIY chimney cleaning

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Most of our cottages are equipped with stove heating, which is able to qualitatively heat the whole house. But heat is only possible if there is good fuel and a working stove, and therefore, we decided to tell you how to clean soot and the chimney.

Why is it necessary to clean soot in the chimneys of furnaces? This question may be of interest only to ardent city dwellers or newcomers to the summer cottage industry, who have never encountered stove heating and do not know exactly how the proper maintenance of the stove and chimneys affects the temperature in the house in the future.

Cleaning the chimney from soot is necessary to create high-quality draft, which will not only remove smoke from the furnace, and accordingly, do not let it into the room, but also create the necessary “draft” so that high-quality combustion and fire occur inside the furnace.

If the chimney is clogged with soot, there is no draft, the wood in the stove burns poorly and can go out altogether, giving us only caustic puffs of smoke. In addition, a clogged chimney is always a fire hazard. If the chimney is well cleaned - the fire in the stove flames up, gains temperature and can be filled up with coal to further warm the stove. Now, when firewood or coal is smoldering inside the country stove, it remains only to correctly adjust the draft with a special valve so that only smoke comes out through the chimney, but not heat.

Poor furnace maintenance can lead not only to poor-quality heating at high cost, but also to serious consequences, which can be caused by caustic smoke, in fact, carbon monoxide.

Soot cleaning

The stove itself does not so much grow soot like a chimney, because in the combustion chamber of firewood and coal there is always a movement that does not allow soot to accumulate. We lay firewood, turn them over with a poker, pour coal or pellets, then remove the ash from the furnace. All these manipulations help at the same time not only with the furnace furnace and its further cleaning, but also with the simultaneous cleaning of the furnace from soot. No, of course, it is necessary to carry out prophylaxis, clean the grate, clean the inner walls and the entrance to the chimney from contamination, but this can be done already after the chimney has been processed, because a lot of garbage can be poured into it from the furnace.

Soot chimney cleaning

There are several ways to clean the chimney, which are popular, evolve and successfully applied today, when there are fewer furnaces, but they still exist.

Chimney cleaning folk remedies

Oddly enough, there is a way to clean the chimney of the furnace from soot using potato peelings. In order for the method to work, it is necessary to pour dry potato peels from a bucket of hot pot, which miraculously affects soot. They say that the starch released during the cleaning process decomposes soot, and under the influence it crumbles down directly into the furnace. It lasts a couple of days, but because cleanings should be well stocked.

This method is not the most effective, because physical cleaning is considered the best way, that is, cleaning soot with your own hands.

Classic soot cleaning

You can try cleaning the soot with potato peelings, but they say that this method must in any case be combined with physical peeling. What do we need in order to clean the soot in the stove or fireplace in the country?

First of all, it is to find a special device for cleaning the chimney, the so-called ruff with a weight. It is a metal ruffle on a rope, wire or cord, just below which a weight is fixed, a piece of metal, a large bearing, a nut, and so on, in short, a certain weight, about 2-3 kg. The rope must be long so that it reaches the stove in the house from the chimney, clearing the channels.

So, you need to protect yourself from falling as much as possible, attach yourself, for example, to a smoker or ridge, it is convenient to stand on the same skate of the roof, lower the ruff in the chimney and start cleaning. At times, half an hour is enough, but if the chimney is badly clogged, it will take a long time to soot. During the lowering and raising of the ruff, he scrapes soot and other debris that has accumulated over the years from the walls of the canals. It falls down into special compartments, which will later have to be cleaned, or into the oven itself.

After you feel like a chimney sweep, breathe dust and soot, and go downstairs to remove garbage from the stove, you will need to clean out the views - special windows that give access to the channels clogged with soot. They are located on opposite sides of the wall in which the chimney passes.

Thermal soot cleaning

There is another way to quickly clean the stove and chimney, but you must be aware of two facts about it - it is not the safest, since it will have to work with high temperatures, and is only suitable for heavily soiled stoves or in combination with the classic method of cleaning.

So, for cleaning we will need to use aspen wood. Aspen logs are laid in the oven and fired up. When the fire covers all the masonry of firewood, it is necessary to open all the flaps and arrange the burnout of the stove, blowing it as high as possible with high-temperature smoke and even flames from the smoke.

It is not advisable to use the method of high-temperature cleaning of the furnace and chimneys from soot for old furnaces that may have cracks inside. A similar method in this situation can be dangerous !!!

Dry cleaning of soot

Next, we decided to use special cleaning products for soot. According to manufacturers and sellers, these tools are great for cleaning the chimney from soot, as well as the entire chimney.

This method consists in the fact that special means with a certain kind of chemical reagents are burned in the furnace, ensuring the decomposition of soot in the chimney. Today, there are many similar products on the market, but the most famous of them are Kominechek, Log chimney sweep and Anti-burn chemical composition. Each of the proposed products works in approximately the same way, but all of them are not recommended for cleaning chimneys with smoke circulation, since a large amount of soot can completely clog the channels.

Be careful when using chemistry, as many of its components have a bad effect on health. In addition, you must be aware that chemical protection leaves an unpleasant odor behind you, which will need to be burned and weathered for several days.

Cleaning soot in a fireplace or stove

Cleaning soot in the stove and chimney is a very important process, and it’s okay if once a year you make a chimney, because in just an hour or two you can clean the fireplace or stove and provide the cottage with heat. The material on chimney options for giving will be interesting.

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