What outdoor heaters to choose for a summer residence

What outdoor heaters to choose for a summer residence

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In the fall, the street is already quite cool, and in the evening in the summer house you can firmly freeze, or even get sick. Therefore, in addition to warm clothes and rugs, we recommend you outdoor heaters for summer cottages, which will quickly fix the situation.

Each of us is well aware of what a home heater is. So, outdoor heater has the same direction - heating, but differs from the standard unit in some characteristics. Of course, you don’t even have to think about the principles of operation of such equipment and its qualities if, for example, you rent it when you leave for a day or two in the country during the autumn season. But if you visit the country much more often, then such a pleasure can become a pretty penny for you, and therefore, it is much more interesting to consider purchasing this equipment once and for all. Thus, you will only pay for the flow of heat and electricity, but do not pay for the “depreciation” of the device.

So, how to choose a street heater for a summer residence?

Outdoor gas heater

What is a street heater for?

The main purpose is clear, because the unit is used to heat a certain space, say, in the patio, on the veranda, in the gazebo, if the evening turned out to be cool. This equipment allows you not to run straight into the house, but to continue a pleasant rest in the fresh air, simply by installing a heater nearby or by directing it towards yourself.

In addition, if it is a half-open room or a summer-type indoor room, for example, an unheated wired veranda or gazebo, the heater can always be moved there before dinner, to quickly heat the room. But it is very important to understand that some of these devices can only be used outdoors.

Outdoor infrared electric heaters

Varieties of street heaters

Today, infrared devices are most often used to heat an open space, and there are reasons for this. The heat of infrared rays is very similar to solar heat, the only difference is that when the IR device does not emit ultraviolet rays, and therefore the devices can be considered completely safe.

Being directed at a specific object or space, the heater does not heat the air, but heats objects that are located on this side and nearby. Accordingly, energy is not spent on heating the air, which is the main advantage.

At the moment, manufacturers of such equipment offer a choice of two types of street heaters - gas and electric.

Outdoor gas infrared heater

This type of street heaters generates infrared rays from the heat of gas burned inside. The gas cylinder located at the bottom of the heating equipment delivers gas to the burner, where it is ignited with a special piezoelectric element from the button and, when burned, heats the burner grid to very high temperatures. Due to this, high-temperature rays are emitted, which are reflected from the reflector located in the upper part of the heater and are directed downward. At the moment, in a certain radius from the base of the device, a “thermal cone” is formed - a space heated by infrared rays.

Experts recommend using similar models at outdoor temperatures of + 10 + 12 ° C. In this mode, the equipment will easily heat the space to + 23 + 25 ° C and increase the comfort of people staying near the heater. Agree, not bad enough, especially if the street is cool and damp.

On sale you can find floor lamps, for example, street heaters Enders. They really resemble a lamp on a leg, at the base of which a gas cylinder is installed and well camouflaged. It is interesting that this cylinder can last for almost a week of use, and in a very cold time or at a time when the heater is undesirable to turn off, a 30 liter cylinder is enough to heat a certain area throughout the day.

Interesting look and outdoor gas heaters Kroll, as well as models of some other manufacturers. Kroll street heaters are like miniature lampposts from the future, such as high-tech high-tech heaters. But some models also work on decor, for example, pyramid heaters, which are often installed not only for heating, but also for lighting. Having a glass flask inside the case, the equipment launches ignited gas through it, that is, the flame itself, which heats and illuminates. It is very convenient to use at large events that take place outdoors in cold weather or in the fall.

How to choose a street gas heater?

  • First of all, we draw attention to the power, because it is it that is an indicator of the amount of heat that will be generated. But it is better to choose power according to certain parameters, say, for heating an area of ​​about 5-6 square meters. To do this, you need a 12 kW heater. It is worth remembering the fact that a further increase in power will not be rational, since physically one heater will not be able to qualitatively heat the area more. Therefore, choosing more powerful equipment, you will only increase gas consumption, which means costs, but will not achieve an increase in a positive result.
  • It is necessary to think about a power regulator, which will help regulate heat, and, accordingly, gas flow, depending on the ambient temperature. In more inexpensive equipment, there are only two positions of the regulator - maximum and minimum, but more expensive heaters, like Enders, can be equipped with smooth adjustment.
  • Safety is an important factor in choosing equipment for heating, and therefore it is worthwhile to approach this item carefully. There are special protective systems that turn off the gas supply during flame attenuation, during sudden movement, tilt, fall of the heater and so on.
  • You can always choose a heater in a stainless steel case, which is not afraid of corrosion. The design of such equipment is simply magnificent. But our equipment is most often offered in a painted steel casing, for which it is highly advisable to purchase an additional cover in order to keep it longer and extend its life.
  • It is recommended to study the design of heaters, because not everyone will like you externally, and some will not be suitable for a gazebo or a veranda at all. But I really want the interior to be harmonious. Prefer more stylish and interesting offers.
  • The heating feature plays an important role, and therefore manufacturers today offer not only standard equipment, but also heaters that are used more rationally. For example, there are those that are installed in the center of the table and heat only the necessary territory, and not just spend coolants. Also, pay attention to the reflector, the diameter of which must be at least 80 cm. It is important to think about a prefabricated reflector, since it is expensive and difficult to replace an entire reflector in case of failure.
  • Think about the mobility of the heater, because a mobile model with wheels and a special base is much more convenient than equipment tied to one place.
  • Be sure to choose the equipment and the type of gas, because a heater on propane and butane is much more convenient than one that can only work on one type of fuel.

Infrared Electric Models

The main difference of this type can be understood very simply, because only by name it is clear that these heaters use electricity, not gas. According to experts, such equipment produces softer heat than gas-powered devices.

Heat is radiated thanks to a special thread coil, which can heat up to 900 degrees. Infrared rays obtained by heating this coil with electric energy are directed to a reflector located behind, which scatters the heat evenly to the place where you direct the heater.

How to choose a street electric heater?

By and large, there are few differences from the list of requirements for a gas appliance, but there are some.

  • Naturally, attention should be paid to power, since in this form it is not only an indicator of the heat generated, but also an indicator of your expenses.
  • Be sure to consider the maximum area that will need to be heated, because depending on it, you will need to choose not only power, but also the size of the device.
  • Immediately, it is worth clarifying the heaters by type, because their main difference is in the shell for the incandescent filament. They are quartz (tubes do not last long, but they are inexpensive, but they can only be used in large rooms or in open areas), ceramic and metal (aluminum), which can be used anywhere, at your own discretion.
  • The length of the cord also matters, because a short cord significantly limits the mobility of the device. Although, there is always the opportunity to use carrying.
  • It is important to choose the mount for the heater, as very often they are sold not in the kit, but separately. Think in advance whether a leg will be necessary or if the heater will be fixed simply on the wall or ceiling.

Which outdoor heater is better

You can always compare, but here it all depends on the destination, area and your personal opinion. But, if we bring the well-known facts to everyone, then, for example, electrical appliances are more economical and efficient, although not mobile. In addition, electric appliances for heating on the street can be used even at a temperature of only + 5 ° C, while gas appliances can only be used at a temperature of only + 10 ° C and above.

But, the vivid advantages of electrical appliances still do not increase their popularity, since it is precisely due to their mobility and the ability to take equipment to the cottage, picnic, nature, gas heaters among our population are more in demand.

Despite how exactly the type and type of equipment you decided to choose and purchase, first of all pay attention only to power and safety, other indicators are not so important.

Outdoor heaters for summer cottages

Choosing a cottage heater, you should study several models at once, show them all the necessary requirements and only then make a purchase. Believe me, today there is plenty of this equipment on the market, and therefore you should not think that the most expensive and not very attractive device that they are trying to sell to you at the nearest store, there is always a more interesting choice.

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