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Foundation under the veranda

Foundation under the veranda

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Hello, there are several questions - a log house was built 6 by 7, 2 years ago from a log on a strip foundation, my wife wants to attach a 6 by 3 veranda, I wanted to pour the foundation under the veranda as if in the continuation of the log house, and my friend says that it’s better from ascement pipes so that the foundations live on their own; is he right? If yes then the questions are: at what depth should holes be drilled under the pillars, clay soil, at what distance from the base of the log house can holes be drilled, how many meters should the columns be laid?


It’s easiest to build a strip foundation under the veranda, but it should not be connected to the existing foundation of the house, i.e., a deformation seam is arranged. The distance between them should be 50 mm - this is ensured by installing a board covered with bitumen mastic. The depth of the foundation sole should be done below the freezing of the soil, and its width should be 300 mm.

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