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How to strengthen the foundation

How to strengthen the foundation

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Hello to all! Help solve the global issue for me. Recently bought a summer cottage. There is a trailer that stands on a foundation of foam blocks. We attached a veranda to it, too, with a foundation of foam blocks. Now in spring, when the snow melts, the building is dancing. How to strengthen the foundation?


Most likely, the deformation of the house is due to the shallow foundation. In the spring, when the soil is moistened under it, the veranda or wagon begins to sag. The soil gets wet on different sides of the house unevenly, so, therefore, it sits not the same way, and this kind of “dance” turns out. It is necessary to fill the foundation with concrete in small sections to the depth of freezing of the soil, and around the house, arrange a concrete blind area, with a width of 700 - 1000 mm.

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