The main types of shovels for the gardener

The main types of shovels for the gardener

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Shovel - a well-known tool for working in the country. It would seem that could be easier? But here you should choose the shovel correctly, accurately determining its quality, weight, size and type of shovel for the gardener.

At the moment, there are enough offers on the market that are functional, durable and easy to use, but each product is individual, as are the requirements of the buyer, and therefore, you should choose a shovel more seriously than it seems at first glance.

Bayonet shovels for the garden

The most common tool that absolutely every summer resident has. But if you need to buy a new shovel, or just replace the old and damaged one, you should pay attention to the right selection criteria.

The bayonet shovel is designed for standard excavation of soil, loosening, hilling, gardening with shrubs, digging tree trunks. With a good shovel, you can handle any trench or pit, any work related to soil. The working part of the shovel is attached to the handle at an angle of 180 degrees. The most convenient size is from 12 to 15 cm. This design has been tested for years and allows you to work quickly and efficiently due to the uniform transfer of physical effort.

The metal bayonet of the shovel, which is its main part, can be pointed (for hard soil), as well as round or even rectangular (for work on a constantly cultivated area).

Shovels for work in the country

The main difference between shovels and bayonet shovels is the shape of the tray, that is, the metal tip. It is located at an angle of 120 degrees to the handle, which makes it easier to work with the selection, transfer, collection of something. With the help of such a shovel, many processes take place in the country: garbage collection, manure or compost transfer, fertilizing the soil, collecting sand, gravel and so on on heaps. There are shovels that are designed for snow removal, they are wider and their base is hardened.

By and large, in the country there should be two types of shovels at once, and this is the minimum, that is, in the barn there should be both bayonet and shovel shovels, you never have to do tomorrow.

Choosing shovels for a summer cottage should be done carefully, paying attention not only to the appearance of a garden tool, but also to quality.

Pay attention to the handle - the handle of a shovel. It should be made of good, dried wood without knots, preferably hardwood. The handle should be of a comfortable size, sanded, possibly with an extreme Y, D or T-handle for more convenient work.

The metal tip is a tray, it is advisable to choose from the average thickness of the metal, with a protective coating, durable and high-quality, with convenient attachment to the handle, preferably with a standard hole size for it.

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Further, it all depends on you - the convenience of work, and the durability of the tool, which, by the way, will help ensure proper care. After completing any work with a shovel, you must clean the tray of dirt, grease and store in a dry barn.

As you can see, not only the types of shovels for the gardener are important, but also their quality and proper storage, only then any shovel will last more than a dozen years.

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