Romantic style in landscape design

Romantic style in landscape design

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There are many styles of landscape design that correspond to one time or another, nationality and being, as well as the personal preferences of the person who decided to ennoble his own plot. There is also a romantic style among them, which, in recent times, has become increasingly popular. Let’s take a look at this style together in order to understand which of us can suit it.

First of all, it is necessary to pay tribute to people who equip the territory of their site in this way. This is not an ordinary lawn, several trees and a pretty alpine hill in the back of the plot ... Romantic style in the landscape is a difficult, time-consuming and time-consuming process, which, subsequently, will bring the customer or the person who arranges the garden and the plot in this style, cosiness, comfort and a lot of pleasure. It is justified that the romantic style of landscape design is chosen for themselves, for the most part, by people of age, well, at least not by young people. This can only be explained by the fact that people who have achieved something in life strive for peace, connection with nature and a wonderful sense of harmony. Having performed such a miracle in his suburban area, a person will find peace and for a long time will be able to provide for himself the best place to relax body and soul.

In fact, in the romantic style there is no strict framework, there are only some tips from people who managed to make their dreams a reality quite successfully, as well as tips from landscape designers who helped them with this process.

Today we will try to fully cover the topic and devote some time to describe all the necessary elements of landscape design for a given style, especially the layout of the plot, select plants that will help to realize the romantic style of the garden, and also write in detail the advice of landscape designers who have already encountered with the creation and implementation of such projects.

Key Design Elements

In order to turn your garden or a new, prepared plot into a romantic and quiet place, you must use the following elements:

  • Old and large-sized trees, preferably with leafy crowns;
  • A large number, as well as a variety of climbing plants;
  • A lot of lawns, well-groomed and not very, flower beds, and most importantly, nooks and crannies;
  • Winding paths and paths, mysterious and even a little frightening thickets;
  • Fountains and ponds of various shapes and sizes;
  • Possible combinations of elements of various styles of landscape design.

Features of the layout of the site

You should also pay attention to the layout of the site, because it is simply unrealistic to create a style and include many elements in it, without accurately planning the dimensions, placement and the components of the style. First of all, it is necessary to take into account the following points:

  • The correct arrangement of plantings - trees and shrubs, in a single arrangement and in groups;
  • Interesting plant compositions against the background of the far corners of the plot, buildings;
  • Romantic style combines symmetry and asymmetry, a variety of landscape forms;
  • Ordinary is a standard, smooth transition from one zone to another;
  • Quite characteristic is the use in creating a style of notes of Gothic, antiquity, antiquity.

Color scheme

Like any landscape design style, the romantic style has peculiar colors - most often white, ivory, gray, ashy, shades of yellow, tints and shades of blue are found in the design. The overall color scheme is discreet, rather even outdated, dull and dull. It doesn’t need ultramarine, pink, bright red and other colors that are relevant for stormy fun and a kind of chaos. Everything should be more monotonous, even.

Style plants

Each landscape style has its own preferences in plants. Now we will consider what shrubs, trees and flowers are needed for the correct decoration of the romantic style:

  • Trees: pines and spruces, oaks, chestnuts, plane trees, birch and poplar, alder, maple, linden, elm, buldenezh, mountain ash and viburnum, snowdrop, bird cherry and fruit - cherries, apple trees, plums, pears. As you can see, the variety of possible trees for decoration is quite large, the main thing is that it is appropriate to style the trees in the garden, in the far corners of the plot.
  • Shrubs: snowman, dogrose, spirea, lilac, mock up and all kinds of honeysuckle. Beautiful, sprawling, beautifully flowering shrubs will very well fit into the style and complement the romantic atmosphere with an unsurpassed aroma.
  • Perennials and flowers: first of all, roses, a lot of roses, preferably various varieties, in a chaotic planting, more wild and uncircumcised roses. Clematis, a variety of creepers, grapes, hops, lemongrass, irises, cineraria, mallow, ageratum, salvia, digitalis, cuff, dolphinium, geranium, chamomile, euphorbia, asters, lilies are also well suited. Be sure to pay special attention to grasses and cereals, they will be the main planting mass on the lawns and open areas of your site. all other flowers, in their enormous variety, it is advisable to plant more chaotically than evenly, often combine species and try to prevent a large number of blooming flowers from planting in one place, the whole area should be decorated with fragrant buds throughout the season.

Small architectural forms

It is impossible to create any style without the presence of small architectural forms. No, of course, at will, anything is possible, but it will be a hybridized style and generally not relevant to reality, so experts recommend listening to advice. Necessarily on the site, to maintain a romantic style, must be present:

  • Paving made of natural stone, untidy, with cracks and islets, with herbs and plants in places of defects;
  • Natural tiles, the older the better;
  • Some wrought metal products, burnt clay;
  • Pergolas made of wood, combination with forging is possible;
  • Obelisks of various shapes, preferably pointed;
  • Arches, pergolas, antique garden figures;
  • Containers and flowerpots, smooth or embossed, preferably tall or on stands;
  • Bridges and passages, wooden paths through ditches and ravines;
  • Old-style garden lights, wrought or wooden;
  • Garden furniture, swings, wickers.

Also, the mysterious, old shady garden can complement the romantic style well. It is much easier to create a similar style of landscape design on a site where there is already a small area of ​​forest or old trees. It is not worth processing or trimming them, on the contrary, all the charm will be in old age, dried branches and leaning down, under its own weight, shoots. The less you put your hand to the garden, the more pleasant and natural the appearance of the old, shady garden will be.

Complement the romantic style and some sculptures of antiquity and antiquity. Today, you can buy these in many places, for example, even from the same landscape artists who will lead the project. It is desirable that the sculptures also have less gloss and glamor, they should be old, it is old, with some flaws, cracks, moss, or even broken edges. Such ornaments in the garden should be a little crooked, some should even lie on their sides, they should create the impression of a certain scruffiness, be slightly “beaten” by time and natural phenomena.

If you want to do some work with your own hands and contribute to the creation of a romantic-style garden, there are several methods that we will gladly share. These methods, first of all, relate to artificial aging, that is, with their help you will give the garden an even more dilapidated look. Everything can be aged - pots, containers and containers for plants, sculptures, stones, etc.

Basics of landscape design (video)

Aging Design Elements

The cutest moss is the cutest way to age. It will not work to grow it on objects or elements of landscape design with the click of your fingers, which means that you need to work a little. So, we need to mix a glass of flour, a glass of buttermilk, 2 bags of “fast” yeast, 2 tablespoons of syrup (sugar and water) and one glass of finely ground moss, which you can get in any garden. The finished mixture stands for several days in the sun until a not very pleasant smell appears. Next, using a sponge or brush, apply the mixture to the surface of the desired item. This can be done not evenly, making movements your own, inimitable drawing and pattern. After the mixture is applied to the landscape, it should be wrapped in polyethylene and left in the shade for several weeks. During this period, a thin layer of mold will appear on the surface, and after a month and a half it will turn into a chic layer of moss.

There is another interesting way that is most suitable for the “aging” of flower containers. With it, you can give the tank an unrivaled look without spending huge capital. It is necessary to mix 2 parts of gel or varnish with 1 part of acrylic paint of dark gray or brown color. Apply this mixture to the surface of the container, wipe off any leaks and excess, allow the container to dry and apply another layer. The process can continue until you get the desired result - color, pattern, texture. Due to the technical data and the viscosity of the material, you can turn flower pots and containers into antique flowerpots, the surface of which will resemble a cracked wall or eggshell.

Thus, with the help of your own hands, free time and minimal investment, you will be able to make a real architectural and antique masterpiece from any stone, piece of sculpture or pot that can safely complement the romantic style of your site.

And finally, I would like to say that you should not be afraid of experiments, because if you listen to the advice of professionals, try hard and have the desire to create something, you can make your dream a reality and, whether it be a romantic style of landscape design or some other, it will definitely decorate your garden, and even the entire territory of the site.

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