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Tomato Lyudmila

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Tomato Lyudmila is notable for its medium early ripening and good yield. The plant is tall, which is taken into account when placing the tomatoes. The variety is suitable for planting in protected and open ground.

Variety characteristics

According to the description and photo, the tomato Lyudmila has a number of features:

  • height from 1 to 1.5 m;
  • medium early ripening within 101-110 days;
  • medium-sized red fruits;
  • the mass of tomatoes is up to 0.2 kg;
  • number of chambers from 4 to 6;
  • sweetish taste;
  • from 1 sq. m plantings are removed up to 7.5 kg of tomatoes;
  • universal use of fruits.

Planting work

Lyudmila tomatoes are grown by the seedling method, which involves planting seeds in small containers. When the seedlings grow up and get stronger, they are moved to a permanent place.

Getting seedlings

Tomato seeds Lyudmila need to be planted in February or March. This will require a soil consisting of garden soil and compost. You can get the necessary mixture in the fall or use purchased soil.

Important! If soil from the site is used, then it is heated in the oven for the purpose of disinfection.

The seeds of the tomato variety Lyudmila will also need processing. They are wrapped in a damp cloth for a day and left warm. Some growers coat the seeds with a nutrient mixture, as evidenced by their vibrant color. In this case, the material need not be processed.

The soil is poured into containers 12 cm high. The seeds are placed in increments of 2 cm, then a layer of peat 1 cm thick is poured. The containers are covered with foil, watered and left in a dark place at a temperature of 25 degrees.

When seedlings appear, the containers are placed in a well-lit place. Seedlings require a certain temperature regime: about 20 degrees during the day and 17 degrees at night. Periodically, tomatoes are watered to prevent the soil from drying out.

Growing in a greenhouse

Plants with a height of 25 cm, the age of which reaches 1.5 months, can be transferred to a closed one. These tomatoes have about 6-7 leaves.

Greenhouse preparation begins in the fall, when the topsoil is removed, where fungal spores and insects can be found. The remaining soil is renewed, dug up and fertilized with compost.

Advice! Tomatoes are not grown in one place for two years in a row.

Ludmila tomatoes are placed with an interval of 50-80 cm. 90-100 cm are left between the rows. It is most convenient to arrange the tomatoes in a checkerboard pattern, which makes it easier to care for the plants.

Tomatoes are placed in holes 20 cm deep along with a lump of earth. Then the roots of the plants are covered with earth, which must be trampled down. Watering the tomatoes is mandatory.

Landing in open ground

In open areas, tomatoes of the Lyudmila variety are grown in the southern regions. Planting is carried out after warming up the soil and air.

Important! Tomatoes are planted in places where root crops, onions, garlic, and cabbage previously grew.

If eggplants, peppers or potatoes grew in the garden, then you need to pick up another place for the tomatoes. It is best to arrange the planting in a garden bed well-lit by the sun.

Lyudmila tomatoes are placed in increments of 60 cm. If you plan to plant tomatoes in several rows, then you need to leave 90 cm between them. In the open field, it is recommended to install trellises that will become a support for the tomatoes.

Plants are placed in prepared holes and the roots are covered with earth. The tomatoes are watered with warm water and tied to a supporting structure.

Care scheme

Caring for the Lyudmila variety includes watering, loosening the soil and applying top dressing. Extra stepsons must be eliminated. To form an even stem, the tomatoes are tied to a support. According to reviews for the tomato Lyudmila, this variety is unpretentious.

Watering and loosening

Tomatoes are watered taking into account the weather conditions. The moisture content of the soil is maintained at 80%. With a lack of moisture, the tops turn yellow and the inflorescences fall off. An excess of it also negatively affects plants, which develop much more slowly.

It is best to perform the procedure in the morning or evening to avoid direct exposure to the sun. In this way, plant burns and increased moisture evaporation can be prevented. Tomatoes prefer dry air, so the greenhouse is constantly ventilated.

On average, tomatoes are watered once or twice weekly. A tomato bush requires 3 liters of water. During the flowering period, it is enough to water the plantings weekly, but the volume of water must be increased to 5 liters.

Important! Tomatoes are poured with warm water, settled in barrels.

After watering, the soil must be loosened. The procedure improves air exchange in the soil, due to which the plants better absorb water and nutrients.

Top dressing of tomatoes

Regular feeding contributes to the normal development of tomatoes Lyudmila. This crop prefers phosphate or potash fertilizers. Phosphorus strengthens the roots of plants, and potassium strengthens the immune system and improves the taste of the fruit.

Advice! Nitrogen fertilizing can only be applied at an early stage of tomato development, since they are responsible for the growth of the tops.

For the first processing of tomatoes Lyudmila is preparing a solution containing superphosphate (40 g) and water (10 l). The solution is applied to the root of the tomatoes.

After a week, the tomatoes can be fed with potassium sulfate (30 g) dissolved in a large bucket of water. The resulting solution should be poured over the tomatoes.

When inflorescences are formed, Lyudmila's tomatoes are sprayed with boric acid. Add 5 g of this fertilizer to a 5-liter bucket of water.

You can replace minerals with wood ash, which contains a complex of useful substances. It is buried in the ground when loosening tomatoes or an infusion is prepared for watering plantings.

Stepson and tying

Variety Lyudmila is tall, therefore it needs pinching. As the tomatoes develop, you need to eliminate the shoots that emerge from the leaf axils. The procedure allows you to avoid thickening in the beds and direct the forces of tomatoes to fruit formation.

Tomatoes are tied at the top to a metal or wooden support. To prevent branches with fruits from falling to the ground, they also need to be fixed.

Gardeners reviews

Maria, 47 years old, Moscow

I plant Ludmila tomatoes for canning. The fruits are of medium size, so they are very easy to process. There were no problems with the cultivation of this variety. I got seeds from neighbors' reviews for tomatoes Lyudmila.

Konstantin, 64 years old, Ulyanovsk

Lyudmila is a good variety of tomatoes. I planted the seeds in early April. When the first leaf appeared on the sprouts, I planted them in separate containers. In May, when the seedlings got stronger, they transferred them to the beds. Tomatoes grow well outdoors; in hot summer they should be watered at least once a week.

Evgenia, 29 years old, Chelyabinsk

Lyudmila chose tomatoes according to the description and photo, planted them in the country with her parents. In greenhouse conditions, the variety feels great, reacts positively to watering and feeding. Taste qualities of these tomatoes are at their best, most were spent on preparing salads.


Ludmila tomatoes are an early ripening variety that is suitable for planting in various regions. Tomatoes are medium in size, suitable for inclusion in the daily diet and canning. The variety is unpretentious, caring for it includes watering, feeding and pinching.

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