Tomato Babushkin's secret: reviews, photos, yield

Tomato Babushkin's secret: reviews, photos, yield

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It is difficult to find a person who would not like tomatoes in any form: fresh, canned or in salads. As for gardeners, they try to select fruitful varieties with different sizes of fruits.

Tomato variety Babushkin's secret is intriguing by its name. In recent years, the new variety has won more and more hearts thanks to its amazing properties. Gardeners write reviews, post photos about a new variety of tomatoes, and do not stop asking questions about the peculiarities of growing and caring for tomatoes.

A little about creating a variety

Tomato Babushkin's secret has Siberian roots. It was created by the breeders V.N. Dederko and T.N. Postnikov from the Siberian Federal District in 2007.

The variety is listed in the State Register of the Russian Federation. Tomatoes are recommended for open ground only in the south of the country, and in other regions it should be planted in a greenhouse or under film shelters.

Description of tomatoes

The characteristics and description of the Babushkin Secret tomato variety are very important for understanding the benefits. It should be noted that the plant belongs to indeterminate varieties.


  1. Tomatoes Babushkin's secret differ in power, but the bushes are not spreading. The height, if not limited, reaches two meters. As a rule, gardeners stop at a height of 130-150 cm.
  2. Tomato stems are strong, with medium leafiness. The dark green leaves are large, with wrinkles, no pubescence.
  3. The inflorescences are simple, formed with an interval of 2 leaves. The first brush in a tomato is formed above the eighth leaf. On inflorescences 5-6, sometimes 7 fruits are formed.

    Despite the power of the bush, the formation of brushes should be limited to eight, otherwise the tomatoes will be small, and the ripening period will increase.
  4. It takes 4 months from sowing seeds of the Babushkin Secret variety to harvesting, that is, the ripening period is medium early. The yield of tomatoes is high, when grown in a greenhouse, one bush gives up to 8 kg of large tomatoes, a little less in the open field.
  5. Tomatoes have a powerful root system, it is located at the surface and grows to the sides and provides food for the plant.

Features of the fruit

Tomatoes, according to the description of the variety and reviews of people growing Babushkin's secret tomatoes, have a flat-round, ribbed shape. The weight of each tomato ranges from 300 to 500 grams. The diameter of the fruit is 10 centimeters or more.

Seed chambers from 3 to 6, but few seeds. Fruits with a smooth, thin but dense skin. Unripe tomatoes are pale green, in technical maturity they are bright crimson, as in the photo below.

Tomatoes are dense, fleshy, there is little liquid in them. The pulp is raspberry, sugar on the cut. The tomatoes taste sweet with almost no sourness, they contain, in addition to sugar, a lot of dry substances.

Tomatoes are universal, but they are not suitable for canning because of their large size. But for salads, lecho, adjika, tomato paste, you cannot find better raw materials.

The shelf life of the fruits is limited, and it can be difficult to transport them due to the loss of presentation.

Characteristic features of the variety

The characteristics of the Granny's secret tomatoes follow from the description. Here are the main advantages of the variety:

  1. The mid-maturity of tomatoes allows you to taste the first fruits after 94-118 days from the moment of sowing the seeds.
  2. Fruiting is long, almost the entire growing season. After all, the formation of inflorescences on a tomato continues until the tops of the head are pinched. That is, the last fruits from the Grandma's secret tomato bush can be collected before frosting.
  3. Tomato yield Babushkin's secret amazes even experienced gardeners who grow tomatoes of this variety for the first time. One bush can produce, with good care, about 10 kg of large tasty tomatoes.
  4. Another advantage is large-fruited. The weight of tomatoes varies between 300-500 grams, and sometimes even higher, as gardeners indicate in the reviews.
  5. Tomatoes have excellent taste.
  6. Resistant to some fungal diseases such as tobacco mosaic, late blight, powdery mildew.

Warning! When growing tomatoes in open ground, plant diseases cannot be avoided, so the bushes will have to be processed.

As you can see, according to reviews and descriptions, there are a lot of excellent qualities in the Granny's secret tomato variety.

But there are also disadvantages:

  • cracking of fruits at high humidity, temperature extremes, with irregular irrigation;
  • a small amount of seeds in a tomato Babushkin's secret complicates the preparation of seed;
  • the difficulty of transportation is that the tomatoes burst, crumple.

Growing features

Growing tomatoes of this variety will not be difficult even for beginners. Almost all agrotechnical standards are the same.


Sod land is used for sowing seeds, which is mixed with humus or sand. You can also take ready-made soil from the store. Some gardeners use peat tablets to grow seedlings of large-fruited tomatoes or sow seeds in a snail.

Before sowing, seeds and soil are treated. The soil is spilled with boiling water, dissolving potassium permanganate in it. The seed is soaked in potassium permanganate or Zircon, Epin. Tomato seeds are deepened into moist soil by 2 cm, between them there should be at least two centimeters if they are planted in a box.

A container with seeds is placed on a sunny window; to accelerate germination, the temperature should be at least +25 degrees. A cellophane film is stretched over the box. When the first sprout appears, it is removed, and the temperature is lowered to +16 degrees so that the seedlings of Grandmother's secret do not stretch.


When 1-2 true leaves appear on small tomatoes, they should be planted one at a time, that is, dived. Use small cups or peat pots. Transplanting tomato seedlings Grandma's secret must be done carefully so as not to injure the roots.

Landing in the main seat

To a permanent place, in a greenhouse or open ground, tomato seedlings are transplanted at the age of 50 days. In two weeks it is tempered, accustomed to new conditions.

After digging and adding fertilizers, the earth is spilled with a hot dark pink solution of potassium permanganate. The holes are placed at a distance of 0.5-0.6 meters so that there is enough space for the plant to develop.

After planting the tomatoes, they immediately tie the bushes to strong supports.

If in previous years the plants were sick, the tomatoes after planting are treated for preventive purposes with special fungicidal preparations or iodine solution. Some gardeners hang tea bags soaked in iodine in the greenhouse, they say, it saves tomatoes from fungal diseases.

Care after landing

Watering the plants both in the open field and in the greenhouse should be done regularly, but it should not be overmoistened, as this affects the growth of tomatoes. But most importantly, the fruit can crack.

Weeds are weeded in the greenhouse and in the ground, and the soil is loosened after each watering. The greenhouse needs to be ventilated to reduce the humidity in the air.

Advice! If you mulch the soil with straw or freshly cut grass without seeds, then you will water the plants less often, the weeds will not bother you.

Tomato Granny's Secret is grown in one stem, therefore, all stepchildren are removed, like the leaves. First up to the first brush, then as the brushes are formed. When the eighth flower cluster appears on the stem, it is pinched to stop further growth. This will give the tomato strength to ripen the fruit.

For feeding, organic matter, mineral fertilizers are used. Bring food 2 or 3 times per season. As gardeners write in reviews, feeding with mullein, chicken droppings, green fertilizer has a beneficial effect on the size and taste of the fruit.

Comment! Remember that you should not overdo it with top dressing, fattening tomatoes will not give the desired harvest.

Tomatoes in the greenhouse:

Gardeners' opinion

Valeria, 28 years old, Krasnoyarsk Territory

Tomato seedlings Grandma's secret was given to me by a neighbor in the country three years ago. I have not tasted more delicious tomatoes: sweet, fleshy. When cut, the flesh is sugary, like a watermelon. I grow in a greenhouse in one stem. I make the seeds myself. I will never give up on these tomatoes.

Victor, 56 years old, Kolomna

I like to work in the country, I often experiment with different varieties of vegetables. I have 8 varieties of tomatoes. There is also Grandma's secret, I have been growing it for 12 years. When children and grandchildren come, they ask me to make a salad of sweet tasty fruits. My tomatoes weigh 400-500 grams. I cannot say that the harvest is very rich. But five bushes are enough for our family both for fresh consumption and for preparing various snacks for the winter.

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