Heat gun Ballu bkx 3

Heat gun Ballu bkx 3

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Heat guns are successfully used to heat industrial, utility and residential premises. The principle of their operation is in many ways similar to a fan heater. Cold air passes through the heater, after which it is supplied to a certain point in the room. Among the many models on the market, the Ballu heat gun has gained great popularity, which will be discussed further.

Varieties of heating appliances of the Ballu brand

According to the reviews of equipment sellers, this brand has won a high score among many manufacturers of heating equipment. The units are used for heating rooms and construction sites.

Depending on the type of energy consumed, Balu brand heat guns are divided into three types:

  • Appliances powered by electricity are commonly used to heat residential and other premises. At the construction site, they are practically not used. The device and operation of the device resembles an electric fan heater. A heating element is installed inside the cylindrical or rectangular case. The fan pushes air through the heater, which is directed with a directed flow through the nozzle of the gun to the object. Electric cannons have the lowest cost among units powered by another type of fuel. During operation, the appliance does not burn oxygen, but cannot be used in facilities where there is no electrical connection.
  • Diesel heat gun Baloo is of direct and indirect heating type. The design of the first unit is arranged so that the fire is located directly near the nozzle. Direct heating allows high efficiency to be achieved, as the outlet temperature rises to 600aboutC. However, together with the heat from the nozzle, combustion products come out, therefore such heaters are not used in residential premises. The torch of the indirectly heated cannon is located in the combustion chamber. The passing air is heated from its metal walls. The combustion products are discharged through a discharge hose. Indirect heaters are less efficient, but they work safely in rooms where people are staying.
  • The device of gas heat guns is similar to diesel units. The main difference is the operation from a different type of fuel. The heater is capable of operating from a cylinder with propane-butane and natural gas supplied from the mains.

Each type of heat gun is produced with different power, which allows the consumer to choose a suitable model for heating the object.

Electric Heater Series

The Ballu electric gun is produced in two series: BHP and BKX. All of them work on the principle of a fan heater, where a heating element acts as a heater.

BHP series

Heat guns Balu of the BHR series are divided into 4 types, each of which includes several types of models:

  • The BHP ME series is represented by compact models. Their distinctive feature is the rectangular body. All heater models are equipped with a thermostat and overheating protection.
  • The BHP Expert series is similarly represented by compact models, but already of a professional class. For better air circulation, the casing of the heaters is installed at a slope of 100about... The Expert series includes two models with a power of 3 and 5 kW.
  • The most demanded for domestic needs are BHP PE units. Heaters are manufactured in a cylindrical body, and the angle of its inclination can be adjusted independently. The PE series consists of three types of units with a capacity of 2, 3, 5 kW. The Ballu BHP PE 5 heat gun model is in the first place in terms of performance, so it is in great demand.
  • The Ballu Master series of heat guns consists of seven types of models. BHP M units are distinguished by their high power from 3 to 15 kW. Ballu Master heat guns are produced in a rectangular body.

The body of all heaters is made of steel coated with a colored polymer.

BKX series

The VKH series of heat guns are equipped with a ceramic heating element. The high safety of use of the units is due to the built-in protection functions. Heat guns of this series are in demand among the population. Let's take a look at three popular models:

  • The smallest and smallest in terms of power is the Ballu BKX 3 electric heat gun, with a capacity of 120 m3/ h The unit is used to heat a small room. Product weight no more than 2 kg. The built-in regulator allows you to change the power in the range of 0-2 kW.
  • Great popularity of this series among the Ballu BKX 5 heat gun with a capacity of 250 m3/ h The unit is equipped with three stages of protection. Rubber feet reduce noise during operation. The regulator can set the power from 0 to 3 kW. The heater weighs about 2.1 kg.
  • The most powerful of this series is the Ballu BKX 7 heater with a capacity of 300 m3/ h The power can be changed by the regulator from 0 to 5 kW. Unit weight - about 3.1 kg.

If you need to choose a heater from this series that you can carry with you in your car to your dacha, then it is better to give preference to the BKX 3 model.

Ballu BHG gas fired heaters

The BHG range of gas heat guns includes seven models. Units equipped with a piezo ignition element are designated BHG-M. The manufacturer offers only two such heaters with a capacity of 10 and 17 kW. Gas guns BHG work on the principle of direct heating, which allows you to get 100% efficiency. In addition to the thermostat, the heaters are equipped with a protection that stops the fuel supply in the event of a flame extinguishing or a fall of the unit.

Three models can be distinguished from this series in terms of popularity:

  • The BHG-20 unit has a power of 17 kW. For an hour, the cannon is capable of heating up to 400 m3 air.
  • Model BHG-40 will heat up to 1000 m in an hour of operation3 air. Unit power - 33 kW.
  • The Ballu BHG-60 professional heat gun has a maximum power of 53 kW. It will warm up to 1450 m in an hour3 air.

All gas cannons are equipped with a two-meter high pressure hose and a reducer.

Diesel heaters

Diesel appliances of this brand have two series: BHDP and BHDN. The last letter in the marking can be used to determine the type of heating: P - direct, and N - indirect. Diesel heaters are large in size. To move them, they are equipped with wheels. The BHDP series is represented by powerful models. Their characteristics are presented in the table.

Heaters of indirect heating have an efficiency of no more than 82%. The Ballu BHDN 20 heat gun has the weakest power, but it is enough to heat a living space. The characteristics of the models of indirect heating are presented in the table.

All diesel heaters are equipped with a thermostat allowing automatic operation.


Instead of summing it up, let's take a look at some of the reviews for this brand.

Alexey, 36 years old, Vitebsk

I bought a Ballu BKX-3 cannon to heat the garage. Liked the compact size. The temperature in a room with an area of ​​10 m2 rises by 8 degrees in 15 minutes. I do not like the big noise during work. After two years of use, it stopped turning on.

Dmitry Ivanovich, 42 years old, Tula

In order not to drive heating in the fall, I bought Ballu BHP-PE-5 to warm up a private house. The device worked for one season at the first heating position. There was no need to turn it on at full capacity. Now only the fan is running and the heating element is cold. I will look for a repair service, but there are very few of them.


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