Honey with propolis: useful properties and contraindications

Honey with propolis: useful properties and contraindications

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Honey with propolis is a new beekeeping product, indispensable for strengthening the immune system. Regular intake of the mixture accelerates recovery and prevents the occurrence of many diseases. The beneficial properties of honey with propolis are known to every beekeeper. Before use, you must familiarize yourself with how to choose and use the product, its contraindications and storage conditions.

Why honey with propolis is useful

The bee product contains many useful substances that are necessary for the body. 100 g of nectar contains no fats, contains 0.3 g of proteins, 70 g of carbohydrates, ascorbic acid, vitamins PP, A, E, H and group B, as well as minerals.

Useful properties of honey with propolis:

  • antibacterial action;
  • anti-fungal;
  • strengthening;
  • antiseptic;
  • wound healing;
  • immunostimulating;
  • pain reliever;
  • antitoxic.

Important! Scientists have proven that drinking honey with propolis prevents the growth and destroys cancer cells.

What does propolis honey help with?

Propolis with honey has medicinal properties and contraindications. The product helps with many ailments such as:

  • diseases of the bronchi;
  • diseases of the oral cavity;
  • migraine;
  • stomach and duodenal ulcer;
  • epilepsy;
  • colds and inflammation;
  • disorders of the nervous system;
  • skin rash;
  • conjunctivitis;
  • with gynecological and urological ailments;
  • with low hemoglobin;
  • for weight loss.

Propolis with honey is used externally and internally. Inside, the product must be taken before meals, on an empty stomach. The daily dose for an adult is 3 tbsp. l., for children no more than 2 tsp.

Important! The course of treatment should not exceed 3 months.

For external use, honey nectar with propolis is used in the form of compresses, applications, lotions, for gargling and for inhalation.

How to choose a variety of honey for cooking with propolis

Depending on the type of honey, the natural remedy can be of a variety of colors, from dark brown to white. Also on the market you can find honey with olive-colored propolis. This honey is honeydew varieties, which is obtained not from pollen, but from the sweet secretions of insects or the sap of coniferous trees. Such nectar has a homogeneous structure, a pleasant taiga smell, and if stored properly it never crystallizes.

In Europe, honeydew varieties are the most medicinal, but if the terms and rules of storage are not observed, honey begins to ferment, while losing its medicinal properties.

Therefore, flower varieties are often used as a basis for preparing a medicine, depending on individual preferences:

  • linden - a powerful immunomodulator, indispensable for colds;
  • sunflower - indispensable for radiculitis, skin and joint diseases;
  • buckwheat - rich in vitamins and minerals;
  • acacia - used in the treatment of the nervous and cardiovascular system, saves from insomnia, removes toxins from the body.

When choosing a particular variety, you need to know that only a high-quality product can have a positive effect on the body.

How to make honey with propolis

You can make propolis honey yourself, or you can buy it in a specialty store. There are several ways of cooking, the main requirement is the purchase of a high-quality, natural product.

Hot way

To obtain 20% of the mixture, you need to take 200 g of honey and 40 g of propolis.

  1. Natural bee glue is put into the freezer for complete freezing.
  2. The prepared product is rubbed in honey.
  3. The mass is poured into a container and heated in a water bath, maintaining the temperature not higher than 40 ° C, to a liquid state.
  4. The hot mixture is filtered and poured into a glass jar.

Important! When preparing a natural medicine according to this recipe, it is necessary not to overheat the food, since at temperatures above 40 ° C, bee nectar loses all its medicinal properties.

Warm way

If it is impossible to withstand a certain temperature, nectar with propolis can be prepared according to this recipe:

  1. Frozen propolis is cooled and ground.
  2. The product is transferred to a saucepan and heated in a water bath until it acquires the consistency of thick sour cream.
  3. The thick mixture is carefully added to the honey and mixed.
  4. The mixture must be filtered before pouring into cans.

How to take honey with propolis

Depending on the severity of the condition, the course of treatment lasts from several days to 1 month. If it is necessary to continue treatment, the course is repeated after 2 weeks.

Alcohol tincture is taken for 2 weeks. Then they pause and after 14 days repeat the course of treatment. This is due to the fact that propolis contains resinous substances that clog the kidney tubules.

There is a certain dosage for babies:

  • Nectar with propolis is not recommended for a baby under the age of 10 or, if necessary, is given in minimal doses.
  • children over 10 years old are given a natural medicine for 2 tsp. per day.

Important! Before use, you need to consult a specialist.

Bee medicine can be taken internally and externally.

Outwardly taken at:

  1. Skin diseases. A gauze napkin with 5% honey cream with propolis is applied to the affected area and a sterile bandage is made. After 2 hours, the bandage is removed, and the skin is washed. This compress can be applied in the morning, afternoon and evening.
  2. Conjunctivitis. Nectar with propolis is diluted with warm, filtered water in a ratio of 1: 3 and used in the form of drops.
  3. Sinusitis, rhinitis. Make the same solution as in the previous recipe, and put ½ pipette into each nostril in the morning, afternoon and evening.
  4. From cough. 10% of nectar with propolis is spread over gauze and applied to the area between the shoulder blades or to the chest area. The compress is kept for 20 minutes. The procedure is done in the morning and in the evening for 10 days.

Important! A cough compress should not be used if the body temperature is elevated.

Internal use of whipped honey with propolis:

  1. For prevention. 1 hour on an empty stomach in the morning and evening.
  2. Colds. Prepare 20% honey medicine. On the first day, use 4 times a day for 12 g. The next days, until recovery, the dose is reduced - 3 times a day for 1 tsp.
  3. For pulmonary and joint diseases use 12 g of 3% mixture in the morning and evening on an empty stomach.
  4. Gastrointestinal diseases. For breakfast and dinner, 1 hour 3% of natural medicine.
  5. Toothache. Suck 6 g of nectar with propolis before bedtime.

Natural medicine is often used for inhalation. For this, the inhalation apparatus is filled with propolis nectar, previously diluted in warm boiled water in a 1: 2 ratio. Inhalation helps with colds and rhinopharyngitis. The course of treatment is 10-15 days, daily sessions are required for 5-7 minutes.

Advice! To calculate the percentage, you need to adhere to certain rules. To prepare 5% of the medicine, you need to mix 100 g of the product with 5 g of propolis and 95 g of nectar.

Is it possible to eat propolis in honey

Propolis honey has beneficial properties and contraindications. In order not to harm the body, you must have an idea of ​​what propolis is.

Propolis, uza or bee glue is a valuable product that bees need to seal cracks and disinfect their houses. It has a large number of medicinal effects:

  • antibacterial;
  • disinfectants;
  • fortifying.

When using a bond from a prepared honey medicine, you need to know the dosage:

  • for an adult - 1-3 g;
  • for children - no more than 1 g.

Important! High-quality bee glue has a bitter taste, resinous aroma and is a strong allergen.

Propolis tincture with honey

To prepare a natural medicine, it is necessary to purchase high-quality propolis that is properly waxed.

Cooking method:

  1. The bonds are placed in the freezer until completely frozen.
  2. The frozen product is ground in a coffee grinder to a powder.

    Important! The process should not exceed 4 seconds, since propolis will lose its medicinal properties when touched with metal.

  3. The prepared product is added to honey and mixed well.
  4. The natural medicine is removed in a dark place for infusion for 1 month.

Advice! It is necessary to consume a bee product with propolis strictly according to the dosage after consultation with a specialist.

Contraindications to honey with propolis

Honey with propolis can bring not only benefits to the body, but also harm. Natural medicine is not recommended for use with:

  1. Individual intolerance. All types of honey contain pollen - a strong allergen.
  2. During pregnancy and lactation. Pollen contains phytohormones that disrupt the natural hormonal balance. This can affect the health of both mom and baby.
  3. Babies up to 2 years old.
  4. With obesity. Honey contains up to 85% sugar; when introduced into the diet, strict control of the nutritional value of the entire menu is required.
  5. During an exacerbation of pancreatitis, ulcers and gastritis. Biologically active compounds contained in the product can exacerbate the disease.

People with diabetes can use natural honey with propolis only after consulting a doctor.

Do not exceed the permissible dosage, otherwise side effects may occur:

  • dizziness;
  • nausea;
  • dry mouth;
  • drowsiness;
  • skin rashes;
  • rhinitis;
  • tearing.

Terms and conditions of storage

The shelf life of bee nectar with propolis is about 1 month. The natural medicine is stored in a glass jar in a dark, dry, cool room. Since honey tends to absorb foreign odors, it should not be kept near fragrant products. Also, it is not recommended to store it in metal and plastic containers.

Green nectar is stored in a dark, cool place, but not in the refrigerator. In a room out of direct sunlight, in a dark glass container.


Nectar with propolis is an effective natural medicine that anyone can make. The beneficial properties of honey with propolis allow you to get rid of many diseases, increase vitality and strengthen the immune system. During treatment, it is necessary to observe the dosage and adhere to the terms and rules of storage.

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