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Pumpkin Smile was bred by breeders in Russia in 2000. They started breeding at the very moment when the need arose for a new hybrid that could be grown in any climatic conditions, even in the most severe. This crop is considered unpretentious, it does not take much effort to get a high yield. Pumpkin Smile belongs to early ripening varieties - you can start harvesting 85 days after planting in open ground. The main advantages are excellent taste and long shelf life.

Description of pumpkin Smile

Pumpkin Smile is a large-fruited variety. Due to the fact that the ripening process is fast, you can start harvesting after 80-85 days, after the planting material has been planted in open ground. As a result, even residents of those regions in which climatic conditions are far from southern ones will be able to harvest.

The Smile pumpkin variety differs from other varieties in a bush form, which is very convenient if you are engaged in growing crops on small plots of land. In addition, it should be borne in mind that the whips do not grow throughout the entire plot of the garden, thereby interfering with the full growth of other vegetables. A pattern can be seen on large leaf plates of rich green color. During the flowering period, flowers appear yellow or orange, with a pleasant, pronounced aroma. The seeds contained in the pumpkin are oval, white in color and in small quantities.

Description of fruits

If you take into account the description, photo and reviews of the Smile pumpkin variety, then it is worth noting that the fruits grow small. As a rule, the weight is about 700 g, in some cases it can reach up to 1 kg. Fruit formation is carried out directly near the stem. As practice shows, on average from 7 to 10 fruits can ripen on each bush, the maximum number is 15 pieces.

Pumpkin Smile has a spherical shape, slightly flattened. The bark is a rich orange hue, with the presence of stripes that have a lighter shade. When cut, you can see rich orange flesh, medium juiciness, with few seeds. Many gardeners note high taste - pumpkin is very sweet and aromatic.

From ripe fruits, as a rule, mashed soups are prepared, used as the main ingredient in vegetable stews. Since the amount of juice is small, it is not recommended to use the pulp for making pumpkin juice.

Attention! In the course of long-term storage, the taste only improves.

Variety characteristics

Before you start planting a culture, it is recommended that you first study in detail the description and photo of the Smile pumpkin variety. An attractive appearance, which even seems funny, can bring a smile on any face, perhaps this is the reason for this name of the culture.

Considering the characteristics of the Smile pumpkin variety, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • bushy plants with rather short shoots, of which there are up to 6 pieces;
  • shoots can reach a length of 6 m;
  • up to 10 to 15 fruits grow on each bush;
  • the pumpkin grows small, the maximum allowable weight is 1 kg, the average weight varies from 500 to 700 g;
  • fruits are segmented, have a spherical shape;
  • the leaf plate is rather large, pentagonal in shape, with the presence of patterns;
  • pumpkin of a bright saturated orange color, in some places there are a lighter shade;
  • in the process of flowering, flowers appear orange and yellow, with a pleasant aroma;
  • seeds of a white shade, with a smooth surface, oval in shape, there are a small amount of seeds in the fruits;
  • despite the fact that the rind is very thick and hard, it is quite easy to remove it;
  • the stalk is ribbed;
  • when cutting, you can see the flesh of a rich orange color, dense, medium level of juiciness, there is a crunch.

Only after all the information about the culture has been studied, it is possible to make a decision on the acquisition and planting of planting material.

Attention! It is important to consider the fact that the root system is very fragile, it is quite easy to damage it.

Pest and disease resistance

According to the reviews of those who have already managed to plant the culture and appreciate all the advantages, and the description, the Smile pumpkin has a high level of resistance to many types of diseases and harmful insects. The only drawback that should be taken into account during the growing process is that with a high level of humidity, the crop can be susceptible to rot.

As a preventive measure, it is recommended to take a responsible approach to the irrigation system. Watering must be moderate, the presence of wetlands on the ground where the culture grows is not allowed. In addition, it is recommended to remove weeds from the beds in a timely manner. Many experienced gardeners advise placing wooden planks under the fruit, thanks to which it is possible to prevent the pumpkin from contacting with damp soil and, as a result, the appearance of rot.

Advantages and disadvantages

As a rule, any culture has advantages and disadvantages that must be considered first. Judging by the description and reviews, the Smile pumpkin is no exception in this case.

Among the advantages of this hybrid are the following:

  • unpretentiousness of the variety, as a result of which it is not required to create special conditions for growing pumpkin of the Smile variety;
  • this variety perfectly adapts to any climatic conditions and used soil;
  • due to the fast ripening period, you can start harvesting 80-85 days after planting the planting material in open ground;
  • high level of productivity regardless of weather conditions;
  • due to the fact that the pumpkin of the Smile variety can perfectly tolerate any weather changes, the culture is able to survive possible autumn frosts, which is facilitated by a high level of cold resistance;
  • due to the presence of a very thick peel, transportation over long distances is possible;
  • excellent taste - sweet taste with a fruity aroma, there are notes of melon taste;
  • during storage, the taste characteristics of pumpkin are significantly improved;
  • growth is carried out compactly, does not occur in the process of growing the ejection of long and braiding stems;
  • this product is considered dietary.

A significant disadvantage of the variety is the low level of resistance to the appearance of rot, if there is an increased level of humidity.

Advice! As a preventive measure, it is recommended to put planks under the fruits, preventing the pumpkin from contacting with damp ground. This prevents the appearance of rot.

Growing Pumpkin Smile

As the reviews and photos show, the Smile pumpkin does not need special care, the culture is unpretentious. Despite this, the minimum favorable conditions for growing are still required. As a result of the fact that the variety is prone to the appearance of rot, watering must be done in moderation.

Many gardeners recommend initially growing seedlings and only after that transplant them into open ground. For germination, it is necessary to place the planting material for a while in a solution that stimulates growth. In the process of planting, it is necessary to adhere to the 70x70 cm scheme. 2 seeds are placed in each hole. If 2 processes appear, then the weak one should be removed.


Pumpkin Smile is a variety loved by many gardeners, both experienced and beginners. A distinctive feature is the unpretentiousness of the culture - it is not required to create special conditions for growing. In addition, the yield will be high regardless of the weather conditions. Due to the high level of cold resistance, the fruits can perfectly tolerate short-term frosts. If necessary, ripe pumpkins can be transported over long distances without losing their appearance, which is very beneficial if they are cultivated on a production scale for further sale.

Pumpkin Reviews Smile

Tatyana Semenova, 56 years old, Moscow

I have been growing a pumpkin of the Smile variety in my summer cottage for about 10 years in a row. During this time, I have tried a large number of varieties, but, as a rule, I constantly return to Smile. I grow seedlings myself, plant a pumpkin in open ground. The harvest is stable regardless of weather conditions. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the fruits grow small, rather compact. I like the taste of the Smile pumpkin variety - the fruits are very sweet. I use the finished crop to make cereals, soups, or just cook a vegetable stew.

Evgenia Starodubtseva, 37 years old, Tver

I have been growing a pumpkin of the Smile variety for several years. I saw this variety for the first time in the store when I was choosing planting material from the picture. In the end, I am more than happy with the result. With little effort (only watering the seedlings and removing weeds), we managed to get a fairly good harvest. From each plant, it was possible to collect from 5 to 7 fruits. Special attention should be paid to taste and shelf life. Ripe fruits were kept at home almost until mid-winter. I plan to plant again this year.

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