Porcini mushrooms in sour cream: fried and stewed, delicious recipes

Porcini mushrooms in sour cream: fried and stewed, delicious recipes

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Porcini mushrooms in sour cream is one of the most popular hot snacks. The recipe is simple and variable. Supplementing it with meat or vegetables, you can get a full-fledged hot dish. Sour cream should be used fresh and natural so that it does not curl and form flakes.

How to cook porcini mushrooms in sour cream

Boletus is a favorite forest delicacy. This product is 80% water, so it is ideal for a balanced and healthy diet. It contains more than 20 useful compounds, including essential amino acids, B vitamins, iodine, zinc and copper.

Sour cream is no less useful. The popular fermented milk product contains lactobacilli, which stimulate the growth of beneficial microflora in the intestines. She, in turn, normalizes the work of the entire gastrointestinal tract. In addition, sour cream is a source of useful minerals, biotin, protein, fatty and organic acids.

The process of cooking porcini mushrooms in sour cream is preceded by the stage of preparation of products. Basically, it concerns boletus mushrooms, since if improperly processed, they can spoil the taste of the dish or cause discomfort.

First, porcini mushrooms are sorted out, removing wormy and rotten specimens, then washed. Large, strong boletus can be cleaned with a rag or paper napkin, remembering to carefully cut off the base of the leg. Small specimens are washed in running water, as they are usually more contaminated with sand, moss or soil.

You can take sour cream of any fat content. The ideal option is a home product. However, for people who control the calorie content of their diet, it will not work, so they can stay on a product with a fat content of 10-15%. Adherents of a strict diet can find a low-fat version with a calorie content of 70-80 kcal in stores.

As for the cooking method, most often it is frying. Stewing is a healthier and less nutritious way that will suit all fans of healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition. Baking improves the flavor qualitatively, but takes longer to cook. Recipes for cooking porcini mushrooms in a slow cooker are very popular.

Mushrooms can be used both fresh and pre-boiled. The cutting method is not critical. Someone likes plates, someone prefers irregularly shaped pieces. For gravy and sauces, cut the product as small as possible.

Porcini mushroom recipes with sour cream

The classic version allows a minimum amount of ingredients, among which the main ones are porcini mushrooms and sour cream. However, in practice, many chefs add additional ingredients to the dish in the form of vegetables, meat and spices, thus creating new and interesting flavors.

A simple recipe for porcini mushrooms in sour cream in a pan

Even a beginner can cook fried porcini mushrooms with sour cream. The whole process will take no more than 20 minutes.

You should prepare:

  • boletus - 800 g;
  • onions - 3 pcs.;
  • sour cream - 250 ml;
  • greens;
  • spice.

The dish can be served with any herbs and white wine

Step by step cooking:

  1. Sort the mushrooms, wash, dry with paper towels and cut into plates.
  2. Chop the onion into half rings.
  3. Heat vegetable oil in a frying pan and fry boletus for 10-12 minutes.
  4. Send the onion to the pan and cook until it becomes transparent.
  5. Add spices.
  6. Pour the onion-mushroom mixture with sour cream and simmer under the lid for a quarter of an hour over low heat.

Serve the hot appetizer with chopped herbs and white wine.

Important! People with lactose intolerance and vegetarianism can use dairy-free alternatives: coconut milk and grated cashews.

Fried porcini mushrooms with onions and sour cream

A mixture of vegetable oil and butter will add a surprisingly bright aroma to the dish.

You should prepare:

  • porcini mushrooms - 400 g;
  • onion - 1 pc.;
  • green onions - 200 g;
  • sour cream - 100 ml
  • butter - 20 g;
  • olive oil - 30 ml;
  • spice.

A platter of porcini mushrooms can be served with boiled potatoes

Step by step cooking:

  1. Cut prepared (washed) boletus into slices 3-4 mm thick.
  2. Chop the onion into half rings.
  3. Heat a frying pan, melt butter, add olive oil to it.
  4. Fry porcini mushrooms for 5 minutes, then send onions, spices to them and cook for another 7-8 minutes.
  5. Add sour cream and simmer under the lid for an additional 10 minutes.
  6. Cool slightly and sprinkle with chopped green onions.

You can serve fried porcini mushrooms with onions in sour cream with boiled potatoes.

Advice! The best taste and "roastiness" can be achieved using a cast iron skillet. Cast iron cookware warms up more evenly and does not endow the dishes cooked in it with extraneous odors and tastes.

Porcini mushroom sauce with sour cream

Sour cream and mushroom sauce goes well with meat, vegetables and baked salmon. In the absence of a traditional fermented milk product, it can be replaced with natural yogurt.

You should prepare:

  • boletus - 500 g;
  • sour cream (yogurt) - 200 ml;
  • flour (sifted) - 30 g;
  • onions - 2 pcs.;
  • dill - 50 gr.

Porcini sauce goes well with meat, vegetables and baked salmon

Step by step cooking:

  1. Chop the peeled, washed boletus into small pieces (up to 1 cm).
  2. Boil mushrooms in lightly salted water (200 ml) for 25 minutes, drain in a colander.
  3. Mix flour with 100 ml of cold water. Beat until smooth (no lumps).
  4. Add the composition to the mushroom broth, add spices and yogurt.
  5. Simmer for 2-3 minutes while stirring.
  6. Serve with chopped herbs.

Important! You should not add strong-smelling spices to the mushroom sauce made from porcini mushrooms with sour cream, otherwise they will kill the mushroom aroma.

Porcini mushrooms with potatoes and sour cream

This dish can become a full-fledged hot and a good alternative to meat, since boletus contains a lot of easily digestible vegetable protein.

You should prepare:

  • potatoes - 1.5 kg;
  • boletus - 1.5 kg;
  • sour cream - 350 g;
  • butter - 40 g;
  • spice;
  • greens.

Boletus contains a lot of easily digestible vegetable protein

Step by step cooking:

  1. Peel the boletus, rinse, dry and cut into plates.
  2. Peel and slice potatoes (3-5 mm thick).
  3. Fry mushrooms in butter until half cooked.
  4. Add potatoes, spices and cook for 10-15 minutes.
  5. Add the remaining ingredients and simmer over low heat for another quarter of an hour.
  6. Chop fresh herbs and sprinkle over the dish before serving.

Advice! In order for the potatoes to stick together less and turn out more crispy, you can soak the pre-cut slices in water for 15-20 minutes. This will allow excess starch to be removed from the root crop.

Chicken breast with porcini mushrooms in sour cream

This dish does not require a side dish, as it is nutritious and satisfying without it.

You should prepare:

  • chicken breast - 300 g;
  • boiled mushrooms - 250 g;
  • onions - 150 g;
  • sour cream - 100 ml;
  • olive oil - 40 ml;
  • spice;
  • greens.

White meat has a delicate taste, juicy and pleasant aroma

Step by step cooking:

  1. Chop the onion in half rings and fry until translucent.
  2. Cut the boletus into pieces.
  3. Add mushrooms, spices and cook for another 10 minutes.
  4. Cut the fillet into thin strips and send to the pan.
  5. Simmer everything in the resulting juice until it evaporates.
  6. Add sour cream and simmer under the lid for another 5 minutes.

In addition to the usual olive oil, you can use pumpkin or sesame oil.

Porcini mushrooms in sour cream in a slow cooker

A multicooker is a versatile household appliance that can be used to prepare any dish, from soups to desserts. It is very convenient to stew porcini mushrooms in sour cream in it.

You can use 20% cream for a milder taste

You should prepare:

  • boletus (peeled) - 600 g;
  • sour cream - 250 ml;
  • onions - 2 pcs.;
  • garlic - 3 cloves;
  • vegetable oil - 30 ml;
  • spice;
  • greens.

Step by step cooking:

  1. Clean, rinse and blot boletus with napkins. Cut into pieces.
  2. Chop the onion.
  3. Introduce oil into the bowl of the appliance, set the “Baking” mode and the cooking time is 30-40 minutes.
  4. Send onions to the thicket to fry (5 minutes), then mushrooms (15 minutes).
  5. Add remaining ingredients.
  6. Simmer for another 10-15 minutes.

If you add a little boiled water during cooking, you get an excellent porcini mushroom gravy with sour cream. Cream with a fat content of 15-20% will help to make the taste more delicate. However, this will significantly increase the calorie content of the dish.

Calorie content of porcini mushrooms in sour cream

You can fry porcini mushrooms with sour cream in different ways. In this case, the energy value of the dish will depend on the calorie content of its individual ingredients. Boletus contains 34-35 kcal per 100 grams. Sour cream is another matter. The homemade product contains more than 250 kcal, and in its fat-free version - only 74. Flour, not only sauces and gravies makes it thicker, but also increases the total calorie content of the dish by 100-150 kcal, and butter by 200-250.

The average calorie content of the classic version of the dish is 120 kcal / 100 g, in recipes with flour and butter - almost 200 kcal, and in dietary options it contains no more than 100 kcal.


Porcini mushrooms in sour cream - a recipe with history. This dish was served back in the 19th century in the famous restaurant "Yar", and in the middle of the 20th century it was included in the collection of recipes for the famous book "On tasty and healthy food". The simplest ingredients and minimum time - and here on the table is a fragrant and delicate snack from the gifts of the forest.

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