How to make a deer from wire and garland with your own hands

How to make a deer from wire and garland with your own hands

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Christmas reindeer are a traditional New Year decoration in the United States and Canada. Gradually, this tradition appeared in many European countries and in Russia. Animals are made from different materials, but there is also a step-by-step diagram of a deer made of wire with your own hands, which will allow you to create something individual and completely different from what you can find in stores.

How to make a deer with your own hands

Children can be attracted to creating a deer from wire with their own hands, this is a great pastime with all family members. And what could be better than getting together at home, when there is a blizzard outside the window, with your family and doing a common business.

As a rule, when a person imagines a deer made of wire, it seems to him that this is a huge structure that can only be installed on a personal plot. In fact, it could be a miniature figurine that fits on a table. The main thing is that, depending on the size, the principle of creating a model does not change.

To place the deer in the yard, you need to choose garlands for outdoor use only.

Preparation of materials for the figure of a deer from wire

To make a New Year's reindeer from wire with your own hands you will need:

  • wire with sufficient rigidity for the selected size;
  • light source: garlands or LED filament, the length of which is chosen depending on the size of the animal;
  • paint, preferably in a spray can, it is easier to apply, but on condition that the painting will be carried out on the street;
  • pliers;
  • thread, tape for fixing the garland;
  • any decorations that you want to see on the figurine.

For a large-sized deer, an elastic, non-brittle wire with a diameter of at least 4 mm is required.

The garland in thickness and strength is chosen depending on where the animal will be installed. If we are talking about the street, then it must withstand frost and high humidity.

Drawings and sketches of a deer made of wire

A drawing of a wire deer can be printed on a printer or you can create your own sketch by simply drawing a silhouette of an animal on an A4 sheet. If you want the statuette to be large, then you need to put the image on paper, newspaper or large-format cardboard. Even a photograph is suitable as a diagram.

When shaping your creation from wire, you need to try not to deviate from the circuit so that you get clear contours and smooth bends. It is also better to give up complex drawings, they are very difficult to transfer to nature without certain skills.

You can draw a sketch of a deer and then bend the wire along the contour

How to make a deer from wire and garland

DIY step-by-step New Year's reindeer made of wire:

  1. It is necessary to take a finished drawing of a deer or draw it yourself, you do not need to look for complex options, especially if the craft is being done for the first time.
  2. First, you need to twist one part according to the scheme, that is, create a silhouette with a body, legs, tail and head, then the second.
  3. After that, you should start twisting both parts together.
  4. In the area of ​​the muzzle and tail, connect both parts as much as possible.
  5. In the back area, connect at some distance, as a result, you will get a full-fledged animal body.
  6. The last thing to do is to shape the horns and attach them to the muzzle.
  7. After installing the reindeer wire frame on the legs, it is recommended to strengthen the joints with pliers to make the structure more stable.

Important! If the wire is very thick and difficult to bend, then the drawing can be knocked out with nails on plywood and a silhouette can be formed along it.

It is necessary to nail nails along the contour of the circuit and lay the wire along them

The second stage of making a deer from wire, step by step, is as follows:

  1. Set the resulting frame on your feet.
  2. Then it is required to wrap it with wire, you can use a smaller diameter.
  3. It is necessary to start the process with the legs and then gradually move on to the body and head.
  4. At the very end, horns are formed and mounted to the head.
  5. Now you can proceed to the process of painting or decorating with tinsel.
  6. At the last stage, the model should be wrapped with a garland or LED strip.

If the garland does not hold well, then threads or plastic clamps can be used for fastening. It can be repainted in any color with spray paint. It is only necessary to first cover all the bulbs with paper or polyethylene.

If desired, the connection points can be soldered so that there are no sharp ends, especially if the figure will be installed inside the housing.

There is a second option - making the model in parts. Each body part is made separately, and then everything is combined into a single composition. This method is more suitable for making large models. The body itself, legs are entangled with a thinner wire, like weaving a mesh.

A flat design is much easier to create. Only one half of the frame is made from a thicker wire, and covered with a thin one. This figurine can be hung as a decoration on a Christmas tree or placed on a stand. Such a deer can be wrapped not only with wire, but also with thread.

A flat deer can be made in 30 minutes

The model can be decorated with tinsel by wrapping the frame and attaching it with tape. You can also fill the voids of the frame with plastic containers and wrap the whole deer with plastic wrap, scotch tape, and make a layer of tinsel on top. You can even try to create an ornament all over the body from a thin wire. The main thing is not to limit your imagination to any framework.

Wire reindeer will look great by the Christmas tree

Wire Christmas Reindeer Installation Options

Undoubtedly, a do-it-yourself deer made of wire and garlands will look beautiful on a personal plot. But not everyone lives in a private house, so a small deer can be placed near a tree or bed as a night light.

The deer will look great on a holiday table or on a bookshelf. Naturally, such animals should be compact in size. A flat figure of a deer made of wire can be used to decorate windows or doors.

Reindeer are made of wire to decorate the Christmas tree. They are especially suitable for spruce that grows in the yard. The figure can be installed near the window and waking up in the morning or going to bed, it will seem that the fairy tale never ends.

Do-it-yourself wire reindeer for the New Year can be a wonderful gift for relatives. Nobody will have that.

The head of a deer on the front door will look no less interesting. It is also easy to do on the principle of making the whole figure. Therefore, if you want to surprise your neighbors, you can build a head out of wire and wrap it with garlands. Figures can be installed near the entrance and on the playground.

Several figures or a deer in the company of other fabulous animals will look very beautiful in the yard. In this regard, there are no restrictions, you need to experiment and create a festive mood for yourself and your loved ones.


The step-by-step diagram of a deer made of wire with your own hands is simple and, following it, there should be no problems. Naturally, all kinds of figurines are sold everywhere, but how nice it is to create something with your own hands.

It is imperative to involve all family members in the process, especially children. The deer, of course, is not a symbol of the New Year in our country, but nevertheless it is already completely customary for us that Santa Claus hurries to us in a cart, which is harnessed by nine deer.

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