Milking machine MDU-5, 7, 8, 3, 2

Milking machine MDU-5, 7, 8, 3, 2

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Milking machine MDU-7 and its other modifications help farmers to carry out automatic milking of a small number of cows. The equipment is mobile. The MDU lineup has minor design differences. Each unit is designed for a certain number of cows.

Features of milking machines for cows MDU

For a small household, the purchase of an expensive milking machine is not economically viable. It is difficult to assemble equipment on your own. Additional knowledge and experience are required. In addition, homemade products do not always work effectively, injuring the udder of the cow. The MDU lineup was created to facilitate the work of owners of a small number of cattle livestock. Due to the wheels, the unit is easy to transport. The equipment is compact, lightweight, easy to maintain.

The most productive model is considered to be MDU 36. In households, machines are used, where after the letter abbreviation in the marking there are numbers from 2 to 8. Of the entire line, only the milking machine for cows MDU 5 is based on a dry principle of operation. Other models have a closed lubrication cycle. These devices are characterized by the minimum consumption of engine oil.

The installation of the MDU consists of the following units:

  • Electrical engine;
  • vacuum pump;
  • starting device;
  • fan or oil cooling system;
  • collector;
  • pressure regulator;
  • pulsator.

From additional equipment, each unit is completed with hoses for transporting milk, a can. The containers are most often made of aluminum.

All MDU models are arranged and work according to the same principle:

  • The pump creates a vacuum in the system, which pumps the milk out of the teat cup body and transports it through the hoses to the can.
  • The pulsator periodically equalizes the pressure at the same frequency of time. From its drops, the rubber inserts inside the teat cups are compressed and unclenched. There is an imitation of nipple sucking with the lips of a calf.

Mechanical milking does not injure the udder of the animal. After filling the can with milk, the milkmaid pours it into a large container.

All MDU equipment is located on a solid steel frame made of lightweight profile. Before starting milking, the machine is placed on a horizontal, solid surface. In motors with a closed lubrication system, the oil level is maintained above the red mark.

Attention! The milking machine must not be placed on a loose surface. A running motor will generate strong vibrations in all equipment.

Milking machine MDU-2

The equipment of MDU 2 has several modifications. The machines in this range are designed for milking cows and goats. The most popular is the milking machine MDU 2a, reviews of which are more often positive. Model 2a was designed for milking six cows. To collect milk from the factory, an aluminum can with a capacity of 19 liters is supplied. Optionally, you can order a stainless steel container with a capacity of 20 liters. The unit is completely assembled, after unpacking it is ready for use. Milking can be done near the cow or at a distance of up to 10 m.

Important! Model 2a has a closed lubrication cycle. For filling, use synthetic or semi-synthetic machine oil. Consumption from 0.4 to 1 liter per year.

The 2b model allows two cows to be connected at the same time. The device is equipped with a liquid ring pump with a 1.1 kW electric motor. Productivity - 20 cows per hour.

The 2k model is used for milking goats. One device is designed for 15 heads, but each animal is connected in turn.


Installation MDU 2a has the following characteristics:

  • electric motor power - 1.1 kW;
  • connection to the 220 volt power grid;
  • maximum productivity - 180 l / min;
  • weight without packaging - 14 kg.

The manufacturer guarantees a service life of up to 10 years. The average cost is about 21 thousand rubles.


When using the machine for the first time, the cows are taught to operate the engine. For several days in a row, the installation is simply started in idle mode. When the cows are no longer afraid of the noise, they try milking. The udder is thoroughly washed and massaged. Teat cups are put on the teats. The silicone suction cups should stick tightly to the udder. After starting the motor, operating pressure will build up in the system. The beginning of milking can be easily identified by the flowing milk in the transparent tubes. At the end of milking, the motor is turned off. Pressure is released from the system so that the glasses can be easily removed. It is impossible to tear off the suction cups by force, since the udder is easily injured.

A detailed process of using the milking machine is shown in the video:

Milking machine reviews MDU-2

Valery Pavlovich Sychev, 57 years old

I bought the device MDU 2a for 7 cows, it is doing fine. Installation is easy, mobile. Milk is expressed completely, there is no need to add milk. The equipment is easy to transport around the barn.

Milking machine MDU-3

The manufacturer presented the MDU 3 milking machine for cows in three models with the letter abbreviation "b", "c", "TANDEM". The first two models have similar characteristics. Most often, there are reviews about the MDU 3b milking machine, designed for ten heads of cattle. From the factory, the unit is equipped with an aluminum can with a capacity of 19 liters. Having made a surcharge, order a separate stainless steel container for 20 or 25 liters. Unit 3b allows milking near the cow or at a distance of up to 20 m.

Milking machine MDU 3v has similar parameters, but 3v-TANDEM provides milking of 20 cows. In addition to the equipment, two animals can be connected at the same time.


For models MDU 3b and 3c, the following characteristics are inherent:

  • electric motor power - 1.5 kW;
  • the motor is running from a 220 volt electrical network;
  • maximum productivity - 226 l / min;
  • weight without packaging - 17.5 kg;
  • oil consumption - maximum 1.5 l / year.

The unit is equipped with an emergency valve. The average price is about 22,000 rubles.


Working with MDU 3 devices is no different from using models 2a. The nuances of working with the milking machine are described in the manufacturer's instructions that come with the equipment.

Milking machine reviews MDU-3

Valentina Egorovna Sinitsyna, 58 years old

Among the MDU devices, we chose the 3v-TANDEM model on the recommendation of familiar farmers. We have 17 cows, and it makes no sense to buy a milking installation with a lower capacity. The hardware works fine. Milking is fast, high quality. The disadvantage is the heavy weight. The equipment was installed permanently.

Milking machine MDU-5

Milking machine MDU 5 is an air-cooled model. The unit is equipped with two fans. Complete with MDU 5 aluminum can of 19 liters. Stainless steel containers for 20 and 25 liters are purchased separately. Milking takes place near the animal or at a distance of 5-10 m. The unit is designed for three cows. There is an analogue of the milking machine - model MDU 5k. The technical characteristics are similar, only the number of milking glasses is different.


The unit has the following characteristics:

  • electric motor power - 1.5 kW;
  • fans - 2 pieces;
  • work from a 220 volt electrical network;
  • the engine is equipped with a liquid protection valve;
  • maximum productivity up to 200 l / min;
  • the frequency of rotation of the rotor of the electric motor - 2850 rpm;
  • weight without packaging - 15 kg.

The manufacturer guarantees a service life of up to 10 years, subject to the rules of use. The average cost of equipment is about 20 thousand rubles.


For milking machine MDU 5 instructions are supplied by the manufacturer along with the equipment. The operating principle of an air-cooled plant is simple:

  • A running motor evacuates air from the system. A vacuum is generated inside the hose. The pressure drop in the milk tubes is created by vacuum connections connected to the can lid. In addition, a vacuum is created in the pulsator and the hoses connected to the manifold and teat cups.
  • They put glasses on the nipples of the animal. The elastic insert wraps around them due to the created vacuum.
  • A chamber is located between the insert and the wall of the glass, where a vacuum is similarly created. When the pulsator starts to work, the vacuum inside the chamber with a certain frequency begins to change to a pressure equal to atmospheric pressure. The rubber insert is compressed and unclenched, and with it the nipple. Milking begins.

Stopping the movement in the transparent milk tubes signals the end of the process. The motor is turned off. After equalizing the pressure in the system, the cups are removed from the udder of the cow.

Milking machine reviews MDU-5

Sergey Valerievich Vorobiev, 63 years old

I bought the device MDU 5 because of air cooling. Maintenance is easier, plus it's not sterile to mess around with machine oil near milk. I liked the unit. I have been using it for 3 years, while no breakdowns. Milking is fast, the cows tolerate the procedure calmly.

Milking machine for cows MDU-7

Model MDU 7 is designed for milking three cows. The unit is similarly equipped with a 19 liter aluminum can. For a separate payment from the manufacturer, you can order a stainless steel container for 20 liters. a distinctive feature is the ability to work without a pulsator and with a pulsator. The quiet functionality of the motor does not scare the cows. Milking is carried out directly near the animal or at a distance of up to 10 m. The second option requires the use of an extended pipeline. The consumer can choose from plastic or aluminum teat cups. The pulsator is ordered two-stroke or in pairs.


The following indicators are inherent in the MDU 7 model:

  • motor power - 1 kW;
  • rotor speed - 1400 rpm;
  • maximum productivity - 180 l / min;
  • the presence of a valve for protecting the electric motor from liquid;
  • the presence of fans;
  • receiver with a volume of 2 liters;
  • weight without packaging - 12.5 kg.

The equipment is designed to operate for up to 10 years. Average price from 23,000 rubles.


In terms of use, the MDU 7 milking machine is no different from its predecessors. A nuance can be considered the presence of fans for cooling the motor.

Reviews of the milking machine for cows MDU-7

Tatyana Ivanovna Kozhedub, 48 years old

For milking two of my cows I bought MDU 7. I don’t know any particular differences in the models, the managers just advised. I liked the purchase. I have been using it for over a year. The motor runs quietly. I always milk cows at a distance of 5-6 m. The udder has never been damaged with glasses.

Milking machine MDU-8

In terms of its performance, the device MDU 8 coincides with its predecessor, MDU 7. However, the model is new and more advanced. The equipment is mounted on a convenient trolley with wheels for transportation. In addition, the milking machine is equipped with a remote control to help control the operation. The unit is intended for three cows. The can is supplied from the factory in aluminum for 19 liters, but can be purchased from stainless steel with a capacity of 20 liters.

The equipment works with and without a pulsator. Teat cups made of non-toxic plastic or aluminum. On request, the pulsator can be ordered in pairs or two-stroke.


The milking machine MDU 8 has the following characteristics:

  • motor power - 1 kW;
  • rotor speed - 1400 rpm;
  • there is a transparent receiver with a volume of 2 liters;
  • maximum productivity - 180 l / min;
  • weight without packaging - 25 kg.

The MDU 8 unit is heavier than its predecessor due to the trolley, but it is easier to transport. Service life is about 10 years. The average price is 24,000 rubles.


It is convenient to adapt the MDU 8 to mechanical milking without a pulsator, as it resembles a manual process. When the cows get used to it and begin to calmly relate to what is happening, you can use the pulsator. All other operating rules are identical to the models of previous modifications.

Milking machine reviews MDU-8

Natalya Fedorovna Polunina, 57 years old

I chose between MDU 7 and 8. I gave preference to the second model because of the trolley. It is convenient to bring the device to the milking place and take it back to the shed. The equipment has been working steadily for a year. Milking is neat, the cows tolerate everything calmly.


Milking machine MDU-7 and 8 are ideal for owners of 2-3 cows. For a larger herd, it is worth considering other models with higher performance.

Watch the video: MDU-3B milking machine (December 2022).

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