"Mushroom decoration" in your garden

"Mushroom decoration" in your garden

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We all love mushrooms, and this is not surprising: they are so cute! Large and small, light and dark, with a nice hat and a neat leg. But they can only be used for food, and sometimes you just want to admire them! Cement decorative mushrooms are ideal for this. And to make them is not so difficult.

To make a hat, you will need: a bowl that resembles a mushroom hat, a plastic bag and cement mortar (sand, cement - 3: 1).

Simple steps should be taken:

  1. Put a plastic bag on the plate.
  2. Pour with a solution.

In summer, the fungus will turn out to be more realistic if it is done as follows: make a depression in the sand with a bowl, put a burdock sheet in it to create “wrinkles” and small cracks along the edges, thus enhancing the decorative effect.

Half an hour after all this, it is necessary to insert three nails into the center of the cap - the frame for the leg. Also, instead of nails, you can insert a small segment of the water pipe, or something else - at your discretion. Next, leave the garden figure until the solution solidifies.

Let's start creating the legs. It is necessary to simulate the leg of the mushroom using improvised means. You can use roofing material, old linoleum, even a plastic bottle. Having curled the material, be sure to fix it with tape.

Never use pressurized containers, i.e. deodorants, air fresheners, etc.! Fix the leg on the hat using the previously made frame. It is best to sprinkle the junction with wet sand, lightly compact and finally pour the solution.

The last stage will come in three days, when the solution hardens. It is necessary to color the fungus and set it in its rightful place.

We wish you to successfully create a landscape design of your garden with the help of figures!

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