Apple-tree Rossoshanskoe Striped: description, care, photos and reviews

Apple-tree Rossoshanskoe Striped: description, care, photos and reviews

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The Rossoshanskoe striped apple tree (Rossoshanskoe Polosatoe) is an unpretentious tree with a decent harvest. Requires standard care, does not need frequent watering. The apples obtained from it have a good presentation and are stored practically all winter.

In the first years of fruiting, one tree can harvest about 150 kg

Breeding history

"Rossoshanskoye striped" is an apple variety bred at the fruit and berry station of the same name. It was obtained in the 1920s from the pollination of Kransinski Diaphanum with pollen presumably Krasnyy Aport by breeder M. M. Ulyanishchev. Almost immediately after the presentation, the variety became widespread in industrial and amateur gardens.

Description of the apple variety Rossoshanskoe Striped with a photo

This variety of apple trees has been cultivated throughout Russia for a whole century. Refers to winter late varieties. Differs in high productivity, unpretentiousness and frost resistance.

Fruit and tree appearance

The fruits of the apple-tree variety "Rossoshanskoe striped" have a rounded-conical shape, large (up to 180 g), one-dimensional, with a smooth and even surface. When ripe, the apples are greenish-yellow with dark red stripes. Seeds are medium in size. The pulp is light green.

Trees of medium height (3-5 m), clonal dwarf rootstock no more than 3 m. At a young age, the crown is oval, lush, with the beginning of fruiting, it acquires a rounded-spreading shape with hanging branches. The main branches are raised, over the years they spread out to the sides and lower the ends. Shoots of medium thickness, long, dark bark. Fruits are formed on 2-4-year-old branches and at the ends of last year's growths.

"Rossoshanskoe striped" is not only winter-hardy, but also a very productive variety

Life span

The apple tree is considered a long-lasting fruit crop. If you take good care of it, then the life span of the tree can reach a hundred years. The average lifespan of "Rossoshanskoe striped" is 50 years.


"Rossoshskoye" apple has a pleasant sour-sweet taste. The aroma of the variety is average. The pulp is juicy, tender, not too hard, with a slightly winey aftertaste. One fruit contains up to 15 g of vitamins and up to 11 g of sugar.

Attention! "Rossoshanskoe striped" does not have a break in fruiting, it bears a harvest annually.

Growing regions

The variety of apples "Rossoshanskoe striped" can grow throughout Russia, even in districts with unstable climatic conditions. Most often, trees are planted in the Lower Volga and Central Black Earth regions, but sometimes they can also be found in Siberia.

The apple tree can grow even in regions with severe frosts.


The tree begins to bear fruit at the age of 4 years. Its yield is high. From one apple-tree "Rossoshanskoe striped" in its first years of fruiting, it is possible to collect up to 150 kg of harvest. When grown on a farm, one hectare of orchard yields up to 250 quintals of apples. But on condition that the tree is mature.

Important! With insufficient watering, the apple tree will give a lower yield.

Frost resistant

"Rossoshanskoe striped" has excellent winter hardiness. If all the rules of agricultural technology are followed, the apple tree will never freeze out. Even during frosts at the time of flowering, there is a high likelihood of a good harvest.

Disease and pest resistance

The variety is very resistant to apple diseases. Only scab is considered a harmful disease that can affect the foliage and fruits of a tree. It is more likely to appear during the rainy season. For the prevention of the virus, it is important to carry out the autumn treatment of apple trees with lime and copper sulfate, and the spring - with Bordeaux liquid.

Warning! The Bordeaux liquid should be handled carefully, it can burn the foliage of the Rossoshanskoe striped apple tree.

This apple variety has a weak immunity to scab.

Flowering period and ripening period

"Rossoshanskoe striped" blooms in the early to mid-term, which depends on the region of cultivation and weather conditions. The fruits ripen in late summer and early autumn. The optimal harvest time is mid-September, if the summer is hot and dry, then the beginning of September.


The location for planting the Rossoshanskaya apple tree should be chosen so that it is located close to the pollinators of the species, varieties of the same ripening period and hybrids with similar characteristics. Or next door to the same kind of apple tree. Cross-pollination will improve the quality of the fruit.

Transportation and keeping quality

Transportability of ripe apple-tree "Rossoshanskoe striped" is good. This variety is planted on an industrial scale.

The average shelf life of apples is 3 months. Subject to the storage rules, it can increase up to 5 months.

Varieties of varieties

The experience of the Rossoshanskaya station is about 100 years. During this time, breeders have managed to achieve good results in breeding varieties of the variety. Today there are the following varieties:

  1. "April". Apples are stored until May.
  2. "Spring". Fruits up to 150 g, lie until May.
  3. "Winter". Ripens closer to October, fruits are stored until May.
  4. "Lying". Apples do not lose their quality for 2 years.
  5. "Crimson". Early winter variety with the onset of fruiting for about 6 years.
  6. "Golden". Small yellow fruits, in reality - sweet cherries.
  7. "Delicious". Small specimens (100 g), ripening at the end of September.
  8. "Rennet". Under development.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantages of the Rossoshanskoye striped apple tree include:

  1. Large and tasty fruits with excellent presentation.
  2. Ability to grow in most regions.
  3. High yield rates.
  4. Unpretentiousness.

The only drawback of the variety is considered its susceptibility to a common apple disease - scab.

Ripe "Rossoshanskoe striped" apples are firmly attached to the branches, do not crumble

Landing rules

The apple tree "Rossoshanskoe striped" is planted in a standard way for fruit trees. According to experienced gardeners, it is better to plant a tree in spring, when the ground warms up by 10 cm. In this case, the seedling will not freeze and take root well. If you plant a tree in the fall, it may suffer or die.

The planting algorithm for a striped apple tree does not differ from the planting scheme for other varieties:

  1. First, you need to prepare a landing pit with a depth of at least 80 cm with free space up to 4 meters.
  2. Add natural organic fertilizers to the hole: compost or humus (5 cm).
  3. After a week, dig up the top layer of the earth of the hole.
  4. Install crushed stone drainage after 7 days.
  5. Dip the seedling into the hole, sprinkle with substrate, water abundantly.

Spring planting is considered sparing and easier.

Growing and care

The variety "Rossoshanskoe striped" needs to comply with the following care rules:

  • timely watering of the plant;
  • loosening the soil;
  • weeding the site;
  • top dressing;
  • disease prevention;
  • crown pruning;
  • preparation for winter.

With the correct cultivation of the apple tree, the harvest will always be tasty and abundant.

Collection and storage

The first apples of the "Rossoshanskoe striped" variety begin to appear four years after the planting of the seedling. A young tree bears a small amount of fruit, but every year it will grow rapidly.

Harvesting time begins at the end of August and lasts until mid-September. The apples ripen at the same time.

You can store a ripe crop all winter until March. On average, the Rossoshanskoye striped variety lasts 150 days. For the longest possible preservation, whole fruits are used. They are folded into wooden boxes with the stalk down and put away in a cool, dry and dark place. The room temperature should not be lower than 0 ° C.

Advice! It is better to eat only the "stale" apple-tree "Rossoshskoye striped".


Apple-tree Rossoshanskoe striped is an excellent fruit tree, which is highly appreciated by gardeners. The culture has earned a lot of positive feedback, it is grown by many summer residents and farmers. The harvest harvested from it always turns out to be abundant and tasty, saturated with a large amount of vitamins and nutrients.


Kirill Eliseev, 59 years old, Marks

I have been growing Rossoshanskoe striped for many years. The variety gives an excellent apple harvest, with excellent taste and impressive size. Children and grandchildren are always happy.

Tanzilya Galimzyanovna, 44 years old, Samara

"Rossoshanskoe striped" is a good variety of apple trees. The fruits are sweet, juicy, long-lasting. I keep it in a simple cellar. Many specimens are perfectly preserved until the New Year holidays.

Tamara Andreeva, 51 years old, Belgorod

In our region, Rossoshanskoye striped apple trees grow in almost every garden. This is a proven variety for years. But for the harvest to be of high quality, it is important to process the trees with vitriol in time to avoid scab.

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