What useful things can be done from OSB in the country

What useful things can be done from OSB in the country

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OSB is a unique and multi-tasking material that can even be called universal. That is why it is so often used in the country. Construction from OSB, production of country furniture, finishing work, structures for the garden and kitchen garden - much is possible!

This article will introduce you to some of the ways you can use OSB. In fact, there are a lot of them, but we will indicate the main directions!

What is OSB?

OSB is a wood chipboard, which has become a new generation, and for some craftsmen even a long-awaited material for construction and decoration. This is a pressed chipboard, which is composed of flat, oriented wood chips, according to Wikipedia's explanations. For homegrown masters, this is just convenient, extremely practical and not so expensive material, the use of which is possible in a variety of fields!

Today, they build, make furniture from OSB, use the material as rough or finishing layers, and are often used to produce boxes, drawers, and so on.

At the moment, we decided to point you to the TOP ways to use OSB, and this will be exactly the TOP 10 directions, in each of which a plate of glued and pressed shavings will perform with a fair amount of importance and practicality!

OSB in summer cottage construction

In the country, we are building a lot. Few people buy a cottage just for relaxation, where you can spend time on the lawn by the grill, and go home in the evening. Many people want to see on their own site a small house, a bathhouse, a utility unit, other residential and household structures. Therefore, the material should be considered from this position, since it can fully participate in the construction!

OSB is used for the construction of frame houses, where it is used as a panel or sheathing material. Also, this is an unconditional component of SIP panels, which are now very popular in low-rise construction. Using this technology, it is possible to build prefabricated houses, the installation of which after the production of all the necessary structures, sometimes takes no more than a few days.

In addition, an OSB shed, a bathhouse, a vegetable store, a garage or other inexpensive, but important buildings, may well be at your cottage!

OSB as an auxiliary material

As we said, and each of our readers knows about it, in the country we are building a lot! But these are not only separate houses or sheds, but also structural elements, without which a correct plane or rigidity is simply impossible. Therefore, it is also worth remembering about the OSB! Thanks to this material, you can perform a lot of necessary and useful work!

  • Floor device with OSB. An important part in the construction of something. OSB can act as a rough substrate instead of the more expensive plywood, or as a finishing floor material, when it comes to the utility room. Yes, and in a residential building, with appropriate finishes, such a stove on the floor will look good. True, you need to understand the technology of laying the floor. We can speak, relying on the standards of GOSTs and SNiPs, as well as read recommendations and technical specifications based on materials from specialists, but we are ready to simplify them a bit. The only thing is not worth saving! After all, if the logs for the floor are rarely located, and the plate is thin, then the floor will play and bend, which will necessarily lead to inconvenience initially, and to repair or replace it later. Therefore, the step between the lags is not more than 50 cm, and preferably 42-47 cm, and the sheet thickness is from 18 mm, and preferably all 22 mm. You can also make an even more durable floor by laying sheets without matching locks, intersection lines, in a couple of layers. Then you can use the sheet thinner, but strictly according to technology, which also recommends indentation from the walls around the perimeter, which are 10-12 mm!
  • Roof device using OSB. On the roof, OSB is used quite often, where it forms a plane for laying, for example, a soft roof. In addition, internal cladding, the creation of auxiliary structures on the roof are possible. You can try to discuss this topic in more detail under the heading Ask a Question!
  • Partitions from OSB. Great material for creating walls and partitions. Sufficiently strong, reliable, simple and most convenient to use, it can easily be formed according to the necessary parameters. Partitions using OSB can be technological, insulated, soundproof, light or reinforced, bearing. On the surface, any finish is possible, up to gluing with ceramic tiles. But ordinary painting with a translucent paint also looks very good, thanks to which it remains possible to see the texture!

Finishing with OSB

Finishing work is extremely important, because it is they that form the overall appearance of the structure, walls, structures individually or as a whole. Therefore, here our experts recommend using the material we are considering!

OSB can be used externally and internally, since it is a moisture-resistant material that can be further protected by impregnation, antiseptics, cheaper paint.

But, to tell you the truth, after finishing the surfaces of the OSB, a rather unexpected effect appears ... it's just that everyone is used to using it at a construction site, and even more so, to hide it from the eyes to the maximum. For example, on the roof of the OSB under roofing materials, in the house - under decorative trim, in the utility room - behind a board or clapboard. But the material allows you to save money, and therefore, if you are working with an inexpensive project, pay attention to this. OSB painting can set quite an interesting look!

OSB as a consumable

OSB does not always act as the main material, but due to its versatility, it may well occupy another place in the construction site! For example, a slab can be cut into pieces to create a formwork, with which you can fill the foundation, form finishing layers, produce bases for various structures and future designs.

In addition, the material can be used as small parts of screed, sheathing. Let's say the decoration of roof gables, the use of gutter systems in installation, the dressing of individual parts of structures, partitions.

Structures for giving from OSB

When considering OSB for a summer residence, you need to focus on a wide variety of processes and objects. Sometimes, this building material may be applicable in the most unexpected places. But more often, his appointment is already predetermined!

To date, the plate is cut and cut for the device of a variety of racks, boxes, gutters, which is very necessary in the household. But it is worth noting the role of the material in the creation of flooring, platforms and even in the production of scaffolding, which are often used by craftsmen in the country.

Creation of load structures, decor elements

In fact, OSB is used quite often in the construction of stairs. But most builders prefer materials that can withstand increased loads, while showing reliability and durability. Therefore, it is not worth studying this option for too long, but we do not recommend losing it from sight. Many really functional staircases, especially when it comes to steps, are built from similar chipboards.

But if you think about the possibilities of the material in creating decorative elements, the elements proposed by various manufacturers of such hand-made products can be studied for hours.

The material is malleable, easy to use, quite durable in stable conditions. It is cute, amenable to shaping, further processing and decoration, which means that it can act not only as a building material and decoration, but also as a decoration for a house, a gazebo, a summer cottage as a whole. You can devote time to a similar topic, talk about various objects and structures, but today we discuss only the main directions of the use of OSB, without considering all the numerous options.

Container for giving from OSB

In the country, packaging takes a very important place, because we have a lot of things that should be stored for as long as possible. Vegetables and fruits, berries, cereals, fertilizers, various consumables, hardware and tools. You can talk for a long time, but it’s better we will point out what can be done from a chipboard.

First of all, this is a larger packaging. Large compartments for storing bulk materials and products that can even be tied to the walls and floor of the utility unit, pantry or cellar.

Next, pay attention to ordinary boxes. Portable, transportable ... after all, somehow you need to move the crop through the territory of the dacha, load it into a car in order to take it home, taken by hard work.

Also, one should probably say about more interesting possibilities. High-quality boxes for your own tool is a completely understandable product, but not everyone made a refrigerator from OSB. Here, too, it is worth working a couple of hours to get an item of almost everyday use in the summer.

You can knock down a small box with a lid, glue a thin sheet of foam polystyrene with a density of 25 or 35 from the inside, then stick a penofol 4-8 mm thick, and the refrigerator is ready. All that remains is to fasten a comfortable belt for easy carrying!

Small architectural forms from OSB

Here the topic becomes even more interesting, because the general list of small architectural forms that every summer resident loves includes arches, awnings, arbors, and more complex structures. Everywhere this plate can be used, because we have already said that it is a sufficiently high-quality and easy-to-use building material.

Let's look at the application of OSB with one example - we will study the construction of the arbor.

So, here are a few basic steps where OSB can help us:

  • Arbor foundation device. Here, the formwork or the general restriction of the base is built from the OSB, if the whole site is poured;
  • Next, we build the walls of the gazebo using the frame method to make it warm and inexpensive. To do this, we use timber, insulation and other materials, which we already know about from the articles on the construction of arbors, but also OSB, which is used for cladding. By the way, it can be both external and internal!
  • Further, the roof structure, where the plate will serve as the basis for laying the roof. Here you can also build on inexpensive materials, use a soft roof of the middle class, Technonikol and the like!
  • But the most important thing is inside the gazebo. This is the floor of the OSB, wall cladding, and possibly the creation of furniture!

- I would definitely like to draw attention to the fact that the OSB can fully participate not only in the construction of houses, gazebos and household units. Be sure to remember that garages, workshops, and also a lot of utility buildings, storage rooms and other structures are often built in the country, if you plan a business!

The use of OSB in the economy

Here the topic can expand immediately to dozens of points. But we will limit ourselves only to mentioning the possibilities of using OSB in the country. Then we’ll have to think for ourselves where this material can help you build, do, or just save.

So, there are just a few additional points that you just need to say:

  • Construction of greenhouses and baskets for vertical gardens;
  • Production of boxes and flowerpots for adult plants and seedlings;
  • Creation of flower beds, flower beds, application partially in the design of the site;
  • Construction of rabbitries, poultry pens;
  • Sheathing of car bodies, trailer frames;
  • Production of trolleys, construction stretchers, etc.

Cottage furniture from OSB

Perhaps this is one of the few additional materials to wooden pallets, on the basis of which you can make country furniture with your own hands. Quick and practical, but most importantly, it's inexpensive!

Furniture for the garden is known to everyone. These are stools, tables, chairs, benches, beds, armchairs, cabinets, cabinets, racks, various shelves ... and the most interesting is that such furniture can be used not only for household purposes. By adopting the idea of ​​creating a frame from inexpensive materials, you can even make a cool country sofa. To do this, you need a wooden beam, OSB, as well as specially stitched mattresses or pillows. Everything is real today!

As you can see, thanks to the recommendations of experts and the advice of those summer residents who have already tried such ideas, you can reduce the budget for the construction or design of the site and buildings, and at the same time not lose quality. Many interesting projects on the basis of the OSB have already been completed, but we would also like to ask you to share your ideas, and perhaps to show us and the readers of the site the finished result!

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