Champignon dark red: edibility, description and photo

Champignon dark red: edibility, description and photo

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Champignons are one of the favorite mushrooms. They have high taste characteristics and are widely used in cooking. There are many species, both edible and poisonous. One of the most amazing is the dark red champignon with an unusual pulp color and aroma. You can rarely meet him, so such a find is a great success for a mushroom picker. In order not to confuse this dark red look with others, it is worth learning more about its appearance and other features.

The look is distinguished by a dark red hat

What does dark red champignon look like?

In young mushrooms, the cap has the shape of a cone with a blunt top, only in rather old specimens it becomes flatter. The diameter of the upper part ranges from 10 to 15 cm. The cap itself is very dense and fleshy with a scaly surface. The stem is cylindrical, slightly thickened at the base. It is painted in an off-white hue, but after pressing it reddens noticeably. The leg height can be up to 10 cm.

A distinctive feature of the mushroom is the non-standard color of the pulp. In the context, it has a reddish tint and a slight aroma of anise

Where does the dark red champignon grow?

You can rarely meet this variety. Usually mushrooms grow in temperate forests: deciduous, coniferous, mixed. The favorite soil of this species is calcareous. As a rule, such specimens grow in groups. The active fruiting period lasts from spring to mid-autumn.

Champignons grow in groups

Is it possible to eat dark red champignon

This species is considered edible and versatile. First and second courses are prepared from it, used as a filling for pies and stuffed fish. They are also suitable for pickling and pickling. Professional chefs can prepare about 200 dishes from these products, including sauces and gravies, as well as gourmet delicacies.

False doubles

The dark red appearance can be easily confused with other varieties. For example, with an edible forest twin. Its main distinguishing features are a slight reddening of the pulp and the absence of the aniseed smell characteristic of the original.

Another edible counterpart is the August one. It has a yellowish flesh with a characteristic mushroom aroma.

August mushrooms

Inexperienced mushroom pickers should be especially wary of the poisonous red mushroom and fly agaric. These mushrooms are often confused with the edible dark red.

Ginger double (poisonous)

White toadstool-like fly agaric looks like champignons

Collection rules and use

When picking mushrooms, it is very important to be sure that they are edible. If there is even the slightest doubt or they grow in a contaminated area, they cannot be collected and eaten. The champignon is carefully cut with a sharp knife, while being careful not to damage the fruit body. It is not recommended to take overripe specimens, as they can provoke poisoning.

Attention! Dark red champignon can be eaten raw. However, allergy sufferers are better off abandoning this idea. Also, raw mushrooms should not be given to children.


Champignon dark red is a very tasty and unusual mushroom. If you follow all the precautions, it will become a real table decoration. Fried, pickled or dried - this mushroom will enhance the taste of any dish. In addition, champignons are dietary and have a beneficial effect on the body, strengthening the cardiovascular system, vision and memory.

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