Thick-walled outdoor peppers

Thick-walled outdoor peppers

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Thick-walled bell peppers are excellent juicy fruits that can be grown on their own even outdoors. Of course, you will have to adhere to certain growing rules, since pepper is a thermophilic culture, and our climate is not always acceptable for it. Let's talk in more detail about the growing conditions and which varieties have the thickest fruit walls.

Conditions for growing sweet peppers in the open field

From the moment the first shoots of a pepper crop appear until the fruits ripen, a rather long period passes: on average, it is 110-125 days. Provided that all this time the temperature should be on the order of +20 degrees, in some Russian regions summer residents understand that this is impossible. Such a long summer is found only in the south, moreover, the pepper culture is extremely demanding on the abundance of sunlight.

Important! The optimum temperature for growing sweet peppers is + 26-30 degrees. Some varieties stop developing if it gets colder outside the window +15.

However, there is a way out of the situation. The pepper growing process is divided into three distinct stages:

  • selection and sowing of seeds;
  • growing seedlings at home;
  • planting seedlings in open ground.

This method is called "seedling" and is appropriate both in central Russia and in the south. Now let's move on to the thick-walled sweet peppers.

Thick-walled sweet peppers

We will describe only varieties of thick-walled sweet peppers for open ground and hybrids. The table below shows the varieties and wall thickness of the fruit.

Variety or hybrid nameWall thickness in millimeters
Orange miracleto 10
Gingerbread man8-9
Red bell6-8
Red giant6-10
King Kong6-9
Golden Pheasant8,5-10,0
Big mom7
Big daddy7
California miracleup to 8
Golden miracle6-8
Ozharovskyto 10
Indaloto 10
Firstborn of Siberia8-10
Golden jubilee8,5-10,0
Fat man6,5-8
Cardinalup to 8

Among these peppers there are varieties of various colors:

  • yellow;
  • green;
  • orange;
  • brown;
  • scarlet.

Do not worry, this variety depends on natural characteristics, peppers of unusual colors are also useful and edible.


Belongs to the best varieties of pepper grown on the territory of Russia. It is very beautiful, has bright colors and a thick wall. Fruits weigh up to 200 grams, yield per 1 square meter averages 10 kilograms. This is a great indicator. The fruits ripen 110 days after the first shoots appear.

Big mom

Very large and sweet peppers are resistant to tobacco mosaic virus. It belongs to early maturing varieties and bears fruit after 95 days. The fruits are well stored, transported over long distances. They are grown according to the standard scheme. They are found in several color variations from different agricultural firms.

Big daddy

The Big Papa variety is famous not only for its thick-walled peppers, but also for its excellent color of the fruit. The photo shows what beautiful peppers you will get with a juicy purple hue. Fruiting occurs after 104 days from the emergence of seedlings. The yield is very high and often reaches 7 kilograms per square. The variety is resistant to the tobacco mosaic virus.


The variety is represented by fruits weighing up to 300 grams, these are real giants. Moreover, the plant itself is low and sometimes does not require a garter. The color is also beautiful, ranging from yellow to orange. "Bogdan" is resistant to drought, bears fruit for a long time and abundantly. Belongs to the early varieties of sweet pepper, ripens in 100 days.


The sweet and large variety "Granova", just like the previous one, is famous for the size of its fruits. The bush is low, strong. Fruiting occurs after 100 days, it is ideal for growing outdoors. "Granova" is resistant to dryness of air and soil, but extremely demanding on light.


A hybrid with an interesting name is resistant to some diseases and top rot. Good yield (up to 5 kilograms per square meter) will delight any gardener. The plants are small, strong, and the fruits are large enough with a pleasant peppery aroma. Perfect for any kind of cooking and fresh consumption.

Golden miracle

Already from the name it becomes clear that the pepper will have a golden color. This pepper is considered one of the most popular in terms of sales. It looks beautiful in salads, marinades and even when fried. The fruits of the "Golden Miracle" are very large, located on low bushes. Pepper belongs to mid-season varieties, ripens in 125 days.

Golden jubilee

This variety is excellent for growing outdoors in central Russia, since the plant easily tolerates a short-term drop in temperature. It is necessary to plant seeds for seedlings either in February or in early spring, since the ripening period is 160 days. Plants are short, rather strong, peppers are at first dark green, turning into bright yellow.

Golden pheasant

The mid-season "Golden Pheasant" ripens 130 days after the emergence of sprouts. The pepper is very juicy and one of the thickest. It is resistant to some diseases and is planted according to the standard scheme. Demanding on soil fertility, watering and sunlight. Outwardly, the pepper resembles the fruit of a persimmon.


A hybrid called "Indalo" is resistant to the tobacco mosaic virus. It bears excellent fruit and belongs to the mid-season varieties, ripening by the 120th day. They grow in a standard way, the bush turns out to be tall, which is why only two stems are initially formed, otherwise the number of fruits will decrease. You do not need to tie up, the trellis will serve as the basis. The peppers are bright yellow large, reaching 300 grams with a length of 11-12 centimeters.

California miracle

One of the most popular thick-walled peppers in the country. It grows well in the southern regions and the Black Earth Region, since the favorable temperature for cultivation ranges from 24 to 25 degrees above zero. The plant is vigorous, the fruits are medium, and have interesting wear. The variety ripens after a maximum of 130 days.


The unusual color range of fruits will undoubtedly attract the attention of everyone who is interested in growing peppers on their own. The thick-walled "Cardinal" pepper is resistant to the tobacco mosaic virus. The pepper is early ripe, ripens in just 80-90 days. The yield is extremely high, reaching 14 kilograms per square meter. The variety is versatile and can be used in any dish.

King Kong

The thick-walled King Kong pepper is not only very beautiful, but also one of the largest. One such fruit can reach 500 grams. These are real giants, which justifies the name itself. The ripening period is also short, only 90-95 days, long-term fruiting. Another plus is the ability to set fruits at low temperatures.

Red giant

One of the most resistant varieties, it bears fruit both in the Urals and Siberia, withstands low temperatures and extreme heat and drought. At the same time, this does not affect the formation of ovaries. The yield is extremely high, up to 10 kilograms per square meter. The fruits themselves are huge, weighing 600 grams. The pepper itself is long, the bush is powerful, tall, grown on trellises.

Red bell

Mid-season hybrid "Red Bell" ripens in medium-height bushes. The pepper itself is very aromatic and juicy. The plant is not afraid of top rot, some diseases. Peppers of medium size, grown in the open field. The variety is universal, the requirements for growing are standard.

Gingerbread man

The name for the variety was not chosen by chance. Peppers have a rounded shape, they look interesting on the beds and when whole pickled. It is also one of the best thick-walled peppers. Bred in Moldova, the yield is high, and fruiting occurs after 140-155 days. Plants are rather short.


On one standard plant of the "Mercedes" variety, about 15-20 peppers are formed, each of which reaches a weight of 180-200 grams. This explains the high popularity among summer residents. The variety is classified as early maturing, unpretentious. The use is universal, it is especially good fresh, because it has a pleasant aroma.


Another attractive variety in terms of appearance. The fruits are rounded, slightly flattened and outwardly a little reminiscent of the "Kolobok" peppers. The tobacco mosaic virus is not afraid of him, ovaries are easily formed on standard bushes about 4 months after sowing. The fruits can be picked in green and red.


The seedlings of the hybrid are planted in the ground at the age of 55 days, for this they choose a warm sunny day, preferably afternoon hours. The variety is early, gives a bountiful harvest of rather large fruits. Housewives love to use it in conservation.

Orange miracle

The pepper has a bright orange color, the fruits are large enough, like the plant itself - it is tall and powerful. The variety itself ripens early, is not capricious and is perfect for growing outdoors.

Firstborn of Siberia

This pepper is known to many summer residents, it is unpretentious in cultivation, disease-resistant, and gives a large harvest. It was specially created for central Russia. The plant is low, not spreading, but a large number of ovaries are formed on the shoots. The fruits themselves are small.

Fat man

The mid-early variety "Tolstyachok" has universal use, responds well to feeding and is ideal for growing outdoors. He does not like crowding, so it is recommended to plant 3 plants per square meter. Seedlings do not like picking.

An overview of thick-walled disease-resistant peppers is also presented in the video below.


Thick-walled peppers are very popular, they are juicy, aromatic, and some of them reach huge sizes. It's always a pleasure to harvest such a crop on your site!

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