Potassium lignohumate: instructions for use, reviews

Potassium lignohumate: instructions for use, reviews

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Instructions for the use of Lignohumate are displayed by the manufacturer on the original packaging. It must be carefully read before using the drug. Lignohumate is a new generation fertilizer. The instructions indicate the recommended doses, area of ​​application and other important information.

What is "Lignohumate"

The drug is an environmentally friendly fertilizer, since natural raw materials are used for its basis. In fact, it is a plant growth stimulant. The product was developed by domestic specialists. The production is carried out by the NPO RET company. The effectiveness of Lignohumate is confirmed by its popularity among farmers in many countries. The fertilizer is most in demand in Ukraine, Canada, Russia.

Lignohumate is an environmentally friendly fertilizer that stimulates plant growth

When comparing positive and negative qualities, the second is not even worth talking about. There are practically none. However, the fertilizer Lignohumate has many advantages. One of them is a yield increase of up to 30%.

Composition of the preparation

The main raw material for obtaining Lignohumate is wood. In other words, fertilizer is nothing more than a product of natural material processing. However, it is important to delve into the basis of the chemical composition, which will give a better idea of ​​the drug.

The chemical composition includes:

  • alkali metal salts;
  • fulvates;
  • humates.

Fulvic and humic acids of natural origin. They are formed naturally in the soil. There are more humates in percentage. However, it is fulvates that have a better effect on plants and stimulate their growth. Fulvic acids are not as persistent as humates. They are quickly neutralized. To replenish them in the soil, use the drug Lignohumate. It supplements the fulvate deficit, but another problem arises. Fulvic acids activate plant growth, help absorb nutrients faster, but do not replenish the lack of trace elements. The problem is especially pronounced on poor soils.

In order to prevent imbalance, trace elements are included in the composition of Lignohumate. They are in a chelated form. Why this is so - the answer is simple. Chelates have the ability to retain active nutrients for a long time. They give them to plants as needed.

Important! The presence of trace elements in the fertilizer is evidenced by the presence of the letter "M". For example, Lignohumate AM or BM.

Lignohumate marked with the letter "A" is a dry modification of fertilizer

The growth stimulant is produced in different brands with letter designations from "A" to "D". The release occurs on the basis of potassium and sodium, but it is not necessary that they are active substances. It means only a method of obtaining fertilizer from the main raw material.

The properties and composition of fertilizers obtained on a different basis are different:

  1. The sodium growth promoter is suitable for use in greenhouses. Outdoors, they are used to fertilize cucumbers and pumpkin crops.
  2. Potassium growth promoter is considered universal. It is recommended for private household plots.

It is potassium lignohumate that is most often found on sale, and it is worth considering in more detail. Preparations marked "A" are dry modification. Marking with the letter "B" indicates a liquid modification. However, the presence of only one letter in the name of Lignohumate indicates that the drug does not contain chelates of trace elements. Their presence is confirmed by the second letter in the marking - "M". For a chelated fertilizer, the designation looks like this:

  • "AM" - dry growth stimulant;
  • "BM" is a liquid growth stimulant.

The cost of Lignohumate with the letter "M" in the marking is much higher. However, such a growth promoter is suitable for all applications, especially on poor soils.

Types and forms of release

As discussed above, Lignohumates are produced in dry and liquid form. The first option is represented by granules of various shapes. They resemble round tablets, a mass passed through a meat grinder or a powder with large fractions. The active ingredient in dry granules of potassium Lignohumate AM contains up to 90%.

Dry granules contain up to 90% of the active substance

The second fertilization option is a liquid solution. However, it is also concentrated. Before use, Lignohumate must be diluted with water. The drug is convenient when you need to quickly prepare a solution without settling or if you need a small dosage for application to a small area. Liquid stimulant is used in drip irrigation systems, as it does not precipitate. The active substance potassium Lignohumate of the BM brand contains up to 20%.

Liquid concentrate contains up to 20% of active substance

Important! Liquid stimulant brands "B" and "BM" are used as an antidepressant additive to pesticides. A preliminary test for component compatibility is not required.

Impact on soil and plants

Lignohumate is not only a growth stimulant and fertilizer. The drug has a beneficial effect on the soil, plants, it is safe for the environment, bees, and humans. The use of Lignohumate on the site gives the following positive effects:

  1. The preparation enriches the soil with humus. Due to its thinning capacity, Lignohumate improves the structure and composition of the soil.
  2. After fertilizing the soil, earthworms and other useful inhabitants are attracted.
  3. An increase in stress resistance is observed in plants.
  4. Crops develop faster, fruiting improves.
  5. The fruits become marketable, increase in size. There is an increase in juiciness, an improvement in taste.
  6. Lignohumate stimulates the development and fruiting of crops with a decrease in the doses of mineral dressings. Soil and plants are less saturated with pesticides.
  7. There is an increase in the effect of biological products used to protect crops from diseases and pests.
  8. Lignohumate provides complete feeding of growing crops.

The drug has excellent bactericidal and fungicidal properties. Its application on the site reduces the risk of developing fungi and bacterial diseases.

Rules for the use of Lignohumate

Fertilizer is considered harmless, does not contain hazardous chemicals. However, the drug is still a concentrated substance. In order not to harm the plant, you must follow the rules of application.

Lignohumate is a concentrated fertilizer, which requires you to follow the rules for its use.

How to dilute the drug

All modifications of the drug are diluted with water before use. Dry granules dissolve with virtually no sediment. They can be dissolved simply in cold water, stirring with a stick. Liquid Lignohumate in a packing container tends to settle. Before diluting it with water, shake the bottle with the concentrate well. Filtration is not required to apply the working solution to the soil. An exception may be drip irrigation with a special design of droppers, which are capable of clogging with small particles.

The indicator of the alkaline reaction of the concentrate (pH) is 9-9.5 units. Add it to the working solution. Adding to the tank mixture is allowed. However, its concentration should be in the range of 0.1–0.005%. If the pH is below 5.5, a floc precipitate will form.

Important! When feeding with a working solution with a concentration of more than 1%, plants experience temporary inhibition.

Lignohumate consumption rates

The drug is used to prepare seeds, fertilize all types of crops. For the first option, special machines for dressing grain are used on an industrial scale. Consumption rate of Lignohumate per 1 ton of dry granule seeds is 100-150 g, liquid concentrate - 0.4-0.75 liters. However, the fertilizer is not used in its pure form. For seed treatment, the working solution is diluted with the addition of a dressing agent and a dye. Lignohumate acts as an adhesive.

According to the table, the required concentration of the working solution is prepared from dry or liquid Lignohumate

For tank mixtures, dilute a solution with a concentration of 0.1-0.005%. It is not recommended to increase the dose by more than 1%. In plants, a strong solution causes depression.

Instructions for the use of Lignohumate-AM

A dry preparation, regardless of the shape of the granules, dissolves well in water. The solution is prepared in the required dosage before use. It is important to take into account that the concentrate has a pronounced alkaline reaction. It is optimal to immediately select the right amount of water and granules in order to obtain a working solution of low concentration.

It is optimal to prepare the working solution from granules immediately at a low concentration

If you plan to use Lignohumate in conjunction with other drugs, do not rush to mix them. You must first familiarize yourself with the composition. Lignohumate is compatible with many drugs, but when it gets into an acidic environment, a precipitate is formed. The solution becomes unusable for use in a sprayer or irrigation system.

The working solution is watered or sprayed on the plants, the seed is treated. If by mistake of preparation the concentration of the drug exceeds 1%, the cultures will be inhibited. It is recommended to treat the plants in the same way as feeding (watering or spraying) with clean water.

Instructions for the use of Lignohumate-BM

The liquid concentrate is used in a similar manner. First, it is dissolved in water to the desired dosage. It is only important to pre-shake the canister. Lignohumate is defended from long-term storage. The main components settle at the bottom of the canister.

Before dilution with water, liquid Lignohumate is shaken in a canister

The area of ​​application is similar to the drug with a solid form of release. The working solution is watered or sprayed on the plants, the seed is treated in combination with pesticides and fertilizers.

Compatibility with other fertilizers

The growth stimulator is compatible with all preparations that do not have an acidic environment. With pesticides, Lignohumate is used to prepare seeds. It acts as an adhesive, suppresses up to 50% of phytopathogens.

The combination of a growth stimulator with mineral fertilizers allows you to reduce the dosage of chemistry. It is allowed to use with biological products, the basis of which consists of nitrogen-fixing bacteria.

Pros and cons of using

Lignohumate is considered to be completely effective and safe. From a large list of positive qualities, the following points are distinguished:

  • good solubility even in cold water, which allows using the solution without special filtration;
  • low consumption of the drug per 1 hectare of the plot affects the cost of the crop;
  • fertilizer is combined with many chemical and biological preparations;
  • Lignohumate improves the composition of the soil, provides plants with all useful substances;
  • the fertilizer is harmless to people, bees, the environment, since it is based on natural raw materials.

The disadvantage of the drug is only the high price, but it is compensated by the low consumption

The downside is the high cost, but it is offset by an increase in yield, low consumption of concentrate.


The growth stimulant belongs to the fourth class of danger. In a diluted form, the solution will not harm humans, animals, insects. The concentrate irritates the skin, the respiratory tract, the eyes and the digestive system. In all cases, rinse with warm water. In case of poisoning, they induce vomiting, give the patient activated charcoal.

To protect yourself while working with Lignohumate, it is optimal to use gloves, a mask and glasses.

Storage rules

The concentrate is stored in its original packaging. The minimum temperature for storing dry matter is 20 aboutС, and for liquid - 1 aboutC. The shelf life is not limited, but the warranty storage is recommended for 5 years.

Liquid concentrate must not be stored at temperatures below -1 ° C


Instructions for the use of Lignohumate must be followed, despite the fact that the fertilizer is made from natural raw materials. Overdose can harm plants. If flakes appear during the preparation of the solution, the technology is violated. It is better to dispose of it and prepare a new one.

Reviews on the use of potassium Lignohumate

Valentin Ivanovich Krivonos, 39 years old, Tula region

I constantly feed cucumbers and tomatoes with lignohumate. There are enough nutrients to avoid using mineral complexes. I always get a good harvest. Pour the solution under the roots. I did not use it for spraying.

Svetlana Aleksandrovna Kononova, 27 years old, Moscow region

The suburban area is located on poor soil, where chalk and clay are most of all. Lignohumate saves my gardening. I water everything that grows in the yard with fertilizer. I see no other way out. She refused mineral fertilizers. I periodically add compost to the dressing.

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