Pomegranate peel: what helps, how to take

Pomegranate peel: what helps, how to take

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The use of pomegranate peels and contraindications is an interesting question from the point of view of traditional medicine. A lot of healthy products can be prepared from the peel of pomegranate fruits, but before that you need to study the rules and methods of application.

Can you drink pomegranate peels

Pomegranate peels do not have to be thrown away, they are also suitable for ingestion. A variety of drinks can be made from properly dried peels to relieve symptoms of chronic and acute diseases. When using peels, some rules must be followed, and not everyone is allowed such a remedy. But for most people, the use of the product will be justified and very useful.

Composition of pomegranate peels

The value of pomegranate crusts is attributed to the chemical composition, which contains:

  • vitamins B1, B2, B5, B6 and B9;
  • vitamins A and E;
  • ascorbic acid and niacin;
  • potassium, magnesium and phosphorus;
  • iron, calcium and sodium;
  • saturated fatty acids;
  • disaccharides and monosaccharides;
  • ash and fiber;
  • organic acids;
  • beta carotene.

Basically, the composition of the crusts is represented by carbohydrates, there are about 14 of them in the product. Another 0.7 g is the share of proteins, and 0.6 g is taken by fats. The calorie content of the product is 72 kcal per 100 g, but the actual nutritional value of the crusts is much lower, they are consumed in minimal quantities.

Why is pomegranate peel useful?

The beneficial properties of pomegranate peels in folk medicine are that the product:

  • helps to reduce bad cholesterol, strengthens blood vessels and helps cleanse the liver;
  • removes excess fluids, toxic substances and toxins from tissues;
  • strengthens the heart and protects it from the development of severe ailments;
  • increases immune resistance and protects the body from colds and infections;
  • normalizes digestion and helps with most gastric and intestinal disorders;
  • slows down inflammation in the body and eliminates bacteria;
  • has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, improves tone and improves mood.

Taking the crusts is beneficial for thinning the blood and preventing thrombosis. Due to the presence of antioxidants in its composition, the peel is a good anti-cancer prophylactic agent.

Why are pomegranate peels useful for women

Pomegranate peels are especially beneficial for the female body. First of all, the use of crusts is recommended for painful and heavy periods. The crusts relieve pain and restore the balance of nutrients in the body, and reduce the volume of secretions. The peel will also bring benefits during menopause, against the background of its use, unpleasant symptoms will decrease, and the emotional background will become smoother.

The dietary properties of pomegranate peel are highly valued. The use of infusions and decoctions based on it is beneficial during weight loss, the crusts help to remove toxins and cleanse the intestines, which contributes to weight loss.

Why are pomegranate peels useful for men

The use of raw materials is also recommended for men. First of all, the product helps prevent the development of heart attacks and strokes, reduces the risk of atherosclerosis and protects the liver from destruction. All this is extremely useful for men, especially those who are prone to heart and vascular diseases after 35 years.

Also, pomegranate peels improve the condition of the reproductive system. With their help, you can quickly cope with inflammation of the genital area, and the use of pomegranate peel helps to restore potency and healthy libido.

Why are pomegranate peels useful for children

The special value of pomegranate peel is that decoctions and drinks based on it are allowed even for babies. After 1 year of life, the child can be offered home remedies, they will help strengthen the immune system and eliminate diarrhea. Children are often given pomegranate peel for worms.

But at the same time, the dosage for the child should be very small, only 5 ml of broth, no more than three times a day. After 5 years, the dosage can be gradually increased.

Attention! Pomegranate peels often cause allergies and have other contraindications, therefore, they can be offered to children only after consulting a doctor.

How to dry pomegranate peels

For the preparation of decoctions and infusions, dried peels are used, which retain their beneficial properties for a long time. But in order for the maximum of vitamins and microelements to remain in the raw material, it must be dried correctly.

  • For drying and medicinal use, pomegranates are best suited, appearing on store shelves in the fall, it is at this time that the main season begins, and pomegranates can boast of maximum juiciness and ripeness.
  • It is better to choose fruits of medium size, weighty, with a dense, smooth skin without dents and cracks, with a uniform color without spots.
  • The pomegranate must be thoroughly washed, dried, and then peeled from the whole fruit or from the sliced ​​slices. The peel must be carefully separated from the pericarp with a knife.

After that, the skins are carefully laid out on a napkin in an even layer and covered with thin gauze. Dry the peels in a dry, warm and well-ventilated place for 7-10 days. Every day, the skins should be inspected for the appearance of moisture, it should not be, since then the crusts will begin to rot.

Advice! You can also dry the raw materials in a special dryer for fruits and vegetables, setting the temperature to about 40 ° C.

What can be done with pomegranate peel

The beneficial properties of pomegranate peels and recipes based on them are suitable for the treatment of many ailments. Usually, medicinal drinks are prepared from raw materials, and the peel can also be crushed to a powder state. In this case, dry raw materials are suitable for making homemade ointments.

Pomegranate peel decoction

The most common and simple peel-based remedy is a medicinal decoction. To prepare it, you need to take 3 large spoons of finely chopped crusts, pour 500 ml of water over them, boil for a quarter of an hour and cool. The remedy is insisted for about half an hour, then filtered and drunk according to recipes - the use of a decoction is good for stomach and inflammatory ailments.

Infusion of pomegranate peels

Another effective remedy is an infusion of medicinal raw materials. To prepare it, pour a small spoonful of crushed crusts with a glass of boiling water and leave for a couple of hours. The filtered product is drunk according to recipes, usually in the amount of half a glass. Infusion is good for indigestion and other ailments.

Inhalation with pomegranate peels

Treatments for the beneficial properties of pomegranate peel are not limited to drinks. Raw materials are used not only internally, but also for inhalation. About 3 large tablespoons of chopped raw materials should be boiled in a small saucepan for 20 minutes, and then bend over the container, cover your head with a towel and breathe hot steam for a few minutes.

The procedure will be beneficial if approached with care. Steam should not burn the nasopharynx, and inhales should be done slowly and shallowly.

Aromatic tea

On the basis of pomegranate peels, you can prepare a healthy and delicious aromatic tea. They do it like this:

  • large leaf tea is mixed with ginger and mint;
  • add 1 small spoonful of pomegranate peels to the collection;
  • pour the mixture with boiling water and boil for just a minute, and then filter.

If you wish, you can add honey to the finished drink, or you can drink it without sweeteners. The use of tea strengthens the digestive system well, helps to raise immunity and has a preventive effect, protecting the body from colds.


Tropical fruit peels can be used in powder form - dry raw materials must be thoroughly crushed with a mortar, ground in a coffee grinder or meat grinder. The use of a useful powder is very extensive; it can be used instead of whole crusts for the preparation of infusions and decoctions.

Also, the powder is well suited for creating healing homemade ointments. It is simply diluted with water to a state of gruel and applied to sore spots or damaged areas of the skin.

What helps pomegranate peels

Treatment with pomegranate peels is used for many diseases. Vitamins and minerals in the crusts help to eliminate the symptoms of acute and chronic ailments, if you follow proven recipes, the result will appear very quickly.

Pomegranate peels for stomach ulcers

The use of infusion on the crusts is justified in case of gastric ulcer - the remedy has a good healing and anti-inflammatory effect. Prepare the drink like this:

  • 10 g of crusts are poured into a glass of hot, but not boiling water;
  • insist for half an hour;
  • filter the infusion through folded gauze.

The cooled drink is consumed up to 5 times a day, 40 ml on an empty stomach. You need to drink the product for at least a week, the daily dosage should be about a glass.

Pomegranate peels for gastritis

With chronic gastritis, it is useful to consume pomegranate tea on an ongoing basis. For its preparation, a couple of mint leaves, a pinch of dried ginger and a few pomegranate peels are added to ordinary tea leaves, and then they are poured with boiling water and insisted for half an hour.

They drink a remedy like regular tea, 1-2 cups a day. Pomegranate peel has a beneficial effect on the stomach and helps to relieve unpleasant symptoms.

Pomegranate peel for intestinal infection

For intestinal infections, the use of crusts is also beneficial. It is necessary:

  • pour half a glass of dry raw materials with a glass of hot water;
  • insist for half an hour;
  • cool the infusion and add 10 g of caraway seeds to it;
  • pour the mixture with 100 ml of kefir;
  • beat all ingredients in a blender.

A pinch of salt is added to the finished product and the drink is drunk three times a day, 50 ml each. You need to continue treatment for a week.

Pomegranate peels from worms

Pomegranate crusts are one of the most effective natural anthelmintics. You can use the recipe for pomegranate peels from parasites:

  • 50 g of powder from the crusts pour 400 ml of hot water;
  • insist for about 6 hours;
  • boil over low heat until half of the water evaporates;
  • cool and filter.

They drink the product on an empty stomach in the volume of half a glass. A couple of hours after application, they use a laxative or make a cleansing enema, so that the parasites leave the intestines.

Pomegranate cough peel

The crusts thin phlegm well and help to cough up, so it is useful to use them for colds and bronchitis. Prepare the tool like this:

  • a large spoonful of crushed crusts are poured with a glass of boiling water;
  • insist half an hour;
  • filtered.

You need to take the drink warm, 1 glass once a day. To enhance the beneficial effect of the application, you can add a spoonful of natural honey to the infusion.

Pomegranate peels for colitis

For intestinal colitis, the use of pomegranate peels helps soothe pain and relieve inflammation. Such a remedy brings a good effect:

  • about 20 pieces of dry crusts are poured into a heated glass dish;
  • raw materials are poured with 200 ml of boiling water;
  • the container is covered with a lid and the drink is allowed to brew for half an hour.

You need to drink the remedy four times a day, only 25 ml on an empty stomach, you need to continue treatment for a week every other day. At the end of the course, you need to take a break for another week, and then, if the effect is not fully achieved, repeat the treatment.

Pomegranate peels for candidiasis

The product has a good antifungal effect and is useful for candidiasis. It is necessary to prepare a classic broth from the crusts, and then cool it and wash it.

After the first procedure, itching with thrush will noticeably subside. And if you use the product on an ongoing basis, then unhealthy discharge will gradually go away.

Pomegranate peel in case of poisoning

With food poisoning, pomegranate crusts will not only stop nausea and diarrhea, but also help remove toxic substances from the body. The use of a healing infusion will be very useful, several dry skins need to be poured with 200 ml of boiling water and left to infuse until the water acquires a rich burgundy hue.

Without filtering, the infusion is drunk at a time in the volume of a glass. After a few hours, the product can be prepared again, on the same crusts.

Pomegranate peels for sore throats

The anti-inflammatory properties of the product make it a valuable remedy for angina. Pour about 20 g of dried crusts with a glass of water and boil for 5 minutes, and then insist in a thermos for an hour and strain.

The resulting broth is gargled up to 5 times a day, and in total, the use of the product should be continued for a week.

Pomegranate peels for dysbiosis

With intestinal dysbiosis, the use of crusts will be beneficial if you prepare such a remedy:

  • 2 small spoons of dry crusts pour a glass of boiling water;
  • hold the product in a water bath for half an hour;
  • strain the infusion.

The finished product is consumed twice a day, 50 ml on an empty stomach in undiluted form. The use of the infusion should be continued for a week, until the intestinal microflora is restored.

Pomegranate peels for hemorrhoids

Since pomegranate skins strengthen blood vessels and thin the blood, their use is useful in case of a tendency to hemorrhoids. A small spoonful of crushed raw materials should be diluted with just 1 large spoonful of water and taken in the morning on an empty stomach and shortly before bedtime.

In total, the treatment is continued for 5 days, if necessary, the course can be repeated after a break.

Pomegranate peels in gynecology

Dried pomegranate peels are used in gynecology. With their help, candidiasis and cystitis are treated, decoctions and infusions based on crusts are beneficial during menopause and painful periods, a woman's well-being is noticeably improved.

Pomegranate peels even help in the treatment of infertility. If you use infusions and decoctions from pomegranate peels on an ongoing basis, drinks will help regulate hormonal levels and thereby increase the likelihood of conception.

You can use the crusts inside as part of decoctions; they also practice the use of a kind of inhalations for the reproductive organs. Every day for a month for 10-15 minutes you need to sit over a hot broth, from which healing steam rises.

Pomegranate peels for burns

The healing properties of the crusts are used for burns, the pomegranate peel contributes to the rapid restoration of the skin. The tool is used very simply - they wipe the burned areas with fresh infusion on the crusts, and then sprinkle the sore spot with powder from the crusts and apply a bandage.

Pomegranate peels not only speed up healing, but also relieve pain. If you start using the product in time, then the scars from burns will remain almost invisible.

Pomegranate peels for diarrhea

Pomegranate peels help stop diarrhea. To cope with diarrhea, you need to take a pinch of powder three times a day with a little water.

Pomegranate peels in cosmetology

The health benefits and harms of pomegranate peels are used in the cosmetic field. Tropical fruit peel has a powerful anti-aging effect - it helps to smooth wrinkles and tighten the contours of the face, improve skin tone and firmness. You can use decoctions based on the product as a home tonic, the product will qualitatively cleanse and nourish the skin with vitamins, prevent acne and make freckles less noticeable.

The popular recipe for the following anti-aging mask is:

  • a small amount of pomegranate peels are ground into powder;
  • then diluted with warm low-fat milk to a state of soft gruel;
  • the mixture is applied to clean skin for 15 minutes.

You need to make a mask at least twice a week - then after a few applications a noticeable effect will appear.

Important! The crusts have a beneficial effect not only on the skin, but also on the hair, the curls become softer and more obedient, acquire a beautiful shine. If you regularly rinse your hair with decoctions and infusions, you can get rid of dandruff.

How to take pomegranate peels

The use of pomegranate peel for medicinal purposes requires careful adherence to dosages. For adults, the maximum one-time volume of infusions and drinks should be no more than 1 glass, and the product can be consumed no more than 3 times a day. In total, treatment with pomegranate peels is usually continued no longer than a week, then a break of the same duration should be taken.

When treating children and adolescents, the dosage of useful drugs should be halved. For a sensitive child's body, crusts can bring not only benefits, but also harm.


When using pomegranate peel, you must adhere to the recommended dosages and proven recipes. Excessive consumption of dry raw materials can cause:

  • dizziness and weakness;
  • increased pressure and cramps;
  • temporary blurred vision, nausea and diarrhea.

If alarming symptoms appear, you must immediately stop using pomegranate peel.

Attention! It is strictly forbidden to combine drinks based on crusts with the use of antihistamines or alcohol intake - this will be harmful.

Contraindications to the use of pomegranate peel

The useful properties and contraindications of pomegranate peels are not always the same; in some conditions, it is better to refuse the product. The use of crusts should be limited when:

  • nephritis and hepatitis;
  • chronic constipation;
  • cracks in the rectum.

Very careful application of the remedy should be for hemorrhoids. An absolute contraindication for the use of peels is an allergy to pomegranate, its peel and any components in the fruit.

Terms and conditions of storage

Dried crusts can retain their benefits for up to 3 years, but for this you need to follow the storage rules. The greatest danger to the crusts is high humidity, as they simply begin to rot. The raw materials should be kept in a tightly closed paper bag in a cool and dry place.


The use of pomegranate peels and contraindications depend on the individual state of health and on compliance with proven recipes. If you do not allow an overdose of crusts, then their beneficial properties will have a beneficial effect on the state of the body.

Reviews of the beneficial properties of pomegranate peels

Burenkova Tamara Pavlovna, 42 years old, Moscow

I do not like the taste of fresh pomegranates, but I use the crusts for medicinal purposes very often. The peel helps me to cope with exacerbations of gastritis, the product has a very good effect on colds. Ever since I started drinking tea with pomegranate peel, ARVI and flu began to bypass me.

Ilyina Maria Viktorovna, 33 years old, Samara

I love pomegranate peels for their medicinal and cosmetic properties. The peel helps well with sore throats and colds, several times I treated burns with a powder from the crusts - the skin recovered very quickly. From time to time I rinse my hair with broth on the crusts, and they grow thick and shiny, and I have completely forgotten about dandruff.

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