The best varieties of radish for a greenhouse: reviews, photos, for Siberia, for the Moscow region, for the Urals, for the middle lane

The best varieties of radish for a greenhouse: reviews, photos, for Siberia, for the Moscow region, for the Urals, for the middle lane

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The best varieties of radish for a polycarbonate greenhouse are selected according to the ripening time and development characteristics. Such root crops are well formed in spring, summer and winter, they are distinguished by a peculiar bitter taste.

What qualities should radish varieties for a greenhouse have?

A good collection of vitamin radish root crops is obtained in a greenhouse if the variety is intended for growing in greenhouses. The microclimate dictates the conditions for the selection of radish varieties for a polycarbonate greenhouse or other types of shelter:

  • hardy to low light;
  • resistant to fungal diseases that can occur in high humidity conditions;
  • not subject to shooting;
  • cold-resistant, if the room is only a film covering, and not a heated polycarbonate greenhouse.

Attention! Usually, early ripening radishes are chosen for sowing in greenhouses.

The best varieties of radish for the greenhouse in terms of ripening

Along with early ripening, late varieties are also chosen.

Early varieties of radish for greenhouses

Before planting in the spring, varieties of radish are selected for the greenhouse, which will yield a harvest 3 or 3.5 weeks after the first shoots appear. Breeders have bred numerous varieties of early spring root crops, which are characterized by a mild taste, almost without bitterness, and are distinguished by their hardiness to cold and cloudy, low-sun weather.


Red, rounded roots weighing up to 30 g are harvested after 22-24 days. White pulp with pleasant taste. Productivity up to 3 kg per 1 sq. m. Producer of seeds - the company "Gavrish".


Bright red fruits of medium size, 14-20 g, white inside, very tasty, with small leaves. Grown in film shelters for a month.


From the seeds of the Dutch manufacturer, in 24 days, even, rounded fruits, 20-26 g. The plant does not shoot, the pulp is dense, juicy, the outer cover is red. With additional lighting, it ripens faster, the yield is over 3 kg.


The red, rounded fruit with a mild flavor is ready to harvest after 25 days. The crop of a successful variety for indoor ground from the "Sedek" company is over 3 kg with a turnip weight of 15-20 g.

Medium ripening varieties

Mid-season radish grows for 29-30 days, fruits gain a characteristic mild taste. Varieties of medium and small sizes are popular.


According to the description of the variety, greenhouse radish Rova - for spring sowing, is characterized by delicate taste and small graceful turnip, weighing from 5 to 9 g. Red round fruits are ready to harvest in 27-32 days. There are pink streaks inside.


The cultivar was bred for growing in protected ground, since the yield, usually up to 3 kg, drops sharply in hot and dry weather. The variety is long-standing, well-known, by Lithuanian breeders of the second half of the 20th century. Small, globular red fruits, weighing 15 g, ripen in 28-39 days.


Cultivar is the result of the work of Ukrainian authors. The plant is ready for harvesting in 28-30 days. Red-crimson roots are oval, even, medium-sized, with a white tail. Weight from 12 to 28 g. With proper agricultural technology, the yield reaches 3 kg.

Late ripening

Among the varieties of radish for growing in a greenhouse, there are almost no late-ripening varieties due to their unprofitability. Cultivars that develop for more than 40 days are intended primarily for open field sowing.

W├╝rzburg 59

The plant from domestic breeders from Nizhny Novgorod is not prone to flowering. Small red round fruits, up to 18 g, without flabbiness. They ripen in 29-35 days. From 1 sq. m collect up to 1.5 kg of root crops.

Belsey F1

A hybrid with a developed leaf apparatus of Dutch selection ripens in 2 months. The cover is bright red, the white pulp is juicy. Root crops are stored for a long time. Belsay RZ is recommended to be sown in greenhouses in late autumn for harvest in January.

Surprise mother-in-law

Radish with elongated white conical roots from the firm "Sedek" ripens in 36-40 days. The weight is from 28 to 50 g, and the yield is more than 2.6 kg. Plants are resistant to flowering. Weakly sharp fruits are well stored.

Radish varieties that can be sown in the greenhouse in summer and autumn

The crop is sown in greenhouses throughout the season. Among the varieties of radish for greenhouses, according to reviews, Belsey F1, Heat, Carmen, Early Red, a novelty from Aelita - All-season and others are suitable in their characteristics.

Alex F1

Super early hybrid, ripens in 16-18 days, is not sensitive to the length of daylight hours, does not shoot. Root crops are even, large, up to 20 g, tasty. The pulp is dense, with a barely noticeable piquant bitterness. m I collect up to 2 kg of early ripening radish.


The variety is juicy, matures quickly in a greenhouse, tolerates drought, is not subject to flowering. Intensely pink, with a white tip, the fruits are graceful, even, in the form of a cylinder, over 3-4 cm long, weighing from 20 g. Weakly pungent taste, delicate, piquant.

Celeste F1

The Dutch high-yielding hybrid ripens in 3.5 weeks, yields more than 3 kg per 1 sq. Resistant to shooting and disease. Root crops are red, large, up to 3 cm in diameter, weighing from 20 g each, transportable, lying. Delicate and juicy to taste.


The variety of Polish selection matures from 28 to 40 days, is not subject to flowering, and is grown in greenhouses all year round. Cylindrical fruits with a deep red cover, white at the tip, over 5 cm long. The tender pulp is firm and juicy. The yield is more than 2 kg.

The most productive varieties of radish for greenhouses

Varieties with dense pulp are popular among gardeners who sell their products in the markets.


From 1 sq. m beds in the greenhouse collect up to 3.8 kg of red radish with a small turnip weighing 10-13 g. An unpretentious domestic variety created for growing in greenhouses, ready for use 3-3.5 weeks after germination. The pulp is delicate, with a spicy bitterness.

Diego F1

The high-yielding Dutch radish yields almost 4 kg of fruit, each weighing 30-45 g after 3.5-4 weeks of development in the greenhouse. The dark-scarlet turnip is round, with a white tail, over 3 cm in diameter, juicy, with a delicate taste.

Firstborn F1

An early ripe hybrid, seeds from the company "Aelita", pleases with a high yield of large, round-oval dark red radishes in just 17-18 days of growth. The weight of each is 25-35 g, the collection is over 3 kg.


A variety of foreign, Czech, selection, which ripens in 3-4 weeks, gives a collection in a greenhouse up to 4 kg. The turnip is round, dark scarlet, weighing 20-25 g, spicy and juicy.

Early ripening varieties of radish for greenhouses

The earliest varieties of radish for greenhouses are the most in demand.

Child F1

Radish of Russian selection is ready in 16 days, moreover, it is resistant to shooting. Rounded, red roots weigh up to 22 g, practically devoid of a bitter taste. Fee from 1 sq. m - 2 kg.

18 days

Early domestic radish in the form of a cylinder does not shoot, it is resistant to drought and cold. The pulp is juicy, piquant. Weight from 17 to 30 g, diameter 1.4-2.2 cm, yield - 2-2.6 kg.

Globe F1

The hybrid is declared for the State Register by Leningrad scientists, rapidly growing - it matures in a greenhouse in 18 days, resistant to flowering. Diameter of red, rounded fruits - 3-4 cm, weight 12-20 g. Radish slightly sharp, crispy.

Non-Shotgun Radish Varieties for Greenhouse

In protected ground, cultivars that do not suffer from flowering have good yields.


Round red radish will ripen in 3-3.5 weeks, harvest up to 2 kg. Inside it is white, juicy, spicy.


The variety was bred by Ukrainian scientists, characterized by amicable ripening of bright pink fruits with a white tip. Length up to 6-8 cm, weight from 14 g. The whole crop is harvested at one time - up to 4 kg per 1 sq. m.


A radish with a raspberry cover spices up in 3-4 weeks, gives up to 1.7 kg. Round, weighing 15-25 g, slightly sharp.

What varieties of large-fruited radish are better for planting in a greenhouse

One of the yield criteria is the weight of the root crop. According to these indicators, representatives of foreign breeding are in the lead for greenhouses.


An early maturing and high-yielding variety from Germany is distinguished by amicable ripening in 23-28 days. The mass of a rounded dark red fruit is up to 30-45 g.


The cultivar is also German and with similar characteristics as the previous one, but it will mature 6-7 days earlier. The plant does not shoot.

Rondar F1

The hybrid from Holland is early maturing, ready to eat in 20-22 days. Red round root vegetable with a diameter of up to 3 cm, weight 30 g.

Important! Hybrid Rondar is suitable for sowing in cassettes due to small leaves.

Original and unusual varieties of radish for the greenhouse

Fans of bright dishes pick up colorful vegetables.


The skin of the radish is creamy green and the juicy, sweet flesh is pink. There is no bitterness in the taste. The fruit is large, 7-9 cm.


A round turnip weighing up to 20 g grows from seeds from the firm "Poisk" in 23-26 days. The skin is bright - purple.


An oval radish from the Czech Republic pleases with a golden yellow color, weighing 20-25 g. Spices after 3-4 weeks, with a spicy and delicate taste.


The skin and flesh are white. Round or oval radish, weight 25 g, resistant to diseases and shooting. It sings in 21-29 days.

What varieties of radish to plant in a greenhouse in the regions

For indoor ground in any area, radishes are more often chosen that are resistant to shooting and cold snaps.

The best varieties of radish for the Moscow region in greenhouses are:

  • Greenhouse Gribovsky;
  • Early red;
  • Presto;
  • Scarlet;
  • Espresso F1;
  • Riesenbutter;
  • French breakfast and others.

For Siberia, they buy radish varieties for greenhouses that are not only cold-resistant, but also hardy to a lack of lighting:

  • Double f1;
  • Diego f1;
  • Dungan 12/8;
  • Saratov;
  • Siberian 1;
  • Sora;
  • Cherriet f1 and others.


The best varieties of radish for a polycarbonate greenhouse give a high yield, due to resistance to shooting and lack of lighting, quick ripening and cold resistance. When sowing in greenhouses, early production is obtained in March or from the beginning of May, as well as in late autumn and winter.

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