Good day for sowing cucumber seeds

Good day for sowing cucumber seeds

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Cucumber is a thermophilic culture, the vegetable itself comes from India, and there, as you know, it is much warmer than in our climate. That is why it is necessary to plant seeds for seedlings only at a certain time, on favorable days. In this matter, it is necessary to strictly follow the instructions, because in the spring snow and a sharp cold snap can come as a surprise, and they are destructive for cucumbers. Let's talk about how a newbie should act and not miscalculate.

The most important rule

Perhaps even an extremely inexperienced person in this matter knows that it is possible to plant cucumbers in open ground when the threat of frost has completely subsided, and even at night the temperature does not drop below 12 degrees. This is the most important rule.

Of course, there are persistent hybrids that can withstand minor temperature fluctuations, but insignificant ones, by 2-3 degrees. With a severe cold snap, the seedlings will feel extremely uncomfortable. What signs indicate this?

  • leaves turn yellow;
  • plants wither.

Important! If you want to grow a rich harvest of cucumbers, remember that the timing of sowing seeds depends on the way the plants are grown.

Good advice to those who grow cucumbers for the first time: it is better not to rush and shift the sowing days, than to regret later that some of the seedlings have died.

Methods for growing cucumbers

You can strictly divide the methods of growing cucumbers into two types:

  • planting seeds in open ground;
  • growing cucumbers by seedlings.

Each of the methods is good in its own way, and it makes no sense to campaign for one of them. As practice shows, the first method is used more often in the south of Russia, and the second - in the middle lane and in other regions where the weather is not stable.

Gardeners who grow cucumbers with seedlings agree that with this method the plant bears fruit longer and is less sick. This method is ideal for use in northern areas. Auspicious days are also important for this.

As for planting seeds in open ground, the soil is prepared in advance. You can slightly insulate the soil layer by adding manure, compost or peat to it. Read carefully what soil temperature is indicated on the seed package. Some hybrids require soil warmed up to 12 degrees, and some up to 15 degrees. This method is quite simple. Subject to the temperature regime and high-quality watering, the seedlings will be friendly and resistant to many diseases.

As for the second method, there are nuances here.

Seed preparation for planting seedlings

In the northern regions, this method of growing cucumbers is most popular. There, most often cucumbers grow in greenhouses. For this, a specific day for sowing is also chosen.

Today it is customary to either buy cucumber seeds in stores and markets, or harvest them yourself. Under proper storage conditions, the quality of seeds can be preserved for up to ten years, however, those that have been lying for 3-4 years at temperatures up to +15 degrees and a relative humidity of no more than 60% are considered the most productive.

When buying seeds in a store, give preference to trusted producers.

Advice! Seed selection should be made only from varietal cucumbers. Seeds from hybrids will not yield crops.

If you purchased store-bought seeds, you do not need to prepare them for planting. They have already gone through all the stages of preparation. Own seeds must be prepared for planting, and preparation consists of several stages:

  • selection;
  • soak;
  • hardening.

Whole, full-weight seeds are chosen for sowing. The next step is soaking. It is necessary to accelerate germination. To do this, the seeds are either placed in a damp cloth and do not allow it to dry, or they are poured with water at room temperature, while the water should only cover them.

Hardening of seeds is necessary to increase resistance to cold weather. If you live in a warm climate, you can skip this process. You need to keep the seeds for one day in a damp cloth at a temperature of 0 to -2 degrees. Sprouted seeds must not be hardened.

Growing seedlings

After preparation, the seeds must be planted separately and wait for the seedlings. For sowing use:

  • plastic cups;
  • small plastic bags;
  • eggshell;
  • peat tablets.

Even for planting seeds for seedlings, it is better to select favorable days according to the lunar calendar, which we will discuss below. The growing rules are as follows:

  • you need to use a light nutritious soil;
  • cucumber seedlings are grown at temperatures from 20 degrees;
  • you do not need to dive it, because cucumbers do not like a transplant and get sick for a long time after it;
  • if the sprouts are stretched, this means that they do not have enough sunlight (you can use additional lighting for cucumbers);
  • it is necessary to count the days from sowing to planting seedlings in the beds (as a rule, this period is from 21 to 30 days);
  • good quality seedlings should be below 30 centimeters with dense dark leaves and sturdy stems.

When transplanting into the ground, it is important that the plant is easily removed from the cup, not damaged, otherwise it will adapt to new conditions for a long time. Do not plant plants too close to each other, otherwise the cucumbers will experience a lack of air and sunlight.

Cucumbers love moisture and rich soil. Watering is carried out only with water at room temperature, you cannot water seedlings and adult plants with cold water.

This can lead to serious consequences.

One of the ways to grow cucumbers is shown in the video.

Gardeners from year to year do not change the traditions of planting cucumber seeds and use the lunar calendar.

Auspicious days for planting seeds

As a rule, all gardeners are well aware of the timing of planting cucumber seeds in their region. In general, everyone uses this rule, but one should not forget about folk wisdom. Favorable dates for planting cucumbers:

  • for the south of Russia - this is until the beginning of May, and cucumbers for seedlings can be grown already at the end of March;
  • for Moscow and the region - starting from the end of May and ending with the beginning of June, not earlier (at the beginning to mid-May, you can plant cucumber seedlings only in greenhouses);
  • in the Urals, cucumbers can be planted in open ground only in June, as a rule, the sowing day is chosen before the 10th;
  • in the Leningrad region, the situation is this: the seeds of cucumbers are planted in greenhouses (film, glass without heating) no earlier than May 20, and the film can be removed only on June 10, sometimes this day is postponed for a week.

A special place in the life of every summer resident and gardener is occupied by the lunar calendar.

Lunar calendar and folk wisdom

All life on our planet depends on the moon, including the seedlings of cucumbers. Plants react to its phase, which is why using the calendar for sowing and choosing that very day is justified. It is updated annually and published both on the Internet and in specialized magazines.

We will describe favorable days for sowing cucumbers for the next 2019 in a special table. This will help you quickly navigate a huge amount of information.

As for unfavorable dates, they are also described in the calendar. They relate not only to sowing cucumbers, but also to work in the garden and vegetable garden in general. You only need to remember a few rules. You cannot sow, plant or garden on the following days:

  • full moon and new moon;
  • when the moon passes from one zodiac to another;
  • if the Moon is located in the signs of Aquarius or Leo;
  • in the days of eclipses.

In addition, gardeners use a folk calendar. It is time-tested. According to him, the sowing of cucumbers began on the day of Job the Goroshnik (Christian saint, date - May 19). Peas were planted at the same time. Until today, gardeners use other signs:

  • if May 27 is a clear day (Sidor Bokogrey), then the summer will be warm, and the cucumber harvest will be rich;
  • if it is cold on this day, it will be rainy all summer;
  • if June 1 is rainy (Ivan the Long day), then June, on the contrary, will be dry (this is important when growing cucumbers);
  • June 2 (the day of Timothy the Gardener) is well suited for sowing cucumbers in the north of the country;
  • the last day for planting cucumbers according to the national calendar is June 5 (Levon Borage Day).

You can believe in these signs or ignore them, but it is worth taking a closer look at them. Our ancestors have collected them for centuries to determine the exact days of sowing. Today it is popular wisdom.


Choosing favorable days for sowing cucumber seedlings is not a difficult task, but you need to take care of this in advance. When all the work is done with high quality, the cucumbers are planted with soul, you should definitely wait for a rich harvest. This is no longer a sign, but a rule for those who are not used to wasting time.

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