Carrot Marmalade F1

Carrot Marmalade F1

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Hybrid varieties of carrots are gradually leaving behind their parents - the usual varieties. They significantly outperform them in yield and disease resistance. The taste characteristics of the hybrids deserve special attention. Taking the very best from the two common varieties, they can greatly impress the grower with their taste. Marmalade F1 belongs to such hybrids-discoveries. It is one of the sweetest bred hybrid varieties in the world.

Variety characteristics

Carrot Marmalade is mid-season. This means that the gardener should not wait for the first carrot before August. But this expectation is fully compensated by a rich red-orange harvest.

The carrot of this hybrid is shaped like a cylinder with a blunt tip. All carrots are approximately the same in size, no more than 20 cm. The average weight of the root crop will be about 200 grams. The core of this hybrid variety is almost absent. The taste of carrots Marmalade is excellent. It is juicy enough and incredibly sweet. It is ideal for fresh consumption, cooking and juicing. In addition, the increased carotene content in root crops makes Marmalade one of the best varieties for children. It also works great as a diet food.

In addition to its increased yield, Marmalade still has something to boast about. It has excellent resistance to major diseases in carrots and has excellent shelf life.

Important! A distinctive feature of this hybrid variety is that it does not throw out flower shoots before the second year of vegetation. This distinguishes Marmalade from other varieties that are susceptible to this phenomenon.

Growing recommendations

Despite the fact that the hybrid variety Marmalade is quite unpretentious, the place for planting it must meet the following criteria:

  • good illumination;
  • loose and fertile soil.

If there is no place on the site that meets these criteria, then you can plant carrots after:

  • cucumbers;
  • zucchini;
  • potatoes;
  • tomatoes;
  • Luke.

Carrot variety Marmalade can be planted both in spring and before winter. The optimal time for spring planting will be late April - early May. The first thing to do is to prepare furrows with row spacing no more than 20 cm and a depth of 2 cm. Seeds are dropped into them and covered with earth. It is better to mulch the finished bed to protect the seeds from temperature changes.

Advice! It is not worthwhile to strongly compact the soil - this can contribute to the formation of a crust through which it will be difficult for seedlings to break through.

The first shoots of carrots appear for a very long time, within three weeks.

It is recommended to thin out the carrots of the hybrid variety Marmalade. This is done in 2 stages:

  1. Two weeks from germination.
  2. With a root crop diameter of 1 cm.

Advice! The optimal distance between shoots after the second thinning should be at least 5 cm.

Caring for young plants should include:

Harvesting takes place in August, September or early October. The crop not harvested before frost will be stored much less. Only whole, undamaged root vegetables should be left for storage.

Sowing before winter is done in the same way - in furrows with subsequent mulching.

Important! It is necessary to plant before winter at a temperature not lower than +5 degrees. This is usually the end of October - early December.

When planted before winter, the first crop of carrots can be harvested in April - May.


Galina, 41 years old, Astrakhan

I was inspired by the enthusiastic reviews of neighbors to buy this variety of Marmalade. I planted the seeds in May - they all sprouted. Maybe because we have the south and there are no frosts, maybe the seeds are just good. I always plant a little extra carrots, so I thin out the seedlings only once. We tried our first carrot in August. She really turned out to be very juicy and sweet. She did not live with us until September. Everyone who passed by the garden certainly pulled out a couple of things. So we did not see well-ripened carrots, but they are also very tasty when young. I recommend the Marmalade carrot variety, especially to those who have children. They were our main eaters.

Anna, 30 years old, Pereslavl-Zalessky

The variety is excellent, I have been planting for several years. Fruit jelly is quite unpretentious and very fruitful. From leaving, we only had watering. There was no point in weeding carrots due to mulch in the form of dry green manure. Root crops are sugar-like and stored for a long time. You can use them in cooking, but they are much tastier when fresh. We collected them at the end of September.

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