The drug Abiga Peak: instructions for use, composition

The drug Abiga Peak: instructions for use, composition

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Fungal diseases affect fruit trees, garden flowers, berry and vegetable crops. An effective method of dealing with lesions is the use of the chemical Abiga Peak. The fungicide acts against a wide range of diseases and is safe for the environment if the rules of use are followed.

Features of the fungicide

Abiga Peak is a contact agent that is used to combat fungal diseases. The main component of the drug is copper oxychloride. Its content in the fungicide is 400 g / l.

When the active substance interacts with the fungus, copper is released. As a result, fungal cells are destroyed, and sporulation stops. The working solution covers shoots and leaves, does not allow spores to penetrate into plant tissues.

Advice! Copper oxychloride is used at temperatures from +9 ° C.

The active substance does not penetrate into the fruits and tubers of plants. The use of the drug does not affect the taste and marketability of the fruit.

Fungicide Abiga Peak belongs to the 3rd hazard class. Subject to the rules of use, the product does not harm people, animals and the environment.

The drug is effective in the fight against certain diseases:

  • late blight;
  • cercosporosis;
  • alternaria;
  • spotting;
  • bacteriosis;
  • moniliosis;
  • scab;
  • mildew;
  • oidium, etc.

The drug is available in sealed bottles with a capacity of 1.25 and 50 g. For the treatment of large plantings, it is better to purchase a container that can hold 12.5 kg of the drug.

The shelf life of the closed fungicide is 3 years from the date specified by the manufacturer. The working solution is not stored after preparation, so it is important to accurately calculate the dosage.


The use of the drug Abiga Peak has certain advantages:

  • simplicity of solution preparation;
  • helps to increase chlorophyll in plant cells;
  • effective at low air temperatures;
  • the solution adheres well to the leaves and provides protection against fungus;
  • long storage period;
  • compatibility with other fungicides;
  • lack of phytotoxicity for plants;
  • low degree of danger to insects, birds and animals;
  • does not reduce soil fertility.


When choosing the fungicide Abiga Peak, the following disadvantages are taken into account:

  • the need to strictly observe the dosage and precautions;
  • not always commercially available;
  • is a danger to fish;
  • limited period of validity (10-20 days).

Application procedure

To obtain a working solution, you need to mix the required amount of Abiga Peak with water. Then the resulting solution is poured into a spray container.

When working with products containing copper, use only glass, enamel or plastic dishes. Planting is sprayed with a solution using a fine spray.


Fungal diseases affect potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and root vegetables. Most often, garden crops suffer from late blight, alternaria, bacteriosis.

The defeat covers the aerial part of plants, slows down their development and reduces productivity. If measures are not taken in a timely manner, the plantings will perish.

To obtain a solution according to the instructions for use, take 50 ml of the Abiga Peak suspension, which is dissolved in 10 liters of water. Plantings are sprayed when symptoms of disease appear.

3-4 treatments are carried out per season. Preventive spraying with the drug is performed before flowering. The treatments are stopped 21 days before harvest.

Fruit trees

The apple tree and pear tree suffer from scab. This is a fungal disease that appears on the leaves as light green spots. Gradually, they grow and acquire a brown color. The defeat covers the peduncles and leads to a decrease in yield.

Another dangerous disease of fruit trees is fruit rot. The disease covers fruits that show signs of decay. As a result, crop yields are significantly reduced.

Fungicide helps to cope with other diseases of plum, cherry, apple, apricot and pear:

  • clusterosporiosis;
  • coccomycosis;
  • curliness.

For the prevention and treatment of diseases of fruit trees, a solution is prepared consisting of 25 ml of fungicide and 5 liters of water. According to the instructions for the drug Abiga Peak, trees are sprayed with a solution no more than 4 times per season.


The vineyard is susceptible to a wide range of diseases: oidium, mildew, anthracnose, black spot. Diseases are fungal in nature and spread with high humidity, an abundance of rainfall, the use of low-quality seedlings, and lack of care.

When alarming symptoms appear, a solution is prepared containing 40 ml of fungicide per 10 liters of water. The treatment is carried out by spraying the bushes.

Up to 6 grape treatments are carried out during the season. Copper oxychloride is not used 3 weeks before the removal of the bunches. According to the instructions for use of the drug Abiga Peak, the minimum interval between procedures is 14 days.

As a preventive measure, grapes are sprayed in early spring when the buds open, before the appearance of inflorescences and in the fall after harvesting.


In cold and damp weather, white or brown spots appear on strawberry leaves. Gradually, they grow, lead to a decrease in yield, slow down the development of bushes. These are signs of white and brown spotting.

To combat diseases of strawberries, prepare a solution containing 50 ml of suspension in a large bucket of water. The plantings are sprayed on the leaf so that the solution completely covers the leaf blade.

For preventive treatment with the drug Abiga Peak, according to the instructions, choose the period before flowering and after harvesting the berries. When ripening strawberries, it is better to refuse processing.

Deciduous and coniferous trees

Plantations of deciduous and coniferous trees require preventive treatments against rust. The disease affects leaves, needles and cones, which lose their color and crumble.

To protect the plantings from rust, mix 50 ml of copper oxychloride and 10 liters of water. The trees are sprayed with the resulting solution. To prevent the spread of rust, treatment with the drug is carried out in early spring.


Rust and mottling occur on annual and perennial flowers: clematis, chrysanthemums, carnations. Roses are especially susceptible to such diseases. When the fungus spreads, the decorative qualities of flowers are lost, and the plants themselves develop slowly.

To spray the flower garden, prepare a solution of the fungicide Abiga Peak according to the instructions for use, containing 40 ml of suspension per 10 liters of water. Plants are sprayed twice a season.

Advice! Indoor plants are treated on a balcony or loggia.

Before starting work, the affected parts of the plants are removed. After treatment with the drug, indoor flowers are not brought into the house for a day. The door to the balcony is kept closed.


Copper oxychloride is used in accordance with the instructions. To protect the respiratory organs and mucous membranes, special means are used: a respirator or mask, long-sleeved clothing, gloves.

Important! The dosage of the fungicide Abiga Peak should be in accordance with the instructions for use. The period of interaction with copper oxychloride is no more than 4 hours.

If the solution comes into contact with the skin, remove the liquid with a cotton swab. The contact point is washed with soap and water. If the solution gets into your eyes, you need to open them wide and rinse with water for 20 minutes.

In case of drug poisoning, you need to drink a glass of water and 2 tablets of activated carbon. It is imperative to see a doctor. Copper compounds are quickly absorbed by the stomach, so in this case, you cannot do without medical help.

Fungicide treatment is carried out on a cloudy, windless day or in the evening. During spraying, people without protective equipment and animals should not be within a radius of 150 m.

Gardeners reviews

Galina, 50 years old, Volgograd

The drug Abiga Peak has become a real salvation for my garden. The composition contains copper, which protects plants from the spread of the fungus. One bottle with a capacity of 50 ml is enough for processing 6-7 trees. I use the drug to prevent spotting, scab, rust and other diseases. The product is not dangerous against insects, but it is toxic to fish. I spray trees in early spring, be sure to wear gloves, a hat, a long-sleeved shirt.

Egor, 42 years old, Rostov-on-Don

I use Abiga Peak for preventive spraying of my garden. I use the product for apricots, cherries and grapes. I dilute the emulsion with water, spray the trees with the resulting solution. The fungicide begins to act after treatment, is not washed off by rains. A reliable remedy for protecting the garden from diseases.

Yuri, 37 years old, Sochi

Last year, grapes showed signs of anthracnose. The disease spread quickly and destroyed all young shoots. The store advised the drug Abiga Peak. The product must be diluted in water and sprayed on the plants. Before using the drug, all shoots with traces of the disease were removed. A total of 5 treatments were carried out. Gradually, the disease receded, and the grapes recovered. Next year I plan to carry out preventive treatments.


Fungicide Abiga Peak is a reliable means of protecting plantings from the spread of fungus. The preparation contains a copper compound that destroys fungal cells. A working solution is required for processing plants. When interacting with copper oxychloride, observe safety precautions, do not allow direct contact with the solution. The tool is used to prevent and combat existing diseases.

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