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Zucchini Cavili F1

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Hybrid varieties of zucchini are now difficult to surprise anyone. Every year, breeders all over the world try their best to bring out, if not an ideal variety, then at least one that is very close to it. This time the Dutch specialists came closest to achieving this goal. The Kavili F1 zucchini developed by them has occupied one of the leading places among hybrid varieties for several years.

Characteristics of the variety

Zucchini Cavili belongs to the self-pollinated ultra-early ripening hybrid varieties. Its fruits can be perfectly set without the participation of pollinating insects. The gardener will be able to see the first crop of zucchini in just a month and a half from the first shoots. At the same time, this hybrid will bear fruit for more than 2 months. The yield from one square meter will be about 9 kg.

The bushes have dark green leaves with whitish spots. They are compact and do not take up much space. This hybrid is well suited for both open ground and greenhouses. Cavili fruits are cylindrical. Their length will not exceed 22 cm, and the average weight will be about 300 grams. A whitish flesh is hidden behind a light green skin. She is very tender and juicy. Due to their taste characteristics, zucchini of this variety are perfect for cooking and processing for caviar.

Advice! Since the skin of young zucchini is thinner, it is recommended to use them immediately. Ripe zucchini have a harder skin so they can last longer.

A distinctive feature of this hybrid variety is its resistance to over-ripening. Even lying fruits will have excellent taste on a par with others. In addition, Cavilli is resistant to powdery mildew.

Growing recommendations

This hybrid variety is completely unpretentious. All he needs is a lot of light and water.

Advice! When planting in a shaded area, it is recommended to thin out the squash bushes. Removing a few leaves will help the shrub gain more light. This should be done especially during flowering and fruit setting.

Best of all, Cavili zucchini will thrive on light, rich soils. Soils with a high acidity level are not suitable for this variety. The addition of powdered chalk or dolomite flour will help to normalize the acidity. If space on the site is limited, then you can plant zucchini after:

  • potatoes;
  • cabbage;
  • Luke;
  • legumes.

Important! It is not recommended to plant Cavili where cucumbers and representatives of the pumpkin family were previously grown.

The gardener will provide himself with a large harvest if Cavili fertilizes the soil before planting zucchini. This is best done in the fall, so that fertilizers can fully saturate the land. The best remedy is composting. In addition to it, good results are obtained by using:

  • crushed green manure;
  • chopped hay;
  • sawdust;
  • mixtures of superphosphate and ash.

When these fertilizers are applied in the fall, re-application in the spring is no longer required.

Cavili zucchini can be grown in two ways:

  1. Through seedlings, which are not prepared until mid-April.
  2. Planting seeds in open ground. In this case, the seeds are planted at the end of May or at the beginning of June to a depth of no more than 5 cm.

Important! Kavili squash seeds are processed with tyramine, a special nutritional composition. Soaking the seeds will wash off this compound. Therefore, it is better to refuse this procedure.

Cavili should be planted according to the 70x140 scheme. It is this distance that will allow the bushes to fully develop. Depending on the region, this hybrid marrow can be harvested until mid-September.


Lyudmila, 42 years old, Kirzhach

I chose this variety after reading the reviews. For the test, I planted two Kalivi seeds along with other zucchini, which successfully sprouted. The bushes were very compact and beautiful to look at. The flowers are predominantly female, there were few barren flowers. The variety is very productive. On the package it was written that the zucchini should weigh no more than 320 grams. This is the weight of a young squash. A good ripe zucchini weighs under a kilogram. The pulp of the fruit is very tasty. I recommend this variety to everyone.

Anna, 53 years old, Kovrov

The variety is excellent! All three years that I have planted it, I bore fruit like crazy. I even had to give it out. And this despite the fact that I only water it. I have never weeded zucchini - they grow so well. The taste of Cavili zucchini is excellent: the pulp is tender and juicy. Any dish with these zucchini succeeds, especially zucchini caviar. Ripe fruits are well stored, and young ones should be eaten immediately.

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