Dahlia Mystery Day

Dahlia Mystery Day

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Decorative dahlias are the most popular and most numerous class. They are distinguished by large, bright colors of various shades.


Mystery Day dahlias are very effective and grow well in most Russian regions.

The variety is characterized by:

  • Abundant and long flowering;
  • High decorativeness;
  • Unpretentiousness;
  • The compact size of the bush;
  • Resistance to fungal diseases;
  • No garter required.

The bush and flowers are quite strong, do not lose their shape after heavy rains and winds.

Dahlia "Mystery Day" blooms in mid-July, flowering continues until the first frost.


The Mystery Day dahlia variety was developed in Holland. Refers to decorative dahlias.

The flower is terry, burgundy, the tips of the petals are white. The petals are flat, with a pointed end. The size of the inflorescence is up to 20 cm.

The height of the bush is up to 90 cm. The bush is neat, does not crumble. The leaves are feathery, large, dark green. Stems are strong, densely leafy.

Suitable for group plantings, flowers can be used for cutting.

The Mystery Day variety requires location in a well-lit area. Can grow in partial shade.


Dahlia tubers are planted in mid or late May when the weather is warm. They can be germinated before planting. To do this, the tubers are placed in calcined wet sand, perlite or other substrate. For normal growth, the sprouts need good lighting, at least 12 hours. During planting, the shoots should not exceed 30 cm.

Important! Do not plant flowers of this variety in an area where water can stagnate. Dahlia tubers do not tolerate waterlogging.

A pit for planting tubers is prepared in advance. The depth of the hole should correspond to the size of the tuber, the root collar of the flower should be no deeper than 3 cm underground. 1-2 liters of compost are introduced into the planting pit, a complex of fertilizers, if the soil is clayey, sand is added.

When the shoots reach 40-50 cm, pinching is carried out, removing the top of the shoots. This helps to make the bush more branched, to increase the number of peduncles.

During the growing season, flowers may need insecticide treatment. The greatest damage is caused by aphids, ticks, slugs and bronzes. Sucking insects weaken the plant, slugs and bronzes eat out blossoming flowers.

Storage of tubers

The most crucial period in the cultivation of Mystery Day flowers is the winter storage of tubers. If stored improperly, they can rot, dry out, suffer from insects and rodents.

The optimum storage temperature is about 5-7 degrees Celsius. At subzero temperatures, dahlia tubers die.

Before storing, the dug tubers are thoroughly washed and treated with disinfectants. Dry them thoroughly after washing.

Advice! Professionals use waxing for successful storage of tubers.

It is not difficult to carry out it at home. The dahlia tubers are evenly covered with warm paraffin, allowed to cool, then laid for storage.

Storage containers must have holes for ventilation, dahlia tubers release moisture during storage. It is necessary to inspect them 1-2 times a month in order to moisten or dry them in time.

Important! Do not store dahlia tubers completely wrapped in plastic wrap.

Growing these gorgeous flowers can be both fun and additional income. Bright dahlia flowers are readily bought, florists use them to compose flower arrangements. This is a universal flower, a bouquet of dahlias can be presented to men and women of any age.

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