Fireplace in the country, campfire

Fireplace in the country, campfire

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Hearth - the embodiment of family comfort and sincerity. Rising flames and sweet-sounding crackling of logs enchant and soothe, setting up relaxation and rest. They gather around the bonfire in the evening, talking with family and friends. To enjoy the magic of an open flame on your site, you need to equip a special recreation area, the main element of which will be a fireplace.

Seat selection

Before arranging a hearth in the garden fire safety must be taken into account. Since fires are a terrible phenomenon, it is necessary to make a bonfire near a suburban housing or cottage very carefully. There are several rules that guide you in determining the location of a bonfire.

It must be placed away from a residential building, house buildings, parking lots and other places where there is a great possibility of a fire. The area around the bonfire is filled with non-combustible materials. It can be stone, sand or material that does not ignite. The most commonly used site cover is iron with sand and gravel mix.

Campfire location methods

  • Overhead location

When a place for a fire has been determined, it is necessary to free the site. At this stage, litter is cleaned, the surface is leveled, and the roots of plants are uprooted. As a rule, a bonfire is made of rounded outlines with high sides. Be sure to remove the layer of turf to pave a patch under the fire with paving slabs. In the middle of the future hearth they make a place for a fire. For this, a metal rim is used. Before laying it, remove the top layer of the earth and level the surface.

By all means, the walls of the masonry should be thick, otherwise the hearth will not be strong. Therefore, around the circumference of the rim, blocks of concrete or stones are laid out in a couple of tiers. Paving slabs or stone cobblestones are also used. By all means, they are fastened with concrete mortar, clay is used for natural stone. In order to prevent the fire pit from being filled with water after precipitation, the hearth is provided with a lid. They make it from sheet iron.

  • Campfire buried in the ground

It is possible to build a street for a bonfire in the country below the surface of the earth. To do this, dig a pit 30 cm deep. All the same metal rim is inserted into the pit or the edges of the pit are finished with sheet metal. Sand or small gravel is thrown at the bottom. The foundation pit is also made out with ready-made blocks, soldering them together with special glue for stoves and fireplaces. The top above the ground is faced with a stone corresponding to the design.

Campfire options for giving

Consider several versions of the manufacture of foci for giving. It is not difficult to bring them to life, but we must intelligently be guided by the technology of construction.

  • Made of bricks

Special materials for its arrangement will not be required, just brick and cement. It is very simple to build a hearth. They place it in a pit so that the fire is in the ground. The masonry is made the simplest, as in the construction of housing. Or lined with bricks in a circle so that they are in a horizontal or vertical arrangement. To form low sides, one line of horizontally arranged bricks is made.

To form a deep bonfire, bricks are laid horizontally in several tiers. Holes are stored in the sides for oxygen access, so that the fire burns better. If imagination requires, then the built bowl for a fire with your own hands may not be completely round, but a symmetrical configuration. In this design, cobbles are used, in large quantities available at the cottage.

  • Under the cauldron

If the main reason for building a hearth is cooking, then it is laid out taking into account the possibility of placing a cauldron. The first version, in which it is likely to establish a cauldron, is the creation of a small diameter bonfire on which you can completely put a cauldron on top. If they do not want to restrain themselves in the dimensions of the building, then they make a metal grate, which, if necessary, is placed on a fire, and a cauldron is placed on top.

  • Concrete block fireplace

The most basic street hearth can be laid out from ordinary concrete blocks. In order to protect the earth from the flame as much as possible and for more convenient cleaning, it is better to install concrete blocks on a bricked area. If the top of such a hearth is decorated with natural stone, it will look completely respectable. Having placed a campfire place in the courtyard near the summer kitchen and the gazebo, they find another wonderful area for relaxing in the garden.

  • Bonfire from a semicircular border and paving slabs

Blocks of concrete are made not only in the form of quadrangles - semicircular concrete borders are used to enclose trees. Such concrete blocks are perfect for forming a small cottage. If the semicircular blocks could not be found, concentrate on the tile for sidewalks. In fact, applying it as bricks, you can also make a fireplace for a summer cottage.

  • Brick hearth

For those who are not committed to excess creativity, the easiest way is to apply bricks to form the hearth. The necessary size of the bonfire is formed from the brick, the outlines are marked out and a hole is pried out to the top of the brick. They shape the outline, add gravel to the bottom. Recommendation: if you build the walls at the pit slightly under the roll outward, then the construction will turn out to be stronger. Minimally decorating the top of the hearth, they find a cozy and beautiful fireplace on the street. A metal tripod is installed on the fire and a kulesh is made. Food lovers who prefer fried meat put a regular skewer and cook the bird completely on a skewer.

  • Campfire from improvised materials

For fans to use improvised materials, there are also interesting versions of the hearth. For example, they make a similar hearth from an unnecessary basin and the remaining stones and metal. In fact, any strong metal will fit the bowl. With this bowl you can make a tank from the washing machine. To use it, legs are welded. And if you make the smallest brickwork around it, the difference will be tangible.

  • From a car drive

As a bowl for the hearth, take the disk from the tractor wheel. Then you need to overlay the fire with a brick or decorative stone.

  • From the flower girl

The flower girl is very similar to a ready hearth made of stone. A very simple solution, you don’t even need to build anything from brick. Bought and installed.

  • From rings for a well

You can make a reinforced concrete hearth in the country. To do this, buy a ring for a well of small diameter and the required height. The area around such a country hearth is beautifully ennobled. Such a fireplace made of concrete rings for a well can be built absolutely at low cost, it looks great, and the firewood is effectively stacked.

So that the outer firewood does not catch fire due to the heat of the hearth, it is made of well rings of two different sizes across. They put one into the other and leave a void between the rings. In order for the heat from the ring inside not to go to the outer ring. Or they make a heat-insulating filling of expanded clay balls - it will also be good.

  • Iron hearth

Such metal fires for summer cottages come in a variety of configurations. Vertical - with hood and blower. Beautiful model cast, smooth. In the light of the flame of such a welded hearth, you can relax comfortably and comfortably.

  • From log

An excellent hearth is made of logs and a stew is cooked on it. Such an unpretentious method - and you do not need either a cauldron or a holder for it. A simple frying pan and a Friendship chainsaw are needed. A very rational idea of ​​the hearth is when all the gas has been consumed in the country and there is no electric stove.

Campfire equipment

Making a fireplace is only half the battle, it’s also necessary to make a site according to the rules, and equip it with everything you need for a comfortable stay. For this:

  • Throw the surface of the earth next to the bonfire with gravel, pebbles or lay paving tiles. Slabs of all kinds look with which a beautiful drawing is laid out very peculiarly.
  • Garden stoves are installed on these plates and thereby create a comfortable place in the natural environment. A round bench or sofa is set up around the fire, but at the same time it will be useful to equip the roof. The bench is decorated with pillows and decorative rugs.
  • If there is brick or stones left from the construction of the campfire, then lay out the supporting wall, which will replace the back for the bench.
  • Near the site equip the woodcutter, so as not to go far behind the firewood. To maintain a universal style, it is made out, like a fireplace.
  • From the cottage to the site with a bonfire make a path, the sides of which are equipped with lanterns. In the evening dusk their light will bring romance.
  • In most cottages, a campfire bowl is made out in the form of a sun with rays extending from it. The bonfire in the form of a crater of the moon or decorated like a fireplace looks excellent and entertaining. Garden figures are also being installed on the site.

Furniture for the design of the hearth

Having organized a bonfire site, worth thinking about furnitureon which guests and homeowners will sit. After all, they simply do not stand in front of the bonfire in the country, peering how it burns. They always cook something delicious and immediately arrange a family dinner. The most elementary decoration is all kinds of outdoor chairs; rattan garden furniture will fit perfectly. Those who want to organize a resemblance to a forest fire make seats out of stumps, and for convenience they attach backs to them. In addition, the stumps are treated and varnished so that they last longer.

The arrangement of the campfire for a bonfire in the country brings an atmosphere of unity with nature. Small or large - almost any hearth is a budget version and is able to add a touch of genuine luxury to a summer cottage.

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