Apple tree Scarlet sails: description of how to plant correctly, photos and reviews

Apple tree Scarlet sails: description of how to plant correctly, photos and reviews

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The columnar apple tree Scarlet Sails (Alie Parusa) is one of the promising varieties of fruit trees. The main advantage of the variety is its early maturity and abundant fruiting, despite its small growth. During the ripening period, the tree is strewn with fruits like garlands. Therefore, the variety is often grown not only for obtaining apples and decorating the site.

Breeding history

The columnar apple tree "Scarlet Sails" was bred in the Crimea by the candidate of agricultural sciences, breeder Kachalkin Mikhail Vitalievich. Recorded under number 1-190. In addition to the "Scarlet Sails" type, he is the author of 13 more columnar varieties. In the State Register of Ukraine since 1994.

Description of the columnar apple variety Scarlet Sails with a photo

The columnar apple tree "Scarlet Sails", as a rule, grows with one trunk up to 2-2.5 m. The growth force is average. Flowering lasts 1 week, fruit shedding is low.

Suitable for growing on personal subsidiary plots and on an industrial scale.

The tree is medium-sized. The internodes are short, the lateral branches are small or none at all. The leaves are large, light green. Shoot with a thick, dense skin.

The first columnar varieties of apple trees appeared in the sixties of the last century.

Fruit and tree appearance

The apples are bright red. The variety is considered large-fruited, one specimen can reach from 0.16 to 0.25 kg. The shape is round. The peel of the fruit is dense, inside the apples are white, juicy and grainy. With a pleasant aroma. There are few seeds.

Important! On an area where one apple tree with a usual spreading crown will grow, you can plant 50 columnar trees. Moreover, the harvest will be earlier and more.

Life span

On average, columnar apple varieties live and bear fruit for no more than 15 years. Therefore, the planting must be renewed every few years.


The palatability of columnar apple trees depends on weather conditions and the moment of consumption. They are called sweet and sour by their taste. Dessert apples. On average, the fruits are estimated at 4-4.5 points.

Growing regions

The columnar apple tree "Scarlet Sails" has recommended itself best of all in the southern regions of Ukraine and in the Crimea. Suitable for planting in the gardens of the Central part of Russia.


On average, one young columnar tree of the Alye Parusa variety gives 3 kg of fruit. With age, the yield of the apple tree increases. By the age of 5-6 it is 7-8 kg.

In landscape design, columnar varieties of apple trees are used to create a hedge

Frost resistant

According to the producers, the Alye Parusa columnar apple tree is suitable for cultivation in the central part of Russia. It tolerates cold temperatures down to -45 ° C. But sometimes subzero temperatures after a thaw turn out to be fatal for a plant. With recurrent frosts, a columnar apple tree can freeze under -24 ° C.

Disease and pest resistance

The "Scarlet Sails" variety is noted to be resistant to scab. Also, gardeners have noticed immunity to powdery mildew.

Flowering period and ripening period

A distinctive feature of all columnar apple trees is their early maturity. Most varieties begin to bear fruit in 2-3 years of planting. In the future, the fruits are formed annually. The first ripe apples appear at the end of the calendar summer or early fall.

Important! With a dense planting, up to 200 columnar apple trees can be placed on 1 weave of a personal plot.

Fruit trees with a columnar crown are afraid of frost


Such varieties as Melba, Prime Gold, Vista Bella can serve as pollinators for apples of the Alye Parusa variety. And also varieties "Mantet" and "Gala Mast".

Transportation and keeping quality

The fruits of the columnar apple trees "Scarlet Sails" can be transported over long distances. They are stored in the cellar until the onset of cold weather. In the refrigerator until mid-winter. When stored for a long time, the pulp may turn pinkish.

Advantages and disadvantages

Like any other culture, the "Scarlet Sails" columnar apple tree has its advantages and disadvantages.

Pros of the variety

Cons of the variety

Long shelf life - up to three months

Expensive planting material per unit of space

Decorative and compact

Increased exactingness

Easy picking of fruits


Small landing area

Early maturity

Good taste

How to plant a columnar apple tree Scarlet Sails

In the central part of Russia, the spring planting of columnar apple varieties begins after the soil freezes and continues until the first days of May. More preferable is the autumn planting, which is carried out from 1 to 20 October.

The color of the "Scarlet Sails" variety can vary from pinkish to bright red

Selection of seedlings

Agronomists recommend buying columnar seedlings only in specially designated places. When buying an apple tree "Scarlet Sails", special care must be taken. According to breeders, 90% of the seedlings of the columnar variety were obtained by unscrupulous producers, and do not have varietal qualities characteristic of it.

Scarlet Sails should be grown on dwarf and super-dwarf rootstocks. But producers do not want to grow trees on dwarf rootstocks, as the seedlings turn out to be inconspicuous. They have a low height and unbranched root system. Therefore, on sale more often trees are found growing on a medium-sized and seedling stock. Such an apple tree is distinguished by poor fruiting and in most cases does not meet the hopes of gardeners.

Important! Good annual columnar apple trees "Scarlet Sails" are usually 40 cm high, with a thick and not wrinkled trunk.

Contrary to popular belief, it is recommended to buy young plants with an open root system and plant them immediately in a permanent place.

During transportation, the roots are covered with a wet cloth and placed in a plastic bag. Before planting, they are soaked for 12 hours in water or for 3-6 hours in a solution of a root formation stimulator.

It is recommended to purchase planting material for the garden in nurseries.

Landing rules

For planting a columnar apple "Scarlet Sails" choose the lightest area in the garden. Otherwise, the flower bud will not be laid. Groundwater should be no higher than 1 m above ground level.

The planting hole is dug according to the size of the roots of the seedling. Excessively long - shorten. For better survival, before planting, they are recommended to be dipped in a clay talker.

The pit for planting the variety must be well drained and contain a large amount of nutrients. Crushed stone or any other small stone can be used as drainage. It is best to fill the pit with a mixture of peat, garden soil and humus in a 1: 1: 1 ratio when planting seedlings. Add 100 g of superphosphate and wood ash. After planting, compact the earth well.

The same variety is planted in a row, since the seedlings may have different growth rates. A taller variety will overtake a shorter one, and as a result, some columnar apple trees will remain in the shade.

The small height and compactness of their crown makes it possible to plant columnar varieties of apple trees very densely. Even when plants are close together, they do not shade each other. Breeders working on breeding this variety of fruit crops recommend leaving a distance of 30-50 cm between the bushes, up to 1 m in rows.

Important! For planting a columnar apple tree, it is better to choose an elevated area.

Columnar apple varieties can be planted close to each other

Growing and care

The "Scarlet Sails" variety requires special attention. The root system of columnar varieties is less branched, so they need more frequent watering and feeding. Moisten the soil as it dries. Apply fertilizers at least 4 times per season. The year of planting is no exception.

Top dressing begins at the end of July. Superphosphate 40 g / 10 l of water and 0.5 l of wood ash are introduced. Subsequently, the procedure is repeated once a month until mid-October. In the autumn, nitrogen fertilizers are excluded.

Due to its compactness, pruning of a columnar apple tree is practically not required. The need to remove lateral shoots usually appears when the upper bud dies. If it did not have time to ripen, and the plant is frozen, the tree begins to sprout side branches and loses its columnar shape. Therefore, in early spring, these new shoots must be pruned.

To avoid freezing, a columnar tree for the winter can be wrapped with covering material in several layers.

To get a good harvest, apple trees need to be fed periodically

Collection and storage

The first red fruits of the columnar apple “Scarlet Sails” can be removed in the second half of August. Full ripening of apples usually occurs in September or October. The plucked fruits are stored in a cool dark place.


The columnar apple tree Scarlet Sails is a small tree that bears fruit already for 2-3 years of planting. Unlike other varieties, the crown is compact and allows you to plant many plants even in a small area. Trees are used in landscaping for planting along paths and fences, demanding maintenance.


Nikolay Borisov, 42 years old, Berislav

I have been growing the columnar apple tree "Scarlet Sails" for the second year. So far I am satisfied with the variety. Pleased with the beautiful appearance and excellent taste of apples. My fruits ripen in mid-August. I will watch him further.

Nikita Smirnov, 33 years old, Samara

In the first year, the “Scarlet Sails” columnar apples were tasted closer to August 20, just in time for Yablochny Spas. By this time they were 0.9 kg each. Not sour, but not sweet either. Apparently, they were still immature. The next year, the taste of the fruit was much better. Although this year's summer was also unusual. I noticed only one minus in the columnar variety - the peel of the apples is thick.

Gennady Pavlov, 67 years old, Moscow region

I planted the first columnar apple trees 5 years ago. This year, I purchased about 20 more seedlings. Among them was the columnar variety "Alye Parusa". If someone is interested in the appearance of the seedlings, then they were small, but with a thick, curved stem. I bought one-year-olds, I have no doubt about the quality of planting material. While looking closely.

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