Eggplant variety Banana

Eggplant variety Banana

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Eggplant Banana belongs to ultra-early ripening varieties intended for cultivation in the open field. 90 days after sowing, the first crop of this variety can already be taken. With proper care from one square. m you can collect up to 4 kg of fruit. Banana eggplants have a long shelf life, without loss of presentation and taste.

Characteristics of the variety

In appearance, eggplants resemble an exotic fruit, which gave the name to the variety. Fruits are even, elongated, grow up to 20-25 cm in length. The eggplants are dark purple in color with a shiny glossy surface and have good taste. The pulp is white, not bitter. The variety is suitable for salads, canning and frying.

In the process of growth, a low (up to 40 cm) compact bush with wide leaves is formed. The stem of the plant is quite stable and dense, withstands abundant fruiting, so the eggplant does not need additional supports.

Growing and care

Banana seeds for seedlings are sown in a greenhouse or at home in late February - early March. But this period is relative and may depend on the climatic conditions of the region. The Banana variety does not tolerate transplanting well, therefore it is recommended to plant eggplant seeds in separate containers. So, the seedlings can not be dived, but immediately planted in open ground by the transshipment method. Seed germination lasts from 5 to 10 days. Plants will need another 20-25 days to form a healthy seedling, with a stable stem and 5-6 leaves. Eggplants are planted in open ground as soon as the danger of frost has passed. In temperate warm climates, plants can be planted as early as mid-April. In the northern regions, these terms may drag on until the end of May.

Eggplants need fertile and "rested" soil after previous plantings. Ideally, the garden for this culture is harvested a year before planting. During this time, it is better not to plant anything on it, constantly apply fertilizers and remove weeds. If this is not possible, then a bed of carrots, legumes or cabbage is suitable. These and other secrets of growing eggplant are described in more detail in this video:

Eggplants are not planted next to other nightshade plants (tomato, peppers, potatoes). Despite similar agricultural techniques, such a neighborhood can affect the taste of the fruit.

Caring for this variety of eggplant consists of regular watering, weeding and periodic fertilization. Plants must be cleaned of yellowed leaves and sprayed regularly to prevent diseases.

Reviews of gardeners

Alina, 35 years old, Voronezh

Banana is one of our favorites. Unpretentious, looks beautiful, and the fruits are delicious. I plant plants in the garden, along with other eggplants. 4 Banana bushes are enough for our family. They bear fruit very amicably, and we remove up to 2.5 kg from each bush per season. Friends often come to us for barbecue, so we fry these eggplants on the grill or on skewers - they are thin, baked well inside, and the skin does not burst. This variety is not very suitable for caviar, but it is convenient to fry in oil, cut into slices. I leave one of the most beautiful eggplant for seeds. I grow seedlings in an apartment, in paper cups. It always turns out in abundance, then I distribute it to neighbors.

Venus, 44 years old, Nizhny Novgorod region

Vegetables from their own garden help us out in winter. We can also preserve them, some even in boxes with sawdust can be stored until winter. And be sure to dry the eggplants. There is also a banana. I do not keep fruits on a branch for a long time. The variety ripens very quickly, and as soon as the eggplants grow to 10-12 cm, I immediately remove them - it is convenient to put them in three-liter jars. I make a semi-finished product out of them for the winter - marina as a whole in cans. Then we take it out, season with oil and onions - it turns out a delicious salad. You can also fry eggplants, only you need to cut them a little thicker - then they do not shrink and do not absorb oil like that. I also tried to bake in the oven with minced meat and cheese. For this dish, Banana eggplant is what you need. As for the cultivation, I don't adhere to any special rules - they grow well with me and hardly get sick. I weed on time, make sure that the earth does not dry out, and periodically feed with humus.

Pavel, 48 years old, Ulyanovsk region

Banana is an "amateur" eggplant. Fruits are thin, not suitable for caviar. It is better to fry them fresh. We tried to dry it - I didn't like it either. Thinly cut - after drying, one skin remains. Slightly thicker - the eggplants do not have time to dry inside, they grow moldy. Therefore, I would not recommend planting them in large quantities. This variety gives a rich harvest - 6 bushes were enough for us to eat to the dump and leave for the winter - they are well stored in a box with sawdust. I collect seeds for seedlings myself. There are almost none of them in the pulp, so I leave one fruit on each bush. I do not dive seedlings, so as not to transplant again. This eggplant is very capricious, so it is better to plant it by transshipment together with a lump of earth.

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