How to get rid of dullness at their summer cottage

How to get rid of dullness at their summer cottage

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Sleepy is one of the most tenacious and rapidly spreading plants. It is a common problem for many gardeners, since it is almost impossible to overcome it completely. This plant has strong and sturdy roots that form many branches. Thus, runny grows rapidly throughout the site. In addition, this plant produces a huge amount of seeds. They germinate rather quickly. It would seem that this is a desperate situation. But still, you can fight the depression. Below we will see how to get rid of dullness in a summer cottage. These tips will help you keep your site nice and tidy.

Important features

If in the fight against other weeds it is customary to simply dig up the soil, then this will not work with dullness. This plant grows 40 cm deep with its roots. When digging up the soil, the root system is divided into smaller parts, which, in turn, can also germinate.

Attention! Dream seeds should never end up in the compost pit. Even in such conditions, the seed material retains its properties and will be able to germinate again if it gets into the ground.

It is best to burn it off immediately before the seeds have spilled into the soil. If this is not possible, then you need to collect all the flowers and roots in a black garbage bag. It should be tied well and left to rot for a year. In this form, the seeds do not pose any danger. This method is great for other weeds as well.

The best substances to combat it are:

  • dolomite flour;
  • lime;
  • a piece of chalk.

The fact is that acidic soils are very fond of running away. Accordingly, in order for the plant to stop actively growing, it is necessary to create opposite conditions.

Fight against deadening in neglected ground

First you need to remove the top layer of turf and turn it upside down. Then it is watered with a compost-based solution and covered with foil. Next, you need to wait until the sod decays. At this time, you can carry out another watering with a solution of urea or other mineral fertilizer. This process will last at least two months.

But it happens that there is no time for this and you need to quickly start planting various crops. In this case, you should switch to special agents called herbicides. True, such a pleasure may not be cheap. In addition, such chemicals spoil the composition of the soil, reducing fertility. For soil cultivation to be truly effective, it should be done several times per season.

Important! Before treating the site with herbicides, it is necessary to mow all the vegetation.

It is also important to monitor the appearance of flowers on the bushes. As soon as the umbrellas begin to appear, you should immediately pick them off. Light seeds of dreaming are quickly carried by the wind, and can spread over the entire area in a short time. In the photo below you can see what the flowers of the dream look like.

How to deal with glaciation on a site without plantings

Procedures for getting rid of dullness begin in the fall. As in the previous case, the site must be dug to the depth of the shovel blade, turning the ground over. Then the soil is covered with a black film and left in this state for the winter. Roofing material can be used as a covering material. This method will help to get rid of most of the weeds.

Advice! In the spring, after removing the film, it is necessary to dig up the soil, in parallel choosing all the rhizomes with a pitchfork.

Destruction of dreams in flower beds with perennials

The most difficult thing to deal with weeds is in the flower beds. In addition, there is a high probability that the first time and forever will not get rid of the melancholy. Most of the known methods take a very long time, take energy and spoil the appearance of the flower beds.

You can protect the flower garden from slumbering with a regular metal plate. It is simply dug into the soil around the flower bed or plants. This will protect the flower bed from the growth of rhizomes underground. But, if the runny grows very close near the flower bed, then the plant can penetrate with the help of seeds.

Mulching can help to some extent in the fight against flushing. To do this, the entire ground part of the weed should be mowed, and then hay or straw should be laid on the surface of the soil. Additionally, you can cover the area with dark material. After 7 days, the covering material is replaced with cardboard, and a layer of soil is poured on top. If flowers fall under the covering material along with the flushing, then holes should be made in the places of their growth. Thus, the rhizomes of perennials will receive the necessary moisture.

Attention! Roofing material or film is perfect instead of cardboard.

You can also pick or mow all the leaves and stems of the weed every week. In this case, most of the plants will die or weaken. This is a very time consuming process. If the plants are left untouched for a few weeks, they will spread again in the flower bed.

Some gardeners also use herbicides in their beds to kill the willow. Only in this case, you need to be very careful, as you can harm the flowers. Herbicides in this case are applied topically to the leaves and tops of the whitewash. You can use a brush for this.

Getting rid of dreaminess in the garden

No matter how primitive it may be, the most effective method is to cultivate the garden with a pitchfork. Thus, it is easiest to hook the rhizome of the weed and pull it out. But, remember that the snow can get to the beds and underground. To protect your garden from an unwanted "guest", you need to dig in slate around the site to a depth of about 40 cm.

Many gardeners use the following folk method. She does not like the areas where potatoes are grown. The reason is that this weed does not tolerate constant hilling. Therefore, the more often you carry out hilling, the more likely it is that by the fall, the hilling will completely disappear from your garden.

Important! The neighborhood with Jerusalem artichoke does not tolerate even more dullness. This plant is capable of surviving many weeds from your site.

For the next method, you should prepare a black film. She covers the site immediately after digging the soil in the spring. In this form, the soil should stand until the very planting of seedlings or seeds. However, it is possible not to remove the film during planting. To do this, it is necessary to make holes directly in the film, into which the seedlings will be planted. This is probably the most effective method. In addition, it has practically no drawbacks. Thanks to the shelter, the soil warms up perfectly, which has a very positive effect on the seedlings. And the shelter will also serve as mulch, thanks to which the fight will end not only with dullness, but also with other weeds. The only drawback is that fungi and other pathogens rapidly multiply in such an environment. But still, many gardeners are struggling with flushing in this way. It is better to get a bad harvest once than every time because of the neighborhood with such a weed.


Now you know exactly how to get rid of dreaminess in your area. A weed like runny haunts many gardeners and gardeners. She feels great in flower beds along with perennial flowers, in the garden, in raspberry plantings. In general, almost everywhere. Many get rid of this weed in the country or garden using various methods and devices. Unfortunately, not everyone succeeds in completely eradicating the moaning. But nevertheless, efforts and perseverance will certainly be rewarded, and there will be much less weed.

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