Ryabinushka potatoes

Ryabinushka potatoes

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Potatoes are the main vegetable in the gardens of Russians. And not only because it is relatively easy to grow. The main thing for which potatoes are valued is taste. Try, name a person who could do without this root vegetable when cooking.

Everyone has different taste preferences: some like pink varieties, others like white ones. Today, it is rather difficult to make a choice, since there are more and more varieties of Russian and foreign breeders every year. Among them is the Ryabinushka potato variety, here he is, handsome, in the photo.

A bit of history

Let's start talking about Ryabinushka potatoes not with the description of the variety, but with the history of its origin.

This is a variety of Russian breeders from the city of Vsevolzhsk. He is relatively young, “born” in 2007. Potatoes are included in the State Register of the Russian Federation.

For ten years, the Ryabinushka variety has spread to many regions of Russia. It is grown not only in the central regions, but also in Siberia, the Far East, and the Caucasus. The pink vegetable, judging by the reviews, also fell in love with the residents of the former republics of the Soviet Union: Moldovans, Belarusians, Ukrainians.

Attention! The Ryabinushka variety is an elite variety, it is not a hybrid.


Rowan potatoes have tops with erect or semi-erect stems. A medium-sized bush with wavy, dark green leaves. They are of different sizes: the lower ones are large, closer to the crown they become smaller. The flowers are violet-blue (see photo), balabolki are formed in the place of the inflorescence.

Tubers are pinkish-raspberry, smooth with a thin skin. The shape is oval. The eyes on the potatoes are practically invisible, but during germination, powerful sprouts are obtained. The pulp is a rich yellowish-creamy color.

The average tuber weight is 90-130 grams, in a bush from 10 to 15 pieces.


Ryabinushka potatoes have a huge number of advantages:

  1. Refers to mid-season varieties. After 2.5 months from planting, you can dig in young potatoes, and after another half a month you can start harvesting.
  2. The yield of Ryabinushka potatoes is excellent - from 220 to 450 centners per hectare. That is why varieties are cultivated not only in private farmsteads, but also on an industrial scale.
  3. High starch content - up to 18%.
  4. Excellent taste.
  5. The plant is resistant to many diseases, including late blight. The percentage of damage to foliage and tubers is low.
  6. High keeping quality. By the spring, up to 90% of the laid tubers are preserved.
  7. Mechanical damage does not lead to darkening of the pulp. Potatoes can be transported to any distance.

Important! Ryabinushka potatoes, based on the characteristics of the variety and reviews of vegetable growers, occupies a leading position.

Taste qualities

The Ryabinushka potato variety, taking into account the reviews of readers, has an excellent taste. During cooking (boiling, frying), the pieces are kept intact. Boiled potatoes are covered with starch grains on top. It is used for the preparation of any dishes. The dark creamy flesh of Rowanberry does not lose color during heat treatment.

Growing features


Ryabinushka potatoes are unpretentious, but it is best for planting them to choose a place where beans, peas, lupines, and grain crops were grown last year.

The planting material is stored well, so it is taken out of the storage for germination a month before planting. After a careful bulkhead, the tubers are sorted by size. It is best to use potatoes that are similar in size to a chicken egg. Before planting, you can soak in a solution of boric acid (for half an hour) or copper sulfate (for 3-5 minutes).

Seed potatoes are laid out at a distance of 25-30 cm. The depth of the fossa is not more than 10 cm. The top is covered with ash and covered with soil.


There are no special difficulties in caring for the Ryabinushka variety, you need:

  1. Loosen the soil, remove weeds.
  2. Track and eliminate pests.
  3. For the prevention of diseases, you can treat the bushes with special preparations.
  4. The variety is demanding on moisture, therefore, in the absence of rain, it is necessary to water the plantings, fertilize.
  5. Hilling of potatoes is carried out twice.

Important! Subject to the rules of planting and care, the harvest will be excellent.

Look at the photo, there is something to be happy about! Each nest contains more than a dozen even smooth potatoes. And enough for food, and for seeds there is plenty to choose from.

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Storage rules for elite potatoes

After harvesting, you should think about storing it.

We leave the potatoes for 12 days for ripening and drying. After that, you need to start sorting, what for seeds, what for the needs of the farm, what for food.

Seed material is taken in the fall. After all, it still needs to be prepared for wintering. For future plantings, we select Ryabinushka potatoes by size, without damage and signs of disease. We wash it and put it in the sun for landscaping. So, the seeds are better stored.

Seed material is stored separately from food. You can use bags or boxes as in the photo. A certain temperature and humidity must be observed in the basement.

Reviews of gardeners

Milana, 44 years old, Leningrad region

I have been growing Ryabinushka potatoes for 8 years. The whole family likes cream-colored starchy potatoes. It is stored perfectly. Over the years, we have not noticed any diseases, because each time we plant in a new place. After digging, we stand for two weeks under a canopy.

Tatiana, 32 years old, Irkutsk

I'm just starting to get used to in the country. Last year I prescribed several varieties of potatoes. The mountain ash was the most fruitful. Preserved perfectly, there is not a single flabby, still dense. My family also liked the taste. So I am for this variety, I will grow.

Nikita, 34 years old, Chita

The Ryabinushka variety presented a rich harvest. There are 14-17 large, flat potatoes in the nest. There are even 150 grams each. Not damaged during transportation, tested. I recommend.

Elena, 48 years old, Moscow region

For two years now I have been planting Ryabinushka. Really like. In the first year, some of the plantings were in the shade, the tubers were small. Last year I fixed my mistake. Ryabinushka pleased with the harvest.

Lyudmila, 29 years old, Yalta

I have been growing this potato variety for six years. I have never been disappointed, either by the yield or by the taste. Unlike other varieties, the keeping quality of potatoes is high, they are not susceptible to diseases.

Oleg, 35 years old, Omsk

I have been doing dacha for more than one year. But the Ryabinushka potatoes were planted last year for the first time. I was not disappointed because the harvest is good. Unfortunately, I read late that you need to water and fertilize. I'll try to fix it. I will plant again.

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