OMU fertilizer: universal, coniferous, for strawberries and potatoes

OMU fertilizer: universal, coniferous, for strawberries and potatoes

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WMD - organic mineral fertilizers, which are versatile and can be used for feeding various fruit and berry, ornamental, vegetable and field crops. Lowland peat is the basis of WMD. Manufacturers add to it all kinds of minerals, trace elements and nutrients that increase yields and help protect plants from many diseases and other threats. Instructions for the use of universal fertilizer OMU asserts that the drug has no side effects and disadvantages.

What is WMD feeding for?

Universal organomineral fertilizer is used for feeding fruit, vegetable and ornamental crops. WMD helps to increase the yield and immunity of plants, making them more resistant to contaminated soil, cold, lack of moisture and other negative environmental factors. The drug stimulates the development of the root system, as it makes the soil loose and more permeable to air, water and nutrients. The elements that make up the WMD are assimilated with minimal losses not exceeding 5%.

WMD is a relatively new type of drugs that contribute to the rapid development of seedlings and the protection of various crops from adverse factors. The organic base is enriched with micro and macro elements, after which the fertilizer is dried and granulated.

Each particle of the preparation contains a full range of nutrients that are absorbed by plants without loss. The effectiveness of the universal fertilizer of WMD has been proven through a large number of scientific studies and experiments.

Fertilizer composition of WMD

The composition of the universal complex includes organic substances of natural origin. The basis of this remedy is low-lying peat. On rare occasions, producers use manure or dung. In addition to peat, the following ingredients are present in the composition of the universal preparation:

  • phosphorus - 7%;
  • nitrogen - 7%;
  • magnesium - 1.5%;
  • potassium - 8%;
  • manganese;
  • copper;
  • zinc.

At the stage of raw material preparation, peat is cleaned with a magnetic separator, and then with a unit for crushing small parts of soil. After drying in a special block, the peat is reduced in volume up to 20%. In the second stage, the raw material is treated with H2O2, resulting in the formation of humic acid. It is artificially enriched with potassium or sodium hydroxide. To create a liquid universal fertilizer, water is added to the humic reagent and the resulting mass is thoroughly mixed.

Granular fertilizer is obtained at the final stage of production by combining a humic reagent with dry and liquid ingredients

The mass is processed in a unit to create granules, after which it is cooled and packaged.

Pros and cons of WMD fertilization

One of the main advantages of a universal fertilizer is that it is practically not washed out with water throughout the entire season. However, the list of the positive qualities of WMD is not limited to this.


  • security. The components of the universal fertilizer do not pose a threat to humans, plants and the environment;
  • protection against fungal diseases, frost and drought;
  • improving the composition of the soil;
  • increased stress resistance;
  • prolonged action;
  • stimulation of the development of the root system;
  • increasing the moisture content of the soil;
  • humines contained in WMD absorb a number of elements from the soil;
  • preventing soil salinity.

The product has no disadvantages.

Fertilizers of WMD

Universal complexes of WMD are sold in garden stores in liquid and granular form. Liquids are released in a concentrated form, therefore, before use, they are diluted with water in accordance with the proportions indicated in the instructions. Plants are sprayed with the finished solution or applied by drip irrigation.

The most common form of release is granules, which are popular due to their ease of preparation for use.

Fertilizer OMU Universal

It is an organomineral universal granular preparation obtained on the basis of processed lowland peat. Designed to improve the physical and chemical properties of the soil and increase its moisture capacity.

Fruit crops grown using this preparation are characterized by low levels of nitrates

Attention! OMU Universal is used from mid-spring to July.

The product contains cyanomide nitrogen (0.23%), which provides a pesticidal effect, reducing the maturation period by one and a half weeks. To grow seedlings, a mixture is prepared in a proportion of 10 g per liter of soil; when planting, 20 to 60 g are added to each well.

Fertilizer OMU For strawberries

The use of a universal mineral complex has a beneficial effect on the taste of the berry.

WMD is used as the main fertilizer in the preparation of seedlings and soil

Differs in prolonged action and high content of humates. When planting, no more than 20 g (matchbox) is introduced into the hole. The next year, the soil is loosened, and the dosage of the drug is increased to 110-150 g per m22.

Fertilizer OMU Coniferous

The composition of the universal product for coniferous crops contains 40% of organic substances, which increase the productivity of plants and restore the indicators of soil fertility. OMU Coniferous is a modified microbiological preparation with rhizosphere bacteria.

The use of the product provides high yields, while the plants practically do not contain nitrate nitrogen and demonstrate excellent resistance to various diseases.

Improves the agrophysical properties of the soil, its structure, as well as water and air permeability. The composition of this universal complex is distinguished by a high content of potassium (11%) and a reduced content of phosphorus (4.2%) and nitrogen (4%). When planting conifers and shrubs, from 90 to 100 g of the drug are applied to each hole. In the case of feeding WMD, Coniferous is introduced with the onset of spring, then in July and early autumn at a dosage of 25 to 30 g per m22.

Fertilizer OMU Growth

Universal means of OMU Growth is intended for good nutrition of ornamental, fruit and field crops

Sold in packs of 50 g. One pack is enough for 5-7 kg of soil. Prepared soil is great for planting seeds. The mixture is stirred and moistened before use.

Fertilizer OMU Potato

OMU Potato is a balanced fertilizer for potatoes and other root crops. Contains a complex of macro- and microelements specially selected to increase the yield of potatoes and protect the crop from all kinds of threats, including bacterial diseases and spores of parasitic fungi. Thanks to organomineral granules, nutrients are delivered in a metered dose.

In the case of the systematic use of OMU Potato, the processes of humus formation are launched, restoring the structure of the soil.

When digging the soil, add 100 g per 1 m2 in each hole.

OMU Potato - an excellent remedy for darkening the pulp of tubers, preventing the development of wet rot

Fertilizer OMU Tsvetik

The universal tool OMU Tsvetik is used as the main dressing for the soil when transplanting balcony and indoor flowers, as well as for feeding plants.

Fertilizer OMU Tsvetik gives roses a bright, rich color and improves their decorative qualities

Contains sulfur (3.9%), manganese (0.05%), zinc (0.01%), copper (0.01%), as well as iron, boron and magnesium. For feeding indoor crops, from 5 to 15 g of the drug is scattered over the surface of the box, after which it is embedded in the ground and watered.

Fertilizer OMU Autumn

It is intended for any garden, fruit and field crops, it is introduced during the fruiting period in late summer or early autumn.

Differs in high magnesium content and low nitrogen concentration

Attention! For feeding fruit and berry and ornamental crops, from 25 to 40 g per 1 m2.

When digging in autumn, the soil is applied from 20 to 30 g per m22, uncultivated soils will need from 40 to 50 g per 1 m2... OMU Autumn can be used in the spring in combination with nitrogen fertilizers.

Fertilizer OMU Lawn

This versatile fertilizer is used for compensatory landscaping.

Used when laying lawns, decorative and sports grassy areas, as well as when filling the soil

It has a high nitrogen content (10%). During soil preparation, from 110 to 150 g per 1 m is applied under the lawn2... The next top dressing is performed 1.5-2 months after the lawn is formed. Top dressing in the amount of 20-30 g per 1 m2 evenly spread over the surface of the lawn.

How to use organic mineral universal fertilizer OMU

The OMU fertilizer instruction states that the rate of preparation of the fertilizing mixture is 3 kg per 1 m3... When used in greenhouses, the mixture is prepared in the proportion of 1000 kg of fertilizer per hectare. Organomineral fertilizers can be used both in spring and autumn. Top dressing before the onset of winter strengthens the plant's immunity and allows it to calmly survive frosts and temperature extremes. In the spring, the drug is applied according to the following recommendations:

  • for fruit trees - 90 g per 1 m2;
  • for berry bushes - 60 g per 1 m2 while loosening the soil;
  • for potatoes - 20 g in each well.

In the case of summer top dressing, the recommended fertilizer dosages are changed as follows:

  • for potatoes and vegetables - 30 g per 1 m2;
  • for ornamental crops - 50 g per 1 m2;
  • strawberries are fed after the harvest has been harvested, at the rate of 30 g per 1 m2.

The drug can be randomly scattered over the soil surface (no more than 150 g per 1 m2), after which it must be dug up.

Precautions when working with WMD fertilizer

When working with any fertilizer, certain precautions must be taken: use gloves and goggles, and after finishing work, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.

In case of foliar application, it is recommended to use a respirator, as inhalation of the sprayed fertilizer particles can cause intoxication

Important! If the liquid has entered the body, it is necessary to rinse the stomach and seek medical help.

Terms and conditions of storage of WMD fertilizer

The guaranteed storage life of the universal complex of the WMD is 5 years from the date of manufacture. Subject to proper storage, the shelf life is practically unlimited. Keep fertilizer away from animals and children.


The instruction for the use of the universal fertilizer OMU explains that the drug has no drawbacks and can be used for almost all fruit and berry, ornamental and field crops, as well as for the creation of lawns and grassy sports / playgrounds. WMD not only increases yields, but also protects plants from various threats.

Fertilizer reviews WMD

Olga Vlasenko, 35 years old, Moscow region

Since the land on my garden plot is not very fertile, I use OMU Universal for growing potatoes, tomatoes and peppers. I buy a universal fertilizer in granular form. A package weighing 1.5 kg is enough for me for several years. I usually scatter the granules over the surface of the soil and then loosen the soil. During the season, I do top dressing a couple more times. The drug is very effective, as I managed to see for myself. Yield indicators have become much higher, while tomatoes ripen earlier and delight with a richer taste.

Margarita, 46 years old, Tver

Universal fertilizer OMU For strawberries, a neighbor in the country advised me. She has been using it for a long time both for growing seedlings and for feeding. According to her, the drug is ideal for novice gardeners, because it is almost impossible to harm the plant even in case of an overdose. I bought a universal fertilizer in liquid form, but now I buy it exclusively in granules, since it is much more convenient to use. The strawberries ripen quickly, and the flavor and aroma of the berries have become more pronounced.

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