Tomato Demidov: reviews, photos, yield

Tomato Demidov: reviews, photos, yield

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Hardy tomato plants always find their admirers, like the famous Demidov variety. This tomato is a recognized favorite of gardeners not only in Siberia, but also in the northern regions of the European part of the country. Many land owners were delighted with the birth of an unpretentious and sustainable tomato, because these vegetables are very tasty and healthy just fresh. The variety has been listed in the State Register since 2001, bred by Barnaul breeders. Since then, Demidov tomatoes for open ground have become in demand and popular.

Plant features

The tomato plant of this variety tolerates a drop in freezing temperatures. In mid-season tomatoes of the Demidov variety, the bushes are determinate, rather low. It is recommended to grow them for novice gardeners, since it is not necessary to carry out procedures such as pinching and shaping a bush with these plants.

Advice! For experienced gardeners, pinching is the way to get a larger harvest. The plant gives up all the minerals obtained from the soil to one or a maximum of three stems.

From the moment the seedlings begin to grow and until the first fruits ripen, it takes from 105 to 115 days. The ripening time of tomatoes depends on natural conditions: the number of sunny days and soil moisture. Tomatoes of this variety can be grown not only in open areas, but also in greenhouses or under film shelters. From one square meter, observing all the requirements for caring for tomatoes, up to 10 kg of aromatic fruits are harvested.

The fruits of the Demidov tomato are of a salad direction, but they are also quite suitable for canning, pickles, and preparation of winter salad preparations.

Description of the variety

In undersized, erect tomatoes of this variety, there are few branches on the bushes, as well as leaves. The bush itself is strong, standard, it rises to a maximum of 70 cm, usually grows smaller: 60-65 cm. The plant does not need to be pinned. Dark green leaves of tomatoes of medium size, may even be large, belong to the potato type of structure. Simple inflorescences are laid after the sixth or seventh leaf, then they are formed after one or two of the following. The stalk has an articulation.

Fruit properties

The fruits of the Demidov tomato are round, slightly flattened, can be with a smooth surface, but more often have a moderately pronounced ribbing. In the phase of incomplete maturity, the fruits are green, near the stalk a halo of a more intense dark shade. Ripe tomato fruits of this variety acquire a beautiful light pink color. There are usually four seed chambers in a tomato berry; fruits with a large number of nests are also found.

The pulp of these tomatoes is dense, juicy, tasty, sweet, acid is almost not felt. Sugar content: 3.1-3.4%, dry matter - 3.5-4.3%. The weight of the fruits ranges from 80 to 120 g. With good care and feeding, the weight can grow up to 150-200 g. In reviews and photos on the forums, there are record fruits of a Demidov tomato weighing 300 g or more. Tasters define the taste of this tomato variety as good and excellent.

Attention! These tomatoes are a non-hybrid plant, so you can harvest seeds every year for further cultivation.

Qualitative characteristics of plants and fruits

The very fact that Demidov's tomato remains popular for a long time suggests that it has much more advantages than disadvantages.


One of the main qualities of the plant of this tomato variety is that it is intended for growing in gardens, without shelter.

  • The tomato variety is hardy: the plant develops well, forms ovaries and bears excellent, large fruits even with minimal care and in case of unfavorable weather conditions of the Siberian summer;
  • There are not so many branches on the plant that the bush becomes thickened. Thanks to this property, caring for tomatoes is simplified;
  • The plant shows excellent resistance to diseases inherent in tomatoes, therefore, does not require increased attention;
  • The yield is high. Demidov tomatoes are grown in industrial production, although the figures vary in different regions: 150-300 centners per hectare in the Volga-Vyatka region; about 200-400 c / ha - in the West Siberian;
  • Large fruits have a seductive presentation. Up to 98% of high-quality commercially available tomatoes are harvested from the plantation;
  • The structure of the pulp allows harvesting the fruits in the phase of incomplete ripeness for ripening;
  • The fruits of this tomato variety are prized for their characteristic tomato flavor, juiciness and sweetness.


Unfortunately, fruits are prone to cracking if irrigated incorrectly. Usually, the peel of tomato fruits bursts when, after a period of drought, the tomatoes are watered abundantly, and the fruits are gaining moisture. If it rains evenly, the fruits are filled with pulp and at the same time the volume of the skin increases, it remains intact.

The next point of the negative characteristics of these tomatoes is susceptibility to top rot if the soil is not moistened in time. During dry periods, the roots cannot feed the tomato bush. Then moisture is actively evaporated from the leaves of the plant. The set fruits give up some of their moisture to the plant. Its outflow just comes from the top of the fetus, where some of the cells die off. The area of ​​the fruit softens, rots. Now various fungal spores can settle on it.

We can say that this phenomenon is the scourge of almost all tomatoes, because this is a rather delicate plant.

The subtleties of growing

Demidov tomatoes are grown only as seedlings. In the southern regions, it can be sown directly into the ground, but it is better to pick up your zoned tomatoes there.

Warning! Seedlings should be planted at the age of 55-60 days. Saplings with inflorescences and an open root system take root worse.

Seedling care

Tomato seeds Demidov are sown in containers in March-April. It is necessary to calculate the timing based on the moment the seedlings are transferred to a permanent place. Plants are planted in greenhouses in May, in vegetable gardens - not earlier than June.

  • Seedlings appear in 5-10 days. If up to this point the temperature was maintained up to 250 C, now it must be reduced by 8-9 degrees so that the sprouts do not weaken, quickly stretching upward;
  • A week later, when the young growth of tomatoes is evened out, the heat is raised to a temperature comfortable for this plant - 230 FROM;
  • For a good and uniform development, tomato seedlings must be supplemented. It is advisable to purchase special phytolamps for this;
  • If the plants are on the windowsill, the container must be turned once or twice a day;
  • Young tomatoes are watered sparingly;
  • When the second leaf appears, the seedlings dive.

Plants on the site

According to the reviews of those who planted the Demidov tomato, it is advisable to immediately install blanks for a film shelter above the garden bed. In the event of a threat of frost, this guarantees the preservation of plants. They are planted in a 50x60 cm pattern, although the descriptions suggest that these tomatoes can be placed up to six plants per square meter.

The specificity of caring for Demidov tomatoes is that they must be watered in a timely manner, the soil must not be allowed to dry out in order to avoid the development of top rot or cracking of the fruit. For irrigation, use warm water, which was heated in containers all day. The best option is drip irrigation, then the soil is moistened evenly, and the water does not get onto the plants.

After watering, the soil is loosened, weeded from weeds. After the first week in the garden, the trunks are spud. Another hilling of plants is carried out two to three weeks later. This technique helps the bushes to form additional roots.

Top dressing

Use organic or mineral fertilizers.

  • A mixture is prepared from a liquid mullein - 0.5 l, 20 g of nitrophoska, 5 g of potassium sulfate, 30 g of superphosphate per 10 liters of water. Pour 0.5-1 liters of nutrient solution under each bush;
  • Tomatoes are fertilized by foliar dressing with preparations that make plants less susceptible to low or high temperatures - Brexil Ca, Megafol, Gumfield, SVIT.

This variety is easy to grow. And the fruits will be guaranteed.


Natalya Valentinovna, 45 years old, Kemerovo region

Two years ago I bought several pieces of Demidov tomato seedlings on the market for a greenhouse. I liked the tomatoes very much - they were not tall, the bushes were powerful, there were a lot of fruits. More than two kilograms were harvested from one plant. The fruits are delicious. Now I grow seedlings myself.

Nelya Viktorovna, 53 years old, Pskov

We have been growing Demidov tomatoes for more than one year in the garden without shelter. They are very hardy, resistant to rainy weather, and fruitful. And about taste - almost no better! Why try anything else? The tomatoes are very good!

Alexander D., 35 years old, Novosibirsk

I have been dealing with tomatoes for several years. I plant the Demidov variety in open ground. Foliar dressing helps a lot - the fruits are all the same. They look attractive. Good grade.

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