Tomato torbey F1: characteristics and description of the variety

Tomato torbey F1: characteristics and description of the variety

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The tomato, which will now be discussed, is considered a novelty. The homeland of the hybrid is Holland, where it was bred by breeders in 2010. Tomato Torbay F1 was registered in Russia in 2012. The hybrid is intended for open and closed cultivation. In a fairly short time, the culture has become popular among lovers of pink tomatoes. The farmer also speaks well of the tomato.

Hybrid characteristics

It is more correct to begin the description and characteristics of the Torbay tomato variety with the fact that the culture bears fruits in which a pink tint dominates in the color of the skin. Many growers tend to prefer red tomatoes because of their higher yields. However, pink tomatoes are considered to be tastier. Their yields are lower, but the fruits are usually larger.

This is just the main feature of the hybrid, but now let's take a closer look at the Torbay tomato and its characteristics:

  • In terms of ripening, the culture belongs to the group of mid-early tomatoes. From the moment of sowing the seeds of Torbeya, at least 110 days will pass until the first ripe fruits appear on the bushes. With greenhouse cultivation, fruiting can last until October.
  • The tomato is considered determinant. The structure of the bush is standard. The height of a plant depends on where it grows. In the open-air garden, the length of the stems is limited to 80 cm. In greenhouse conditions, there is an intensive growth of tomato. The Torbey bush can stretch up to 1.5 m in height. Sometimes a plant formed by one stem grows up to 2 m in height.
  • Tomato Torbay is characterized as a powerful plant. Bushes grow sprawling, densely covered with foliage. This is a positive feature of the hybrid. When grown open, the dense foliage protects the fruits from the scorching rays of the sun, which are especially dangerous for pink tomatoes. The tomato does not get burned. However, strong thickening delays the ripening of the fruit. Here the grower himself must regulate the structure of the bush by removing stepchildren and extra leaves.
  • Torbay is a hybrid, which suggests that breeders have instilled in him immunity that protects the plant from common diseases. Reading about tomato Torbay F1 reviews of vegetable growers, most often there is information that the hybrid is not affected by root and apical rot. The plant is resistant to verticillium wilt and fusarium. Despite the tomato's resistance to disease, preventive measures should not be neglected. They are especially in demand during the outbreak of the epidemic.
  • The yield of Torbey depends on the quality of the soil, the care of the crop and the place of growth. Usually one bush yields from 4.7 to 6 kg of tomatoes. It is recommended to plant seedlings according to the scheme 60 × 35 cm.Considering that 1 m2 4 bushes grow, it is easy to calculate the total yield of tomato from the entire garden.

Domestic gardeners fell in love with Torbay precisely for the yield, which exceeds the standard indicators characteristic of pink tomatoes. However, the taste did not suffer. Torbay is delicious, like all pink tomatoes. The combination of these two important characteristics appealed to even large manufacturers. Many farmers have already started growing Torbay for commercial purposes.

Returning to the timing of ripening, it should be noted that 110 days are counted from the sowing of seeds. Tomatoes are usually grown as seedlings. So, if you count from the moment of planting, then the ripening of the first fruits occurs in 70-75 days. The more stems are left on the bush, the longer fruiting takes. Here you need to individually be guided by the weather conditions and the place where the tomato grows.

In the southern regions, with an open method of growing, the fruiting of Torbey can be extended until October. Then the gardener has the opportunity to eat fresh tomatoes from the garden in the fall. But already for the middle lane, an open method of growing a hybrid will not bring such results. October is already cold here. There may even be frosts at night. Fruiting can be extended until October only with greenhouse tomato cultivation.

Pros and cons of pink hybrid

It is necessary to take into account not only the description of the tomato Torbay F1, reviews, photos, but it is also worth considering the positive as well as negative features of the culture. Knowing all the pros and cons of a hybrid, it will be easier for a vegetable grower to decide whether this tomato is suitable for him.

Let's start the review with the good qualities:

  • Torbay is characterized by a friendly fruit set. They ripen in a similar way. The grower is given the opportunity to harvest the maximum number of ripe tomatoes at a time.
  • The yield is lower than that of red-fruited tomatoes, but higher than that of pink-fruited tomatoes.
  • Most hybrids are highly resistant to disease, and Torbay is no exception.
  • Excellent taste in combination with a good presentation make the hybrid popular among vegetable growers who grow tomatoes for sale.
  • The fruit grows even and almost the same size.
  • With the onset of cold weather, green tomatoes can be sent to the basement. There they will ripen calmly without losing their taste.

The disadvantages of Torbey include labor costs during cultivation. The hybrid is very fond of loose soil, regular watering, top dressing, you need a pinching and tying the stems to the trellis. You can ignore some of these procedures, but then the vegetable grower will not receive the crop promised by the breeders.

Description of the fetus

In continuation of the description of the tomato Torbay, it is worth considering in more detail the fruit itself. Indeed, it is for the sake of it that the culture is grown. In addition to the predominance of a pink tint in color, the fruits of the hybrid have the following characteristics:

  • Fruits of a spherical shape have a flattened top and an area near the stalk. Weak ribbing is observed on the walls.
  • The average fruit weight varies between 170-210 g. With good feeding, large tomatoes weighing up to 250 g can grow.
  • The number of seed chambers inside the pulp is usually 4–5 pieces. The grains are small and few.
  • The taste of tomato is sweet and sour. The sweetness is more prevalent, which makes the tomato tasty.
  • The dry matter content in tomato pulp is not more than 6%.

Separately, it is necessary to characterize the skin of the tomato. It is quite dense and protects the walls of the fruit from cracking during transportation. The small size allows whole fruits to be preserved in jars. Here, the skin also prevents cracking of the walls during heat treatment. She does not even wrinkle and remains the same shiny and smooth.

In the video, you can better learn about the characteristics of Torbey:

Growing features

There is nothing special about growing Torbey. Crop care consists of the same steps that are used for most hybrids. There are three main requirements for Torbey:

  • The full return of the crop with open cultivation can only be expected in the southern regions, where a warm climate prevails.
  • In the middle lane, you can do without a greenhouse. To maximize the harvest of tomatoes, the plants are provided with a cover of film or agrofibre.
  • For the northern regions, the open method of growing Torbey is not suitable. The tomato will have time to give the crop only in the greenhouse. Moreover, the vegetable grower still has to take care of heating. Sowing seeds for seedlings follows the same rules that apply to all tomatoes:
  • The time for sowing seeds is set at the end of February and beginning of March. Here you need to take into account the peculiarities of the climate of the region and the method of growing tomatoes, that is, in a greenhouse or in the open air. The manufacturer always indicates the sowing time of tomatoes on the package. These recommendations should be followed.
  • Containers for growing tomato seedlings are plastic containers, cups, pots or any other suitable containers. The stores sell cassettes that allow you to grow a large number of seedlings.
  • Tomato grains are immersed in the soil to a depth of 1–1.5 cm. The soil is sprayed from above with water from a sprayer. The container is covered with foil until shoots appear.
  • Before germination of tomatoes, the air temperature is maintained within 25-27aboutC. After the sprouts appear, the film is removed from the container, and the temperature is lowered to 20aboutFROM.
  • No later than a week before planting in the ground, tomato seedlings are hardened. Plants are first brought out into the shade. After adaptation, the tomatoes are placed in the sun.

Torbay loves loose, slightly acidic soil. Seedlings are planted according to the scheme 60x35 cm.Superphosphate about 10 g is added to each well.

Important! It is necessary to plant Torbay in open ground after a constant above-zero temperature has been established on the street. While the seedlings take root at night, it is advisable to cover it.

An adult tomato needs no less care than the seedlings required. Torbay is a determinant tomato, but the bush grows tall. The plant must be tied to a trellis, otherwise it will fall to the ground under the weight of the fruit. If this is not done, there is a threat of breaking the stems. From contact with the ground, the fruits will begin to rot.

Formation of the bush is important for obtaining yield. How to do this can be seen in the photo. Torbay is formed in a maximum of 2 stems, but the fruits are smaller and ripen longer. Optimally form a tomato into 1 stem. The fruits will be larger and ripen faster. However, with such a formation, the height of the bush usually increases.

Torbay loves feeding at the initial stage. At this time, the tomato has a great need for potassium and phosphorus. Adult tomato bushes are usually fed only with organic matter.

As a prophylaxis of diseases, it is necessary to observe the regimes of watering and feeding, as well as constantly loosen the soil. If a tomato is damaged by a black leg, the plant will only have to be removed, and the soil should be treated with a fungicide. The drug Confidor will help fight the whitefly. You can get rid of spider mites or aphids with a weak solution of washing soap.


Growing a hybrid at home is easy. And now let's read reviews of vegetable growers about Torbay tomato.

Anna, Omsk

Torbay hybrid was grown in a greenhouse. When formed in 1 stem, the plants grow 2 m in height. Fruits grow on the bush in 6 tiers. I left 5 tomatoes on a branch. The fruits are delicious and suitable for any kind of processing.

Sergey, Rostov region

Torbay set up an entire greenhouse for the hybrid. I grow seedlings myself from purchased seeds. I harvest three waves of harvest per season. I consider a bucket of tomatoes from each bush to be the norm.

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