What is useful bee podmore for men

What is useful bee podmore for men

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Even in ancient Greece, the use of beeswax for men was common. They were treated for various diseases such as prostatitis, prostate adenoma, joint pain.

What are dead bees called

The word "podmor" comes from the root "to die". The fact is that when bees are hibernated for the winter, a significant part (up to 0.5 kg) of the swarm perishes. Their bodies accumulate at the bottom of the hive. So, podmore is the corpses of honey bees. Medicines made on their basis have a pronounced effect on the body of men.

The benefits of bee dead for the male body

Bee podmore contains heparin-like substances that are concentrated in the chitinous cover of the insect. When these compounds enter the male body, they have a positive effect, including on the reproductive system.

Scientists have investigated the effect of preparations of bee podmore on prostate adenoma. When they were used, the mass of the prostate gland in men significantly decreased, that is, the phenomena of adenoma disappeared. The unpleasant symptoms in the form of increased urge, difficulty urinating, disappeared.

Podmore bee is able to suppress inflammation, stabilize blood pressure in men. It is useful for cardiovascular pathologies, kidney disorders and vascular diseases of the brain. Vodka and water extracts of the bee dead help to restore the blood formula in the body of men. They are well used after chemotherapy, to boost immunity, and can also be used to treat skin diseases, as an antiviral agent.

These funds are effective for prostate adenoma and prostatitis in men, they treat and cleanse the genitourinary system well, and are used for epilepsy. It can be enumerated for a long time, since the range of their action is really very wide.

Attention! Podmore bee in folk medicine is considered the elixir of youth.

Healing recipes for medicines from dead bees

In folk medicine, bee podmore has long been used to treat various diseases, including the genitourinary system of men. There are various recipe options available to help treat and prevent disease.

Medicinal tincture of podmore bee for men on vodka

For external use of beesworm in the form of rubbing, it is better to use not alcohol, but unrefined moonshine. It contains fusel oils that help retain all the nutrients on men's skin. The alcohol contained in moonshine evaporates less. All this makes the treatment process more effective. If you use 96 or 70 percent alcohol solution for rubbing, the skin will be irritated and dry. This will lead to a deterioration in the condition of the skin in men.

Alcohol tincture

Grind the dried beesworm in a blender or in another way. Raw materials should be free of foreign impurities and odors, as well as mold. Ground beesworm dissolves best in alcohol. It turns out the most complete yield of chitosan into the solution, the whole process goes through more efficiently, and the filtration of the final product is facilitated. How to cook:

  • powder of bee podmore you need to fill a jar of 0.5 liters to the very "shoulders", compact the mass;
  • pour alcohol to the top of the neck;
  • close to restrict air access;
  • shake to evenly distribute the liquid composition;
  • put in a dark place, because the rays of light will decompose chemical compounds found in the bee's sea;
  • insist 3 weeks for internal use, 14 days for external use;
  • filter, squeeze out the sediment.

If the medicine is planned to be used internally, it is best to take 70 percent alcohol. You can buy it at the pharmacy. It is undesirable to use a 96% solution, since the presence of water is necessary for bee venom for a more complete dissolution.


The most effective way to treat prostate adenoma in men is a water decoction. The bees are boiled for a long time, so that a complete extraction of heparin-like substances into the aqueous fraction occurs. Podmore is used externally for joint pain, varicose veins, thrombophlebitis in men. You need to take 1 glass of raw materials for 1 liter of water. Keep for 2 hours on a quiet fire or water bath.

Doctors recommend that men consume the broth 2-3 times a day for a dessert spoon, but one hour after eating. Do a 2-month course with an interval of 60 days between them. But more accurate recommendations on the use of bee podmore (quantity, frequency and duration of the course) should be obtained from the attending specialist apitherapist.


For sore joints, with varicose veins, an ointment is made. It can serve as a warming agent if the muscles of men become sore after increased physical activity. You will need the following components:

  • refined olive oil - 1.5 cups;
  • wax - 20-25 g;
  • a little propolis 5-6 g;
  • bee podmore - 1 glass.

Olive oil works best for men's skin. It is completely absorbed, which increases the penetrating power of the ointment. There is no feeling of greasy hands like after using other fats. You must follow this procedure:

  • grind the podmore with a coffee grinder;
  • put the oil in a water bath;
  • when it boils, add bee powder;
  • keep on fire for half an hour under a closed lid;
  • pour into an airtight container, insist for a week;
  • filter through several layers of gauze (the precipitate can be filled with a new portion of oil);
  • add wax, propolis, darken on fire until dissolved;
  • strain again through a gauze filter;
  • pour into jars.

The wax, like olive oil, is completely absorbed by the skin of men. The lighter it is, the better the effect will be. If you need to make the ointment more rare, accordingly, you need to add less wax, and vice versa. Thanks to wax, beneficial properties and substances are, as it were, sealed inside the medicinal product. The active substances are in a viscous medium, which does not allow them to be released and they are constantly ready for use. The combination with propolis enhances the effect of the ointment:

  • antiviral;
  • antibacterial;
  • anti-inflammatory.

The cream is conveniently applied, absorbed completely without residue, does not stain the hands and clothes of men. But most importantly, it really helps - homemade ointment contains bee venom a hundred times more than in a pharmacy product.

Attention! When starting treatment, you should first do a small massage, then apply a compress.


During the preparation of preparations from the bee dead and their treatment, precautions must be taken. First, consult a doctor and find out if there are any contraindications to the use of medicines, as well as their effective and safe dosages. Secondly, when preparing preparations based on beesworm at home, you must strictly follow the recipe and instructions for preparation.

At the slightest change in the state of health, in case of unfamiliar side effects, you should stop treatment and consult a doctor.

Contraindications to the use of dried bees

In the treatment of bee death, a number of contraindications must be taken into account. The drugs should not be prescribed to preschool children, allergy sufferers, patients in serious condition or with oncology, proceeding against the background of accelerated metabolism.

Attention! The doctor should take into account the patient's age, health status, individual characteristics, concomitant diseases in men.


The use of beeswax for men gives good results in the treatment of prostatitis, prostate adenoma, and other diseases. But it is not recommended to prescribe treatment to oneself. You should consult a specialist in apitherapy, who will indicate with maximum accuracy the individual doses and frequency of taking medications, the duration of treatment.

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