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Cabbage Aggressor F1

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Man has been cultivating white cabbage for several thousand years. This vegetable can still be found in the garden today in any corner of the planet. Breeders are constantly improving a culture that is capricious by nature, developing new varieties and hybrids. A good example of the work of modern breeding is the Aggressor F1 cabbage variety. This hybrid was produced in Holland in 2003. Due to its excellent characteristics, it quickly gained recognition from farmers and spread, including in Russia. It is the cabbage "Aggressor F1" that will become the focus of our article. We will tell you about the advantages and main characteristics of the variety, as well as offer photos and reviews about it. Perhaps it is this information that will help a beginner and already experienced farmer decide on the choice of a variety of white cabbage.

Description of the variety

Cabbage "Aggressor F1" got its name for a reason. She really shows increased vitality and endurance even in the harshest conditions. Variety "Aggressor F1" is able to bear fruit perfectly on depleted soils and withstand a long period of drought. Unfavorable weather conditions also do not significantly affect the development of heads of cabbage. Such resistance of cabbage to external factors is the result of the work of breeders. By crossing several varieties at the genetic level, they have deprived the Aggressor F1 cabbage of the shortcomings characteristic of the progenitors.

Hybrid "Aggressor F1" is included in the State Register of Russia and zoned for the Central region of the country. In fact, the variety has long been cultivated both in the south and in the north of domestic open spaces. They grow cabbage "Aggressor F1" for their own use and for sale. Many farmers prefer this particular variety, because with a minimum investment of labor and effort, it is able to give the most generous harvest.

Characteristics of heads of cabbage

White cabbage "Aggressor F1" is characterized by a long ripening period. It takes about 120 days from the day of sowing the seed in order to form and ripen a large head of cabbage. As a rule, the harvest of this variety occurs with the onset of cold weather.

Variety "Aggressor F1" forms large heads of cabbage weighing 3.5 kg. There are no shallow forks even in the most unfavorable conditions. The maximum deviation from the indicated value is no more than 500 g. However, with good care, the weight of the fork can reach 5 kg. This provides a high yield level of 1 t / ha. This indicator is typical for industrial cultivation. On private farmsteads, it is possible to collect about 8 kg / m2.

The external description of the heads of "Aggressor F1" cabbage is excellent: the large heads are quite dense, round, slightly flattened. On the upper dark green leaves, a waxy bloom flaunts. The cover leaves have a wavy, slightly curved edge. In the context, the head of cabbage is bright white, in some cases it gives off a little yellowness. Cabbage "Aggressor F1" has a powerful root system. Its stump does not exceed 18 cm long.

Often, farmers are faced with the problem of cracking heads of cabbage, as a result of which the cabbage loses its appearance. The "Aggressor F1" variety is protected from such a nuisance and maintains the integrity of the fork, despite changes in external factors.

Taste qualities of cabbage variety "Aggressor F1" are excellent: the leaves are juicy, crunchy, with a pleasant fresh aroma. They contain 9.2% dry matter and 5.6% sugar. The vegetable is great for making fresh salads, pickling and preserving. Heads of cabbage without processing can be laid for long-term winter storage for 5-6 months.

Disease resistance

Like many other hybrids, Aggressor F1 cabbage is highly resistant to some diseases. So, the variety is not threatened by Fusarium wilting. Common cruciferous pests such as thrips and cruciferous flea beetles also do not significantly harm the resistant F1 Aggressor cabbage. In general, the variety is characterized by excellent immunity and natural protection against many misfortunes. The only real threat to the variety is whitefly and aphids.

Advantages and disadvantages of the variety

It is rather difficult to objectively evaluate the Aggressor F1 cabbage variety, since it has many advantages that overshadow some disadvantages, but we will try to clearly define the main features of this cabbage.

In comparison with other varieties of white cabbage, "Aggressor F1" has the following advantages:

  • high yield of the crop regardless of growing conditions;
  • excellent appearance of heads of cabbage, marketability, which can be estimated on the proposed photos;
  • the possibility of long-term storage;
  • unpretentiousness, the ability to grow on depleted soils with minimal care;
  • seed germination is close to 100%;
  • the ability to grow vegetables in a seedless way;
  • good immunity to many diseases and pests.

Among the disadvantages of the "Aggressor F1" variety, the following points should be highlighted:

  • exposure to whitefly and aphids;
  • lack of immunity to fungal diseases;
  • the appearance of bitterness in leaves with a yellow tint after fermentation is possible.

Thus, having studied the description of the Aggressor F1 cabbage variety, and having analyzed its main advantages and disadvantages, one can understand how rational it is to grow this hybrid under certain conditions. Even more information about the variety "Agressor F1" and its cultivation can be obtained from the video:

Growing features

Cabbage "Aggressor F1" is perfect for even the most inattentive and busy farmers. It does not require any special care and can be grown in a seedling and non-seedling way. You can learn more about these methods later in the sections.

Seedless growing method

This method of growing cabbage is the easiest because it does not require much time and effort. Using it, there is no need to occupy precious meters in the house with boxes and containers with earth.

A seedless way of growing cabbage requires certain rules to be followed:

  • The cabbage bed must be prepared in advance, in the fall. It should be located in a wind-protected, sunny area of ‚Äč‚Äčland. The soil in the garden should be fertilized with organic matter and wood ash, dug up and covered with a thick layer of mulch, and covered with black film on top.
  • On a properly prepared bed, the snow will melt with the arrival of the first heat, and already at the end of April it will be possible to successfully sow the seeds of the "Aggressor F1" cabbage.
  • For sowing crops, holes are made in the beds, in each of which 2-3 seeds are placed to a depth of 1 cm.
  • After seed germination, only one, the strongest seedling is left in each hole.

Important! It is recommended to plant seeds and seedlings in the garden according to the 60 * 70 cm scheme. In this case, the necessary space will be provided for growing heads of cabbage and developing the root system of cabbage.

Further plant care is standard. It includes watering, weeding and loosening the soil. To obtain a high yield, it is also necessary to feed Aggressor F1 2-3 times per season.

Seedling method of growing

The seedling method of growing cabbage is more often used in unfavorable climatic conditions, where it is not possible to sow seeds in open ground in a timely manner. This cultivation method consists of the following steps:

  • You can buy soil for growing cabbage seedlings or prepare yourself. To do this, mix peat, humus and sand in equal proportions.
  • You can grow seedlings in peat tablets or cups. Plastic containers with drainage holes in the bottom are also suitable.
  • Before filling the containers, the soil should be warmed up to destroy the harmful microflora.
  • Sowing cabbage seeds "Aggressor F1" should be 2-3 pcs. in each pot to a depth of 1 cm.After the emergence of planting shoots, it is necessary to thin out and place in a room with a temperature of + 15- + 180FROM.
  • Cabbage seedlings should be fed three times with minerals and organics.
  • Before planting in open ground, cabbage seedlings must be hardened.
  • You need to plant plants in the garden at the age of 35-40 days.

It is the seedlings that most often grow cabbage "Aggressor F1", trying to protect and preserve the young seedlings that have not yet matured as much as possible. But it is worth noting that this method does not speed up the process of maturation of the heads of cabbage, since the process of transplanting plants from the pot into the ground causes stress to the seedlings and slows down their growth.


"Aggressor F1" is an excellent hybrid that has become widespread not only in our country, but also abroad. Taste and shape, external characteristics are the indisputable advantages of a vegetable. It is easy to grow and delicious to eat, has excellent storage properties and is suitable for all types of processing. The high yield of the variety allows it to be successfully grown on an industrial scale. Thus, the hybrid "Aggressor F1" has all the best qualities and therefore has earned the respect of many farmers.


Ekaterina Prudnikova, 41 years old, Primorsk

For a long time I have been growing Aggressor F1 cabbage and noticed that it is not afraid of diseases and insects if I change the place of cultivation from year to year. In general, cabbage is very tasty, good for pickling.

Vladimir Kudryavtsev, 56 years old, Kazan

Heads of cabbage "Aggressor F1" are always large, dense and juicy, do not crack. They keep well in the cold and are suitable for fermentation. This variety has been cultivated for many years, and I always get only high yields. I recommend it to everyone.

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