Peony Ito-hybrid Scarlet Haven: photo and description, reviews

Peony Ito-hybrid Scarlet Haven: photo and description, reviews

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Peony Scarlet Haven is one of the brightest representatives of intersectional hybrids. In another way, they are called Ito hybrids in honor of Toichi Ito, who first came up with the idea of ​​combining garden peonies with tree peonies. Their decorative value lies in the unusual combination of beautiful flowers with the foliage of tree-like peonies. Mature plants form round, dense bushes of low height, and the foliage stays green longer than other peonies. Interest in growing is fueled by their resistance to heat and moisture.

Description of peony Scarlet Haven

Scarlet Heaven translated from English means "Scarlet Heaven". This name reflects the color of the petals - scarlet and beautiful, they surround the golden yellow stamens. The diameter of the flowers ranges from 10-20 cm. They give off a bright rich aroma.

Flowers with age of the plant grow and become brighter.

In general, the description of the peony Ito-hybrid Scarlet Haven combines the best qualities of the original varieties. From the tree-like peonies "Scarlet Haven" got beautiful inflorescences and large dark green leaves, shimmering with gloss, which do not fade until the onset of frost.

An adult plant reaches 70 cm in height and 90 cm in width. Strong stems are hidden from view by foliage. They are not afraid of either the winds or the gravity of the inflorescences, so the flowers are always directed towards the sun. The bushes are neat, with good foliage density, spreading. The roots of peonies develop to the sides and are located more superficially than in other forms, which is why they become lignified with age.

Photophilous peonies, but grow well in partial shade. Grow at a moderate rate. The plant is frost-hardy and can withstand up to -27 ° C. The growing zones of Scarlet Haven peonies are 5, 6 and 7, which means that Siberia and the east of Russia are not very suitable for the cultivation of Ito hybrids, the peonies may need to be insulated. Western Russia is perfect for this species.

Features of flowering of Ito-peony Scarlet Haven

The variety belongs to a group (section) of intersectional or Ito hybrids. Flowering "Scarlet Haven", like other plants in this section, inherited from tree peonies. Duration - up to 3 weeks. The upper flowers bloom first, and then the lateral ones.

More than 10 scarlet flowers ripen on one bush

Scarlet Haven begins to bloom abundantly from June to July, once in all. Scarlet petals surround the center with numerous bright yellow stamens. More than a dozen large flowers fit on one spreading bush. In the early years, they are not very large and bright, but with age they increase in size and individual specimens even win at exhibitions.

In Ito hybrids, the color of the petals is unstable under the influence of age, external conditions and hereditary characteristics. Rarely, but still possible, the sudden appearance of two-tone shades due to the formation of stripes, and even less often - a complete change in color. Hybrids of garden and tree varieties appeared only 70 years ago, and they have not fully formed the genetic material.

Application in design

Basically, Scarlet Haven peonies are used for single and group plantings. They often decorate gardens and parks, various ceremonial places.

In landscape compositions, "Scarlet Haven" is often combined with other Ito hybrids. For example, a combination with yellow inflorescences of a related variety of peonies "Yellow Haven" looks good. Flowers are often planted on flat lawns without dilution with various varieties, but any other combinations of "Scarlet Haven" cannot be ruled out, this is a good variety for design experiments.

Scarlet Haven gets along well with herbaceous peonies

Now the varieties of Ito hybrids with red inflorescences are rapidly gaining popularity and compete with the yellow intersectional hybrids, which recently were the first choice of flower growers.

Peony "Bartzella" is one of the most popular in the world and in Russia. Its combination with Scarlet Haven is very expressive because of its flowers: bright yellow petals with a red center. The combination with pink-lilac inflorescences of the First Arrival variety or the two-color Fairy Charm also looks great.

The value of Ito hybrids in the landscape lies in the fact that the flowers are firmly attached to the stem. Regular peonies fall off quickly and simply lie under the bushes, as they are grown more for cutting and placing in vases.

Attention! Common peonies are prepared for winter earlier, and hybrids decorate the site until late autumn.

Reproduction methods

When propagated by seeds, hybrids lose their specific characteristics, so the only rational way is to divide the rhizome.

In order for the separation of the rhizome to occur easily, and the "delenki" to be strong and well-established, it is necessary to choose plants at the age of 3-5 years for dividing. The rhizome of a younger plant will not survive the procedure well, and in a very mature plant, the root system is strongly lignified, which complicates the separation process.

Landing rules

September is best suited for planting, less often warm October. Otherwise, the plant will not have time to get stronger before the onset of cold weather. Abroad, "Scarlet Haven" is planted in the spring, and if they are supplied from there, they can be planted from March to May. Only this should be done almost immediately upon the arrival of the peony - it needs to take root and get stronger before summer.

The place for planting is chosen warm and without drafts. Dense shade, flooding and proximity to large plants are not welcome. If the area is with a hot climate - you need to plant in partial shade, in other cases - in the sun. Provide the plant with fertile, well-drained soil with a neutral or slightly alkaline pH. The best choice is loamy soil of moderate moisture: water should flow well, but not stagnate. Peat will not work in this case.

The more kidneys there are on the "cut", the better

When buying, it is important to carefully examine the "delenki": they should not have rot, cracks or stains. It is taken with at least 3 renewal buds - the more the better. If you bought a seedling with roots, you need to make sure that they are moist and elastic.

A pit for planting a peony is dug 60 cm deep, and up to a meter wide. Such sizes are determined by the root system of the Ito hybrid, which first of all grows in breadth, and in the depth the plant will germinate by itself. Drainage must be placed at the bottom, the basis of which is gravel or broken red bricks.

It is necessary to place the “delenka” in the pit so that the kidneys are at a depth of 3-4 cm from the surface. If the kidneys are located vertically in relation to each other, then the "delenka" is laid on its side. Then the pits are covered with a prepared mixture of humus, sand and earth in equal proportions. After compaction and moderate watering, the planting site should be mulched. Mulch or shredded foliage will regulate the moisture and temperature in the soil.

Follow-up care

Good care will extend the life of Scarlet Haven to 18-20 years. These plants hardly get sick and tolerate different environmental conditions well. Grooming is not much different as for regular peonies.

Elastic stems cope with the weight of the inflorescences and the wind on their own, which means that the plant does not need to be helped by installing a support.

The soil should not be too moist and rich in nutrients

Watering, especially for young plants, is carried out regularly. The main thing is not to overmoisten and not create waterlogging of the soil. This will not benefit the plant, and may even cause rotting of the root system. Only in severe drought can the amount of irrigation be increased, and at normal times it is 15 liters. It is carried out as the top layer of the soil dries up, best of all in the evenings, when the sun ceases to be active. Rainwater will make peonies grow well, but tap water is not the best choice.

Loosening of the soil is carried out after each watering, so the access of oxygen will increase, and this is important for the flowering of the peony. The more oxygen the plant receives through the soil, the more luxuriant the flowers will be.

Mulching in a circle will prevent rapid evaporation of moisture. In the third year, you can start applying fertilizers. In the spring - nitrogen baits, and at the end of flowering - potassium-phosphate mixtures. The addition of ash is carried out only if the soil is not suitable for the peonies in acidity, in other cases such a procedure will be unnecessary.

Preparing for winter

Preparation for the winter of Ito hybrids is carried out much later than that of ordinary peonies - in the second half of November. Already with the arrival of severe frosts in dry weather, the stems are cut at ground level.

For adult plants, cutting will be enough, but young specimens need to be additionally insulated. Spruce branches are best suited for this.

Pests and diseases

Now peonies hardly get sick with fungal diseases. Rust appears occasionally, but it is not dangerous for peonies, it only multiplies on flowers, but parasitizes on pines. But this does not mean that peonies cannot be planted next to pines - anyway, fungal spores fly away for kilometers.


Peony Scarlet Haven is not just a beautiful variety, but also a culture that is convenient in terms of reproduction and care. This type is easy to combine, single and group plantings are good. Sprawling bushes with scarlet flowers are always in the center of attention of any arrangement of flower growers.

Reviews of the peony Scarlet Haven

Inna Pashkova, 44 years old, St. Petersburg

I have been working on peonies for a long time, but I have not yet had Ito hybrids. I chose the Scarlet Haven variety and am completely satisfied with it. She planted them in the spring, started well, but also looked after them properly. Now they are in their 4th year. They have been blooming for several years, and this year the inflorescences have become more magnificent and richer. I plan to plant a couple more Scarlet Haven peonies and dilute them with another variety.

Alla Akhmetova, 57 years old, Krasnodar

Of all the Scarlet Haven hybrids, my favorite is because I love the scarlet color. It is easy to reproduce, even easier to care for. The first experience was not very successful, but choosing the right place for the peonies, I got luxurious bushes with beautiful flowers. Now there are more than ten of them. I like that they have to be cut only in late November, and until that time green bushes adorn my summer cottage.

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