Dayan's carrots

Dayan's carrots

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Dayan's carrot belongs to one of those varieties that can be planted not only in spring, but also in autumn (for winter). This advantage makes it possible to plant and harvest crops even in the most remote corners of Siberia. Possesses good taste, high yield, excellent storage, does not require special growing and maintenance conditions.

Description of the variety and its characteristics

Dayana is a mid-season, fruitful variety. The growing season is 110-120 days. Root crops have an elongated cylindrical shape. The weight of one vegetable ranges from 100 to 170 grams.

Sowing seeds can be carried out both in early spring and in mid-November. The Dayan carrot variety is more suitable for sowing for the winter.

During the period of growth and maturation, the plant does not need special care. It is enough to carry out timely watering, top dressing, soil loosening and thinning. To stimulate the development and accelerate the ripening of root crops, growth stimulants specially developed for carrots can be used.

Important! Carrots should not be fertilized with fresh manure, much less planting seeds in it.

With this method of fertilization and planting, there is a high probability of death of the main root crop and the development of lateral processes, which leads to the formation of a branched or twisted vegetable.

Harvesting is carried out in the fall. Root vegetables are well stored. No special storage conditions are required. It is enough to observe the temperature regime and maintain the optimum level of air humidity in the storage room.

Due to its sweetish taste, the Dayan variety is perfect for cooking:

  • juices;
  • mashed potatoes;
  • dishes intended for baby food;
  • conservation;
  • salads.

Carrots are the richest source of carotene and vitamins, therefore the cultivation of such a healthy and tasty vegetable is very popular among amateur gardeners and professional farmers.


Irina, 25 years old, Moscow

I became a mother a year ago. The problem for most mothers is the introduction of complementary foods. I didn't have this problem, thanks to Dayan's carrots. The vegetable is juicy, sweet, keeps well even in the refrigerator. She used it to cook everything for her son - from juices and mashed potatoes to vegetable soups and salads. Dayan carrots have become a real lifesaver for me.

Olga Ivanovna, 56 years old, Nizhny Novgorod

I have been growing carrots in the country for many years. The variety Dayana planted last year for the first time. I planted the seeds for the winter. I was very worried if the variety could overwinter in the garden. Everything worked out. Shoots appeared in the spring. She looked after the plant as always: watered, loosened, fertilized. The carrots have grown large, even, one in one, exactly like in the picture with the seeds. The yield is high, which made me especially happy. The vegetable tastes sweet. I make vegetable juices from carrots, add to cabbage when canning. For the juice, Dayana was perfect. Due to the large size of the root crop, the raw material does not need to be prepared for a long time and is very easy to process. Planted again this year.

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