Milking machine Doyarushka UDSH-001

Milking machine Doyarushka UDSH-001

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Milking machine Milkarushka is used for milking cows and goats. The equipment is distinguished by its simplicity of design, simple control, and reliability. All units are located on a sturdy frame equipped with wheels. It is convenient for the operator to maneuver with the machine around the barn, thereby speeding up the service of dairy cows.

Features of the milking machine Doyarushka UDSH-001

The milking machine is used for milking cows and goats. Depending on the model, the Miller is capable of serving one or two animals at the same time. The device for simultaneous milking of two cows is equipped with attachments with two sets of teat cups. The equipment comes with one or two cans. Milk is taken by creating a vacuum in the system.

Important! The Milking Machine Milking Machine can be used for animals with developed udders.

The milkmaid is compact in size. For an hour of operation, the device can serve up to 10 dairy cows. Despite the crowdedness of the nodes, there is always access to them for maintenance. The basis of the unit is a robust steel frame with a control handle. Rubber tread wheels provide mobility. The trolley is easy to move over uneven barn floors.

The working units of the Milkmaid are installed on the frame. There is a separate area for a can for collecting milk. The container is made of stainless steel. The volume of the can is 25 liters. The machine's motor is installed on the second platform of the frame, located closer to the wheels. The design is thought out in such a way as to exclude the ingress of oil splashes into the can or on the teat cups. The attachment is secured to the handle. The teat cups are equipped with elastic rubber cuffs.

The milk can is tightly closed with a lid on which the fittings are embedded. They are connected to milk hoses with transparent walls, as well as a vacuum hose, which is easily distinguished by its black color. To carry out milking with the Milking machine, the can must be tightly closed so that a vacuum is maintained in the system. The tightness is ensured by a rubber O-ring placed under the can lid.


The Doyarushka apparatus is equipped with a low-speed asynchronous motor. A big plus is the absence of the need to replace the brushes. Thanks to the oil cooling, the engine does not overheat under continuous load. The piston pump creates a stable pressure in the system in the region of 50 kPa. A vacuum gauge is provided for its measurement.

The milking machine is suitable for use on small farms and private backyards. The absence of fragile parts, weak components affects the trouble-free operation of the equipment. Breakdowns are extremely rare. Milking is characterized by a two-stroke milking system. After using the device, there is no need to "milk" the cow manually. However, the two-stroke process is less pleasant for the cows. Milk is expressed by squeezing and unclenching the nipple. The absence of a third “rest” mode does not bring mechanical milking closer to the natural process that occurs when feeding a calf.

Attention! Doyarushka's package does not include a separate pulsator, as well as a receiver.

The main characteristics of the milking machine:

  • the device can serve from 8 to 10 animals per hour;
  • the engine is connected to a 200 volt electrical network;
  • maximum motor power 0.55 kW;
  • operating pressure range in the system 40-50 kPa;
  • ripple 64 beats per minute;
  • dimensions of the device 100x39x78 cm;
  • weight without packaging 52 kg.

The manufacturer gives a 1 year warranty for its products.

More details about the Doyarushka apparatus are shown in the video:

How to use

The instructions for using the Milking machine provide for the implementation of standard actions, as is the case with other milking machines. The first step is to prepare the udder of the animal for milking. It should be rinsed for a minute, massage should be performed to increase the amount and speed of milk delivery. The udder is wiped with a napkin. The nipples must be dry. A small amount of milk, literally a few drops, is decanted by hand into a separate container.

The device begins to prepare by wiping the suction cups of the teat cups with an antiseptic solution. By pressing the start button, the motor is turned on. The equipment is idling for five minutes. The milk can lid must be closed and the vacuum valve open. In this position, the milking mode starts. During idle operation, the device is checked for extraneous sounds, air leaks in the system. If all is well, the teat cups are placed on the teats one at a time.

You can recognize the start of milking by the appearance of milk in the transparent tubes. When it stops flowing, the motor is turned off, the vacuum valve is closed. The teat cups are removed from the udder. The milk can is placed on the trolley frame, the apparatus is transported to the next animal.

Important! Milking one cow takes approximately 6 minutes.

The stability of the Doyarushka's work largely depends on the correct maintenance of the equipment:

  • Change the oil in the gearbox 1 time annually;
  • once a month, the pump is disassembled to check and replace worn out gaskets;
  • Check the piston for lubrication on a weekly basis.

At the end of milking, the apparatus is washed. Use soap and disinfectant solution, clean hot water. Glasses are washed separately in a large container. The milkmaid is guaranteed to serve up to 9 years without serious damage if the equipment is properly maintained.


Milking machine Milkarushka is considered the simplest, but effective equipment with good performance. This is evidenced by numerous reviews from users who have experienced the installation on their home farms.

Reviews of the milking machine for cows Doyarushka UDSH-001

Valentina Pavlovna Suvorova, 57 years old

The milkmaid was bought when the farm increased to 5 cows. Three years of impeccable work make me happy. It takes about 10 minutes to milk one cow. Expression of milk is complete, but just in case, after mechanical milking, I check it manually.

Katerina Vladimirovna Fesenko, 43 years old

Doyarushka was purchased to replace the Chinese apparatus, which had been working with breakdowns for 5 years. The milking quality is the best. We have been using it for two years. So far, everything works well. There is a slight hum of the pump, but the cows are used to it, they are no longer frightened.

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