Tomato Volgogradsky 5-95: reviews + photos

Tomato Volgogradsky 5-95: reviews + photos

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Tomato is the most common vegetable among gardeners and summer residents. It is loved for its pleasant delicate taste and versatility, since tomatoes are eaten raw, cooked and canned. But it is worth noting that not all varieties of this vegetable are very popular, because many of them are whimsical to care for. Therefore, most summer residents are in no hurry to plant new varieties of tomatoes in their plots, but prefer proven and proven tomatoes. These include the Volgogradskiy tomato 5-95.

Description of tomato Volgogradskiy 5-95

Tomato variety Volgogradskiy 5-95 was bred by Russian breeders at the Volgograd Experimental Station of the All-Russian Research Institute of Plant Growing, and was allowed to grow in 1953.

This vegetable plant is easy to care for. The tomato has a compact bush, standard, semi-determinate with medium foliage. The main stem can be up to 100 cm long, the average length is 70-80 cm, therefore it requires a garter to the support. The leaves are light green, medium in size and highly corrugated.

On the main stem, from 4 to 7 inflorescences are formed. The first inflorescence appears above 6-8 leaves, subsequent ones alternate through 1-2 leaves. 3-5 fruits can form on the inflorescence.

Ripening period is late. From planting to ripening of fruits, it takes up to 130 days.

Description of fruits

According to the description, the fruits of the Volgograd 5-95 tomato are large, since their size varies from 80 to 150 g.

Attention! Fruit ripening occurs in 3-4 waves, the first is most often the largest - 120-150 g. Subsequent harvests have slightly smaller fruits.

Ripe tomatoes are deep red in color, flat-round, with an even glossy surface, slightly ribbed. The unripe fruit has a light green color with dark saturated green spots at the stalk. The location of the seed nests is correct, their number is from 5 to 8 on a horizontal cut.

The taste of tomatoes is characteristic, sweet and sour. The flesh is fleshy, but not too watery. The fruit contains up to 4.5% dry matter and up to 3% sugar. These tomatoes are ideal for eating raw, as well as for making tomato paste, various dishes and preservation.

Fresh fruits have a fairly long shelf life, and they perfectly tolerate transportation in boxes over a long distance.

Characteristics of the Volgogradskiy tomato 5-95

Tomato variety Volgogradskiy 5-95 does not require special care, which allows even novice gardeners to plant it. The tomato is unpretentious to the soil, it is recommended for planting in open ground. It takes root well in greenhouse conditions. It gives a higher yield when grown in the southern regions, but under the right conditions, a good harvest can be obtained by growing tomatoes of this variety in the northern strip.

Fruiting is stable and extended, which makes it possible to harvest tomatoes of the Volgogradskiy 5-95 variety for 2 months. Average yield in open ground from 1 m² is 7 kg, depending on climatic conditions and correct care, yield from 1 m² varies from 3 to 12 kg. In greenhouses, the yield increases by about 20%, and up to 14 kg of tomatoes can be obtained from 1 m².

This type of tomato belongs to agricultural varieties, has an average degree of resistance to diseases.

There are also two more varieties:

  1. Tomato variety Volgograd early ripening.
  2. Tomato Volgograd 5-95 pink.

Advantages and disadvantages

Tomatoes of the Volgogradsky 5-95 variety have a large number of positive qualities, for which they are valued among summer residents. The advantages of this plant include:

  • the bushes are compact, with medium leafiness, which facilitates care;
  • tomatoes are able to easily tolerate temperature fluctuations;
  • plants are drought tolerant;
  • early ripening of the first wave of fruits;
  • up to 5 fruits can form on one brush, which ripen at the same time, allowing you to use the crop more efficiently;
  • fruits are of different sizes, but at the same time their shape is the same, ideal for canning as a whole;
  • during ripening, the fruits do not burst and, after being removed from the bush, can be stored for a long time;
  • well tolerate long-distance transportation;
  • tomatoes are resistant to many diseases.

The variety has much fewer disadvantages, and they are as follows:

  • the need to tie the main stem;
  • fragility of branches and shoots, which often leads to fractures.

Attention! The disadvantages also include the requirement for periodic and complex feeding.

Planting and care rules

You can plant a tomato of the Volgogradsky 5-95 variety both in open ground and in a greenhouse. Before direct planting, you should take care of the correct cultivation of seedlings, preparation and feeding of the soil, and also know the most basic rules for caring for a tomato of this variety.

Sowing seeds for seedlings

Tomatoes of the Volgogradsky 5-95 variety are planted only in seedlings. For this, the seeds are sown into the nutrient soil under the film to obtain seedlings.

Sowing seeds should be done in mid-March.

Attention! Dates for planting and sowing seeds may differ depending on climatic conditions.

Before sowing seeds, they should be sorted out, separating too small and damaged ones. Then, to increase the percentage of seedlings, they should be placed in a weak manganese solution in a ratio of 1 g per 100 ml of water for 30 minutes. Then they are removed and laid out on a paper towel.

Sowing should be done in nutrient soil (you can buy it at the store or do it yourself by mixing peat, humus and turf soil). The prepared soil is sifted through a sieve to remove large lumps and tamped into a container.

Seeds are placed in a row at a distance of up to 3 cm from each other. They are deepened into the soil by no more than 4 cm. After sowing, the soil is moistened by spraying, and the container is covered with a film.

In the process of germinating seeds, they should ensure the optimum temperature, which can vary from +10 to +20 Сº.

For good development of the root system, top dressing should be periodically applied. And when two well-developed leaves appear, a dive is performed.

Transplanting seedlings

When the seedlings reach a height of 14-17 cm, with well-formed 8-10 leaves, the seedlings are planted in a garden bed. Usually the process of development and growth of seedlings takes 50-60 days. Planting should be carried out in the soil warmed up to 14 Cº.

The most convenient place for planting tomatoes of the Volgogradskiy 5-95 variety is the soil where carrots, cucumbers, cabbage, parsley and zucchini previously grew. The beds must be prepared in the fall. During the autumn digging of the soil, humus and mineral fertilizers should be applied. Fertilizers are introduced at the rate of 1 m²:

  • humus bucket;
  • superphosphate - 30 g;
  • saltpeter - 15 g;
  • potassium salt - 20 g.

In the spring, as soon as the soil has warmed up, it is loosened and ammonium nitrate is introduced into the soil. Then the beds are formed, the holes are prepared and the seedlings are planted in a row at a distance of 50 cm from each other, the row spacing is 60 cm. The holes should not be completely filled with soil, it is also not recommended to tamp them. After planting, the seedlings should be watered.

Tomato care

Tomato variety Volgogradskiy 5-95 is unpretentious in care and watering, but needs periodic complex feeding.

After planting seedlings of tomatoes of the Volgogradsky 5-95 variety, it is recommended to water the beds at intervals of 4-7 days. It should be watered only at the root and with the calculation of 5-6 liters per one bush. The water should be warm. The ideal time to water is evening.

Attention! Waterlogging of the soil should not be allowed, as this can provoke the appearance of rot.

To avoid drying out the soil, mulching should be performed. Ideal as mulch:

  • straw;
  • sawdust
  • dry leaves.

Also, these organic materials serve as an additional source of nutrients. If mulching is not provided, then after each watering it is required to loosen the soil.

During the entire growing process, the soil around the plants should be cleared of weeds. And also for good air permeability, the topsoil should be loosened not only after watering, but also between waterings.

For the correct formation of a tomato bush of the Volgogradsky 5-95 variety, it is imperative to carry out pinching. It is produced by breaking off the appeared stepchildren, so the tomatoes will grow in one bush. It is recommended to break off stepchildren in the early morning, so that during the day the breakage site is tightened under the influence of sunlight.

Important! A small piece of the appendix should be left at the site of the break of the stepson in order to avoid the appearance of a new one in its place.

Do not throw out stepchildren; they can be used to prepare fertilizer.

With a small formation of ovaries, the plant should be treated with a solution of boric acid with urea.

It is recommended to carry out complex feeding 4-5 times per season.


Tomato Volgogradskiy 5-95 is a very good variety, bred by Russian breeders, which is in no way inferior to imported hybrid varieties. The tomato yield is stable and quite good. The fruits have an excellent appearance, rich color and good taste. The harvest is suitable for the preparation of any dish. Tomatoes tolerate preservation and heat treatment well.

Reviews of tomatoes Volgogradskiy 5-95

Vladimir, 61 years old, Ulyanovsk

For me, the Volgogradskiy tomato 5-95 is a classic. I myself live in an apartment, but I have my own summer cottage. I do not visit it so often, so I choose varieties of plants that are unpretentious in care. When choosing tomatoes, I always buy seedlings of this variety. I recognize them by their thick hairy stem and medium leaves. Absolutely everything takes root. And the harvest is excellent. We eat fresh, fleshy and large fruits from the first wave, and I let the next ones for salting.

Elena, 49 years old, Murmansk

I was born and spent almost all my childhood in the city of Volgograd, and when I saw the seeds of tomatoes Volgogradsky 5-95 on the market, without hesitation, I bought them. I didn’t regret it at all. I have grown wonderful tomatoes. Bushes of medium height, without excess foliage. The fruits themselves are large, even, smooth and rich red. Tomatoes are appetizing in the context, as they are very fleshy. They are also fragrant and sweetish. They grew up in my garden in the open field, there were no diseases. I really liked the tomato variety Volgogradskiy 5-95, I will definitely continue to plant it.

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