Is it possible for pregnant nettles: in the early, late stages, in the second trimester

Is it possible for pregnant nettles: in the early, late stages, in the second trimester

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Nettle during pregnancy is absolutely not contraindicated, but there are certain restrictions when taking it. The plant has a unique composition rich in vitamins. It can be consumed in the form of decoctions, soups, teas, and also externally for cosmetic purposes. Before starting self-medication, it makes sense to consult a doctor. There are also trimester restrictions. If in the second and third nettles will be useful to almost all expectant mothers, then in the first it is highly discouraged to use it. The herb enhances the contraction of smooth muscles, can provoke miscarriages. Women with kidney pathologies, varicose veins, and stones in the bladder are also at risk.

The composition and value of the plant

Nettle leaves during pregnancy can be consumed provided that there are no contraindications. The plant has a unique composition, is extremely useful, has the following actions:

  • stimulates metabolism;
  • normalizes the digestive tract;
  • removes toxins, cleanses the body;
  • promotes milk flow during lactation;
  • helps to produce proteins, strengthens the immune system;
  • rich in iron, which is necessary for the normal functioning of the pancreas.

It is vitamins, iron in the composition that make nettle extremely useful for health. Teas can be an alternative to pharmacy vitamin supplements. They are natural and contain no preservatives.

Important! Nettle thickens the blood, so taking it with varicose veins should be careful.

Stinging nettle can be allergic, so start with small doses.

Why nettle is useful during pregnancy

A decoction of nettle during pregnancy, tea, soups will be useful in 2-3 trimesters. In the first, especially with an increased tone of the uterus, the presence of a threat of miscarriage, it would be better to refuse to take the drug.

The most common way to take is tea. It can be consumed by women in position in the amount of three small cups a day. For taste, if you don't like natural, lemon, honey, raspberries are added to the broth. It is optimal to brew the leaves not with boiling water, but with hot water at about 70 ° C. 100-degree boiling water kills vitamins and minerals.

Important! External use of the drug during pregnancy is practically unlimited. You can make lotions, face masks, hair decoctions.

You can eat salads, soups, nettle oils during pregnancy. Oil relieves neurological clamps and pain well. Soups and salads are allowed in small quantities. Natural remedies are all medicines, sometimes even stronger than chemicals. They should be handled with care.

For pregnant women in large quantities, a plant in any form can be dangerous.

Nettle during pregnancy

It is quite possible to drink nettle during pregnancy, but you need to take into account the trimester and individual contraindications. At the beginning of the period, alternative treatment is not recommended.

Nettle during early pregnancy

Despite the rich vitamin composition and undeniable benefits, the plant should not be consumed in the first trimester unless absolutely necessary. Juice and infusions are equally dangerous. Nettle can cause spasms of the uterus and other smooth muscles, blood vessels. This is fraught with miscarriage. Doctors do not advise taking risks, there are more gentle types of teas, vitamin supplements.

Many products are allowed in 2-3 trimesters, but not recommended in the first

There are no restrictions for external use. It's time to make tonics for the face, hair with nettles. Rinsing curls are especially useful for those ladies who complain of hair loss with the onset of pregnancy.

Nettle during pregnancy in the second trimester

If there are no contraindications, complications, the threat of miscarriage, the expectant mother can use the infusion. Juice from fresh leaves and stems stimulates metabolism, activates digestion. Also, the tool increases hemoglobin, and it is reduced in many expectant mothers.

Nettle in late pregnancy

Pregnant women can drink nettle in the third trimester if there is no threat of premature birth. In general, the recommendations are the same as for the second trimester. You can use decoctions, juices to remove toxins, relieve edema, and activate metabolism.

Nettle after childbirth

After childbirth, herbal tea is used to enhance lactation. Caution should be observed with kidney pathologies, varicose veins. Too often tea is not drunk, as the drink can change the taste of breast milk.

Important! The child can refuse to breast if the mother abuses herbal teas. A measure is needed in everything.

Is it possible to nettle during pregnancy

During pregnancy, decoctions are made from the plant or they are eaten. You can choose any method of use according to your taste.

Is it possible to drink nettle during pregnancy

You can drink nettle during pregnancy in two versions. The first is a decoction or tea. The drink is prepared from fresh or dried leaves, it is important not to overdo it with concentration.

Fresh leaves allow you to get delicious aromatic infusions, decoctions

The second option is juice from the leaves of a fresh plant. It is not so popular because it is easier to make decoctions and teas. In terms of efficiency, both are good.

Is it okay to eat nettles during pregnancy

Fresh leaves can be chewed, added to salads, soups made with them. Usually, nettles are boiled before eating. There is only one limitation to use - the presence of pathologies of the bladder and kidneys.

Recipes and rules of use

It is not difficult to make healthy teas and teas with nettles. Many people like the leaf-based soup, which is a good summer option.

Nettle decoction

Broths help with various ailments. If you have a cough, take 20 g of grass, boil it for a quarter of an hour, add 200 ml of honey. You need to take a tablespoon six times a day.

For the broth, you can use the leaves and stems of the plant.

If a pregnant woman is not gaining weight well, she lacks vitamins, poor appetite, you can try this remedy. For 200 ml of water, take a tablespoon of dry leaves, boil them for ten minutes, leave for an hour, filter. The volume is divided into three steps.

If you don't like the taste, add a little honey to the drink.

This recipe is useful for the heart. Cut off the tops with foliage from young plants, dry the material in the shade, prepare a powder with its use. Then pour five tablespoons of 0.5 liters of water, boil over low heat. Take the broth four times a day for half a glass.

Nettle tea

Nettle tea is prepared from 2-3 tablespoons of a dry plant, pour 0.5 boiling water, and stand for 30 minutes. Strain, drink warm or cold. This volume is enough for a day. You can add honey, lemon.

Nettle soup during pregnancy

Nettle soup is a delicious and healthy dietary first course. Ingredients:

  • fresh herb plants;
  • bulb;
  • egg;
  • carrot;
  • three potatoes.

You can boil the soup in water or broth. Carrots and onions should be passaged first. Boil potatoes for ten minutes, add chopped nettle leaves, boil for three minutes, remove from heat. Crumble the boiled egg into plates.

Only fresh leaves are suitable for making soup.

With edema

Tea from the plant is indispensable for edema. The concentration of the active substance in the beverage will depend on the processing method. The easiest option is to brew the herb just before drinking, like tea.

Important! Nettle is an excellent remedy for anemia.

Useful drink in recent months. The presence of potassium in the leaves of the plant prevents the development of hemorrhagic syndrome. Drinking the drink will be beneficial for both mother and fetus. You can brew the leaves in a cup or thermos.

The broth is a more concentrated option. If tea can be consumed without restrictions (the main thing is that there are no contraindications), then before treatment with a decoction, it is worth consulting with a specialist. Also, the agent is used for the feet locally, added to the water when taking baths.

Nettle helps against puffiness well, but it is important not to exceed the daily dosage of the active substance.

Limitations and contraindications

You cannot abuse the plant. Despite the beneficial, natural composition, the constant use of decoctions can cause premature birth. Also, before starting the appointment, it is advisable to consult with an obstetrician leading a pregnancy.

Important! Pathologies of the uterus, bleeding are absolute contraindications to the use of nettle while carrying a baby.

Fresh leaves of the plant can contribute to the formation of bladder stones. With varicose veins, non-plant-based remedies are also not recommended, they thicken the blood and lead to the appearance of blood clots. In general, any systemic disease is a reason to be careful.

You should also make sure there are no allergies. This can be done by taking a trial dosage of herbal decoction and carefully following the reaction.

Also, after introducing nettle into the diet, you need to stop using other unusual products. This will allow you to identify the source of problems if they arise.

At the same time, a decoction of nettle outwardly tones up the skin well, improves its appearance, and gives shine to the hair.


Nettle during pregnancy can be beneficial if used wisely. The leaves of the plant contain many vitamins, microelements that will be useful to the expectant mother. It is very important to exclude contraindications and not exceed the daily dosage of the active substance. In the first trimester, it is not recommended to use the plant, in 2-3 it will be useful. Sometimes there is an allergy to nettle, you need to make sure that it is absent. The main ways of using the product are teas, decoctions, nettle soup. External use is possible - for baths and baths, masks, lotions. After giving birth, nettle leaves will help improve lactation, but moderation and caution are also important here.

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