Stihl Gasoline Blower Vacuum Cleaner

Stihl Gasoline Blower Vacuum Cleaner

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The Stihl gasoline blower is a multifunctional and reliable device that is used to clean areas of leaves and other debris. However, it can be used for drying painted surfaces, removing snow from paths, blowing computer elements.

Air blowers of the Shtil brand are distinguished by their high performance. The company is actively working to eliminate the main disadvantages of gasoline blowers: high vibration and noise levels.

Important! Calm technology is characterized by low levels of exhaust gas emissions into the environment.

Main varieties

The company manufactures gasoline-powered blowers. Therefore, when using them, you must observe safety precautions. Models differ in power, operating modes, weight and other technical characteristics.

Depending on the design, blowing technology is divided into manual and knapsack technology. Handheld vacuum cleaners are convenient to carry and use for small areas. The knapsack devices are suitable for cleaning large areas.

Sr 430

The Stihl SR 430 is a long range garden sprayer. The device is characterized by the following parameters:

  • power - 2.9 kW;
  • gasoline tank capacity - 1.7 liters;
  • spray tank capacity - 14 l;
  • weight - 12.2 kg;
  • the greatest range of spraying - 14.5 m;
  • maximum air volume - 1300 m3/ h

The Stihl SR sprayer is equipped with an anti-vibration system to relieve stress on the back muscles. Rubber buffers reduce vibration from the engine.

Important! A set of nozzles helps to change the shape and direction of the jet.

All controls are integrated into the handle. The automatic position of the switch provides a quick automatic start of the sprayer. A convenient backpack-type system allows you to carry the device. With its help, the weight of the equipment is optimally distributed.

Br 200 d

The Stihl br 200 d version is a petrol knapsack blower with the following technical characteristics:

  • blowing function;
  • power - 800 W;
  • tank capacity - 1.05 l;
  • the highest air speed - 81 m / s;
  • maximum volume - 1380 m3/ h;
  • weight - 5.8 kg.

The blower has a knapsack fastening with a comfortable lining. The two-stroke engine is powerful and fuel efficient. The Stihl br 200 d is lightweight and easy to use.

Br 500

The Stihl br 500 gasoline vacuum cleaner is a powerful unit that is characterized by low noise levels and high performance.

Stihl br 500 stands out for its following characteristics:

  • blowing function;
  • engine type - 4-MIX;
  • tank capacity - 1.4 l;
  • the highest speed - 81 m / s;
  • maximum volume - 1380 m3/ h;
  • weight - 10.1 kg.

The Stihl br 500 blower is equipped with an environmentally friendly engine that is fuel efficient and reduces harmful emissions into the environment.

Br 600

The Stihl br 600 model operates in blowing mode. The device is suitable for cleaning gardens, parks and lawns from foliage and other small objects.

Stihl br 600 has the following specifications:

  • tank capacity - 1.4 l;
  • the highest speed - 90 m / s;
  • maximum volume - 1720 m3/ h;
  • weight - 9.8 kg.

Gardening device Stihl br 600 provides long-term comfortable work. The 4-MIX engine is quiet and has lower exhaust emissions.

Sh 56

The gasoline vacuum cleaner stihl sh 56 blower has several modes of operation: blowing, suction and processing of plant residues.

The characteristics of the device are as follows:

  • power - 700 W;
  • maximum volume - 710 m3/ h;
  • bag capacity - 45 l;
  • weight - 5.2 kg.

To make it easier to work with the garden vacuum cleaner, a shoulder strap is provided. All controls are located on the handle.

Sh 86

The stihl sh 86 petrol vacuum blower is a handy device capable of performing a wide range of tasks. This includes blowing off the area, sucking up debris and then crushing it.

The technical features of the device are as follows:

  • maximum volume of air mass - 770 m33/ h;
  • bag capacity - 45 l;
  • weight - 5.6 kg.

The device is characterized by low noise level and reduced vibration. The air filter reduces emissions of harmful substances.

Bg 50

For a personal plot, the Stihl bg 50 garden vacuum cleaner is suitable, which is lightweight, simple and easy to use.

The technical features of the Stihl bg 50 are as follows:

  • engine type - two-stroke;
  • gasoline tank capacity - 0.43 l;
  • the highest speed - 216 km / h;
  • maximum air volume - 11.7 m3/ min;
  • weight - 3.6 kg.

The garden blower is equipped with a vibration reduction system. All controls are contained on the handle.

Bg 86

The Stihl bg 86 model stands out for its increased power and can be used for personal and commercial purposes.

The characteristics of Stihl bg 86 are as follows:

  • engine type - two-stroke;
  • power - 800 W;
  • fuel tank capacity - 0.44 l;
  • speed - up to 306 km / h;
  • weight - 4.4 kg.

Stihl bg 86 anti-vibration equipment reduces the harmful effects on the user. The device operates in the mode of suction, blowing and waste processing.


Stihl blowers are high-performance and powerful equipment capable of handling a wide range of tasks. Air blowers operate on the basis of a gasoline engine, which makes it possible to process large areas without being tied to a power source.

Depending on the model, the devices are capable of collecting plant debris in a heap or operate in vacuum cleaner mode. Another function is shredding waste, which makes it easier to dispose of. The processed leaves are used for mulching or as compost.

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