Carrot Natalia F1

Carrot Natalia F1

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One of the most popular varieties of carrots is considered to be "Nantes", which has proven itself well. The variety was bred back in 1943, since then a huge number of varieties have come from it, very similar in appearance to each other. One of them is Natalia F1 carrots. Let's talk about it in more detail.

Description of the variety

Carrots "Natalia" - this is a variety type of "Nantes" Dutch selection. According to the manufacturer's statement, it is she who is considered the most delicious of all varieties. However, gardeners are attracted not only by taste.

For everyone who decided to start growing carrots, it also matters:

  • resistance of the hybrid to diseases;
  • aging rate;
  • yield and technical characteristics of the root crop;
  • cultivation features.

Let's raise all these topics and compose a complete description of the Natalia F1 carrot hybrid. To do this, we will write down all the indicators in a special table, which will be convenient and understandable to any gardener.


Indicator name




Full description of the fetus

Length 20-22 centimeters, bright orange, cylindrical shape with a blunt tip


Medium early hybrid, period from the moment of appearance to technical ripeness maximum 135 days

Disease resistance

To standard diseases, well stored

Seed sowing scheme

When sowing, they do not plant very often, maintaining a distance of 4 centimeters, and between the beds - 20 centimeters; carrot seeds are slightly buried by 1-2 centimeters

Purpose and taste

Can be eaten fresh and stored for a long time in a cool place, for example, in a cellar


3-4 kilograms per square meter

Below is a video with an overview of popular varieties of carrots, one of which is Natalia carrots.

Due to the fact that this hybrid is intended for a long time to ripen in the ground, it hardens and can be stored almost all winter, being an excellent source of vitamins and carotene, which is abundant in this carrot. Children eat it with pleasure, as it is sweet and juicy.

Features of growing varieties

Carrots "Natalia F1" are grown in the same way as most varieties of this crop. Prefers light soils, rich in oxygen.

Advice! Carrots do not like manure and an abundance of organic fertilizers. If there are a lot of them, a beautiful harvest will not work, the fruits will turn out to be ugly.

Also, the Natalya hybrid is picky about moderate watering, he does not like drought. At the same time, do not forget that this culture does not like excessive moisture either. Firstly, it can affect the growth of the root crop, and secondly, it can become destructive.

If you follow the rules of cultivation, then "Natalia" will give a good harvest, and the fruits will be friendly, quickly acquire a bright color and the required amount of vitamins.


This hybrid is not new, so many have grown it in their backyards. The reviews are quite positive, they can be found in large numbers on the Internet. Some of them are presented below.

Veronika Bogatykh, 56 years old, Stavropol Territory

Most likely, "Natalia F1" will seem late ripening for residents of central Russia, but here it grows well, ripens and after that it is stored until the end of January. We have been growing this variety for the fifth year in a row, we love it very much.

Natalya Serova, 44 years old, Krasnodar

In my garden, I always plant several varieties of carrots at the same time. I try to try something new every year, so I have been growing the Natalya hybrid for three years in a row, and now it is included in the list of those varieties that are invariably present in the beds. Of course, I like the fact that it can be stored for a long time. Early varieties of "Nantes" cannot boast of this. At the same time, the carrots remain sweet and juicy. We make juices, three grated for salads. The Natalya hybrid is worth trying to grow for everyone, without exception.

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