Silky entoloma (Silky rose leaf): photo and description

Silky entoloma (Silky rose leaf): photo and description

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Silky entoloma, or Silky rose leaf, is a conditionally edible representative of the mushroom kingdom, growing on grassy forest edges. The variety looks like toadstools, therefore, in order not to harm yourself and your loved ones, you need to know the external description, place and period of growth.

What does Entoloma silky look like?

Silky entoloma is a small mushroom of the Entolomov family. Acquaintance with the species must begin with a detailed description, as well as study the place and time of fruiting.

Description of the hat

The hat of the variety is small, 20-50 mm, in young specimens it is domed, straightens with age, leaving a small elevation or depression in the center. The thin skin is glossy, silky, colored brown or dark brown with a gray tint. The pulp has a brown color, when it dries it acquires a light shade.

Important! The pulp is fragile, with the aroma and taste of fresh flour.

The spore layer is covered with notched plates of different sizes. At a young age, they are painted in snow-white or light coffee colors, with age they turn pink or orange.

Reproduction occurs by oblong reddish spores, which are located in a pink spore powder.

Leg description

The leg is fragile, cylindrical, no more than 50 mm high. The longitudinal fibrous flesh is covered with a glossy skin colored to match the hat. At the base, the leg is covered with villi of snow-white mycelium.

Is the mushroom edible or not

The mushroom belongs to the 4th group of edibility. After boiling, you can cook a variety of dishes and preservation from them. It is recommended to eat the caps of young specimens.

Where and how it grows

This representative prefers to grow in well-lit grassy forest edges, pastures and meadows. Grows in groups or single specimens. Begins fruiting from August to October, grows in areas with a temperate climate.

Doubles and their differences

Entoloma, like many representatives of the mushroom kingdom, has similar counterparts. These include:

  1. Sadovaya is an edible mushroom with a hygrophane cap; when it gets wet, it begins to swell and increase in size. This specimen grows in well-lit, open glades, begins to bear fruit from June to October.
  1. Rough - a rare, inedible species. Prefers to grow in damp lowlands and grassy, ​​marshy areas. Begins fruiting from July to September. You can recognize the species by the bell-shaped cap and thin dark brown leg. The pulp is dense, fleshy, brown inside the cap, in the leg - sky-gray.


Silky entoloma is a conditionally edible specimen. Grows in well-lit areas in temperate regions. The variety is similar in appearance to toadstools, in order not to be mistaken, you need to know the varietal characteristics and study the photo. When in doubt, it is best to avoid harvesting this mushroom to avoid food poisoning.

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