Honey mushrooms of the Saratov region: where they collect, when they grow

Honey mushrooms of the Saratov region: where they collect, when they grow

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Honey mushrooms in the Saratov region are found in many forests. At the same time, there are areas in which the yield of mushrooms is not at all lower than in the central territory of Russia. To get a full basket of forest gifts, you need to know in which places it is best to look for them.

Where honey mushrooms grow in the Saratov region

The region is divided into two halves by the Volga River. Most of the forests are on the right side. It is there that it is recommended to look for mushrooms in the first place.

In the northwestern districts of the region, where large forests of mixed nature are mainly observed, it is possible to collect more than one basket of autumn honey agarics. Moreover, they grow not only on the stumps of deciduous trees, but also on weakened birches, lindens, etc.

In the southern regions of Saratov, broad-leaved forest vegetation and coniferous plantations prevail. There are also various mushrooms, among which there are vast meadows with honey agarics.

Attention! In the southeast of the European part of Russia, there are many wet forests. It is there, first of all, that you should conduct a quiet hunt.

Autumn mushrooms in the Saratov region grow in the following places:

  1. Forest near the village of Alekseevka, which is located in the Baltic region.
  2. Settlement Ivanteevka in the Krasnoarmeysky district.
  3. The village of Kamenka in the Tatishchevsky district, there is a large spruce forest nearby, where you can collect a lot of honey agarics in the spring and come for them in the fall.
  4. On the territory of the Engels District, not far from Lake Tin-Zin, there is a forest belt in which fruit bodies can be collected immediately after the snow melts and before its new fall.
  5. The village of Ozerki, Petrovsky district, is dominated by summer mushrooms.
  6. Bazarno-Karabulaksky district - forests are mainly birch. Therefore, there are always a lot of mushrooms in these places.
  7. The village of Popovka in the Saratov province is a favorite place for professionals in quiet hunting.
  8. Yagodnaya Polyana in the Tatishchevsky district.
  9. The village of Zvonarevka in the Marksovsky district. Honey mushrooms and many other valuable mushrooms grow here.

Important! Representatives of the species prefer to grow in elevated places, in light oak and birch groves, on forest edges. Moreover, the more weakened trees and stumps, the better the mushroom harvest is expected.

When honey mushrooms are harvested in the Saratov region

Forest mushrooms in the Saratov region are harvested at a certain period. Autumn ones appear in July and end their growth in October. If the weather is humid and warm after September, the mushrooms continue to delight with their presence until the end of November.

Since honey agaric yield depends entirely on climatic characteristics, the number of harvested fruit bodies changes from year to year. But experienced connoisseurs of quiet hunting know that the mushroom season should not be missed. Indeed, in one summer, you can collect so many mushrooms so that there will be enough blanks from them for several years in advance.

In the photo you can see a lot of honey agarics that grow in the Saratov region in the fall.

But winter specimens are also found on the territory of the region. They can be found near the banks of rivers, where there are planted forests, in parks and even gardens. At the same time, the winter view remains unclaimed, since there are practically no fans of walking through the snow-covered groves. But connoisseurs of quiet hunting note that it is much easier to look for mushrooms on the white surface of the earth than in foliage and dry branches. That is why there are always high chances of getting a rich "catch".

Honey mushroom collection rules

There is not much difference in where the autumn mushrooms grow, in Saratov or any other city of the Russian Federation, there is no. It is necessary to collect them according to all existing rules:

  1. Before you put the mushroom in the basket, you need to make sure that it is edible. There are poisonous representatives of the species, which are in many ways similar to ordinary mushrooms, and they are confused by beginners of a quiet hunt.
  2. It is better to avoid planting and other plantings located near industrial zones, highways and railways, existing and abandoned landfills in the Saratov region. In such places, fungi can be "contaminated" with those harmful substances that are in the soil and air. They are absorbed into the pulp of the fruit body, and even heat treatment does not help in the fight against them.
  3. Wormy, old or damaged mushrooms should not be picked. They can accumulate dangerous toxic substances that cause irreparable harm to human health, making edible mushrooms poisonous.
  4. You need to fold the found crop in a ventilated container. Therefore, it is best to use wicker baskets that allow air to pass through and prevent the fruit bodies from suffocating and deteriorating even before they get home.
  5. Honey mushrooms must be laid with their caps down, or sideways, so that they do not break during transportation.


Honey mushrooms in the Saratov region are common and are not considered a rare occurrence. Therefore, the inhabitants of the region know about many places where you can conduct a successful quiet hunt and make decent supplies for the winter.

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