How to process a pear in spring and autumn

How to process a pear in spring and autumn

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Pears, like other fruit crops, are often attacked by insects. Among them there are leaf-sucking, leaf-eating, and pests that affect flowers and fruits. Processing pears in the spring from pests is an important event that should not be neglected. What drugs are needed to protect pear trees from pests, the rules for their use, will be discussed below.

Rules for processing pears from pests

In order for the fight against harmful insects to be successful, you need to know some of the nuances:

  1. Remove old bark, mosses and lichens from the bark of the pear tree with a stiff brush. You need to work carefully so as not to damage the healthy bark.
  2. The first treatment is carried out at a temperature above +5 degrees early in the morning or in the evening. Choose clear, windless weather. Precipitation will render the treatment useless.
  3. Spraying is carried out not only on the crown of the tree. They also process the trunk of the pear, the soil in the near-trunk circle, since pests can be found everywhere.
  4. Solutions are prepared immediately before processing in accordance with the instructions. When working with chemicals, you need to use special clothing so as not to harm your health.
  5. For processing in spring or autumn, young pears are treated with mild preparations so that the plants do not get burned.

Processing calendar

Processing of pears and apple trees from pests is carried out in spring, summer and autumn. The drugs are used depending on the type of pests. A certain amount of time must pass between treatments.

Important! It is not recommended to spray plantings against pests with only one preparation. They need to be alternated so that there is no addiction.

Time of processing



Early in the spring, until the leaves have blossomed

Aphid, honeydew

DNOC 40%, Nitrafen (paste 40%), Ditox, Bi-58

For treating pears from ticks

Colloidal sulfur

After the foliage appears

Gall mite

Fozalon, Metaphos

During budding


When the flowers open up


Until the kidneys opened up

Leaf roll


Chlorofos, Fozalon

When caterpillars appear

Pear tree flower

"Karbofos", "Fufanon", "Kemifos"

When the bloom ends

Pear pipe runner

"Decis", "Karbofos", "Fufanon", "Inta-Vir"

21-28 days after flowering


Before flowering and after

Weevil, moth

"Decis", "Kinmiks", "Inta-TsM" or use lures with glue "Clean House", "Vo-got stuck", "Alt"

During the growth of the ovaries


Iskra, Tsitkor, Kinmix, Fury

In autumn

Mice and rodents

Lures "Clean House", "Storm"

How to treat a pear in the spring from pests

Spring processing of pears and apple trees is carried out several times during the growing season (in each region the time will be different):

  1. In early spring, as soon as the snow melts, to destroy overwintered pests.
  2. Before the swelling of flower buds to control larvae.
  3. Then trees are treated from ticks and other pests when the buds open and when most of the petals fall off.
  4. The last processing of pears or apple trees in the spring is planned after the fruits begin to set. This event is necessary to consolidate the results and increase the resistance of fruit trees to pests.

Autumn processing of pears

Extreme cold in winter leads to cracks and frost cracks in the pear bark. It is in them that pests and pathogens are populated. It is in the fall that special measures need to be taken to protect the fruit trees. Most often, copper sulfate is used for processing pears in the fall.

Measures to protect pears from pests:

  1. You need to start processing pears when most of the foliage has flown around. Spraying from harmful insects is carried out twice: the first solution is made, as usual, the second is much stronger.
  2. In October, the trunks and skeletal branches of the pear are whitened.
  3. In November, they are again treated with solutions from pests.

Attention! It is impossible to name the exact timing of processing the trunk and crown of a pear in the fall from pests, since the climatic conditions of Russia are diverse.

Trees are treated in spring or autumn from any pests only in dry weather without wind. It is desirable that there is no precipitation for at least one day. The first frosts cannot be the reason for postponing the planned work, because during the day there are still temperatures above zero. It is in such weather that strong solutions of drugs will not cause burns.

Preparations for processing pears

Since the variety of insects is great, the preparations for their destruction in spring, summer or autumn are somewhat different. For processing use:

  • chemical agents;
  • antibiotics;
  • folk remedies.

Important! A number of preparations used to treat pears in spring and autumn helps to destroy pests and pathogens.


Chemicals are used to save pears from harmful insects in spring and autumn. You need to work with them in protective clothing, since many of them are unsafe for the human respiratory system.

A drug

Diseases or pests

Terms of use


1% Bordeaux liquid solution

Scab, rust, pests hibernating in tree bark and soil

Dilute 100 g of the substance into 5 liters of water

During bud formation, after flowering. Then 4 more times every 14 days

3% Bordeaux mixture solution


300 g for 5 l of water

In the autumn before wintering

Copper sulfate

50 g for 5 l of water

During the swelling of the kidneys

Colloidal sulfur

50 g per 5 l

Process the pear in the spring 5 times with a break of 10 days

"Decis", "Topaz", "Aktara"

Ants, aphids

According to instructions

As pests appear

"Nitrafen-300", "Karbofos-90"

Gall mite, scale insect

300 mg of "Nitrafen" is diluted in 10 liters of water

Early in spring, while the buds are just swelling and immediately after flowering

Other chemical preparations for saving pears from harmful insects in spring and autumn:

  • "Spark double effect";
  • "Nemabat";
  • Nurell D;
  • Aktofit;
  • Kinmix;
  • "Omite";
  • "Calypso";
  • Horus;
  • "Bitoxibacillin";
  • Actellik.

For processing pears in spring or autumn for the winter, chemicals are diluted strictly according to the instructions. Otherwise, you can harm the plantings.


Various antibiotics are used to treat pear trees for bacterial burns. According to some gardeners, they are much more effective than many chemicals.




1 ampoule for 5 l of liquid



1-2 tablets are dissolved in 5 liters of water

You can use one of the antibiotics to treat garden plants from harmful insects and diseases in spring and autumn for no more than 2 years, since pathogens develop strong immunity. For the same reason, experienced gardeners recommend using the preparations alternately. When processing pears with antibiotics, the dosage of drugs is taken into account.

Attention! Spraying pear trees from harmful insects in spring or autumn should be started at an early stage in order to protect other fruit trees.

Folk remedies

If there are not so many harmful insects, then you can use various folk recipes to save fruit trees in spring or autumn:

  1. Fumigation with tobacco. Damp straw is piled up, tobacco dust is added and set on fire. To distribute smoke evenly throughout the garden, choose dry weather.
  2. A solution is prepared from 10 liters of water, 40 g of citric acid, 25 g of ferrous sulfate. This mixture is abundantly sprayed on plantings in spring, summer or autumn from various pests.
  3. Humus (6 kg), iron vitriol (150 g) are dissolved in 10 liters of water. With this solution, soil is poured along the grooves in the trunk circle.
  4. Dandelions. 500 g of green mass with flowers is poured into 1 liter of water. After a day, the infusion is boiled for a quarter of an hour, then chopped garlic cloves (2 large heads) are added, boiled for 5 minutes. The cooled broth is filtered and diluted in 10 liters of water. Rub 30 g of green soap, add to the composition. The trees are sprayed once every 7 days until the pests disappear. Work can be carried out from spring to autumn.
  5. Marigold. Pour 100 g of flowers into 1 liter of water and boil. After 5 days, filter, dilute with the same amount of water and process the pears.
  6. Potato tops. For the infusion, you will need 1 kg of green mass and 10 liters of water heated to 25 degrees. After 4 hours, strain, add 1 tbsp. any liquid soap. You can save garden crops in spring, summer, autumn, the main thing is that there is no rain and wind.
  7. Wood ash. 10 liters of water requires 200 g of ash and 50 g of laundry soap. It needs to be grated. The soap must be well dissolved and the planting must be treated.

Important! Any solutions for spraying pears during care in the fall or spring are prepared for one treatment.

Experienced gardening tips

Novice gardeners should understand that when saving a garden from harmful insects, one must not forget about their own safety:

  1. Protective clothing should be used to handle trees. First of all, they protect the respiratory system and eyes.
  2. After completing the work, they thoroughly wash and rinse their mouth.
  3. The dishes in which the solution was diluted are washed.
  4. The remaining funds are disposed of in places inaccessible to children and animals.
  5. For work, manual or automatic sprayers are used.
  6. During spraying, the person should stand at a distance of 75 cm from the pear.


Processing pears in the spring from pests is an important preventive measure. Despite the fact that breeders are trying to create fruit crops that are highly immune to harmful insects, there are still varieties of pears and apple trees that require special processing. If you do not carry out timely spraying with chemicals or folk remedies, you can lose the crop or the trees themselves.

An overview of chemicals for saving the garden in spring, summer and autumn from harmful insects:

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