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Dutch breeding demonstrates steady progress in the formation of new proposals on the berry market. The Rumba strawberry variety is a good example of this.

Short description

The Rumba strawberry variety is a single-fruiting type of garden strawberry. It is positioned as a worthy alternative to the Honey variety when cultivated in the northern zones. In recent years, Rumba strawberry has confidently competed with him for positions in the industrial cultivation of this agricultural crop.

The table provides a description of the Rumba strawberry:

FruitingStartDurationRumba yield
Falls in the first or second decade of June (depending on the area of ​​cultivation).About 3 weeks.200-250 grams per bush in the first year. Subsequent seasons 450-1000 grams. Depends on the age of the plant, agricultural technology used, natural and climatic conditions.
PlantA typeSheet apparatusRoot part
Mixed. Rumba responds well to agricultural technology, the result of which can be a generative or vegetative direction.Widely branched, large. The leaves have a deep dark green color and jagged edges.Abundant fibrous root structure. Allows to withstand moderate frosts with a small snow cover.
BerryShape and colorSize and weightAromatic and taste indicators
Uniform shape, with a minimum percentage of rejected to total weight. The first fruits of Rumba form a regular conical shape, all subsequent ones are rounded-conical. The color of the ripe berry is dark red, intense, up to cherry. With a long-lasting glossy shine.A large percentage of the entire crop is occupied by a large berry, a smaller percentage by an average one. When weighing one Rumba berry, the dial shows 25-30 grams.Sweet taste with slight sourness, long strawberry aftertaste. The seeds are small and not felt when eaten. Rumba strawberry has a long-lasting pleasant smell.

The described external data of the Rumba variety is shown in a photo, while strawberry lovers appreciate the taste and aroma only on their site.

The description includes the following benefits of strawberries, found in practice in Rumba by both gardeners and large farmers:

  1. The fruits are resistant to crushing during the growing season.
  2. The berries have a dense structure.
  3. The harvest is formed by the "bouquet" type.
  4. The berries are uniform in shape and weight.
  5. Large leaf apparatus.
  6. The variety has a powerful branched root system.

Negative characteristics:

  1. The sugar content of the variety reacts noticeably to external factors.
  2. Average values ​​of Rumba strawberry tolerance indicators to the main pathogens.

Cultivation on large farms

Seedlings are used in large areas. Professional farmers use the genetic predisposition of the Rumba variety to uniform fruit formation to obtain products of a high presentation.

The round shape reduces the area of ​​contact between the berries. This has a positive effect on the appearance. The dense structure of the fruits of the variety allows you to transport strawberries for 2-3 days without reducing the marketability.

A dense consistency, which means a heavy berry, is an important indicator that the Rumba strawberry possesses. Thanks to this, the farmer generates additional profit when he sells the same volume of produce for a lot of money. And the "accuracy" of fruiting reduces labor costs and loss of time for harvesting.

Important! The well-formed leaf apparatus of Rumba serves as a reliable protector against burns of strawberries under the influence of direct sunlight.

Agrotechnical techniques used

Rumba strawberry bushes are not compact. Therefore, experts plant seedlings at the rate of 4 bush per 1 m2... Violation of this recommendation leads to thickening, lack of sunlight, poor air circulation. The result is deplorable: strawberries are undernourished due to internal cross-competition, stagnant locations are formed in the root zone, and a pathogenic environment accumulates.

The soil for Rumba is selected neutral or slightly acidic. Strawberries do not respond well to alkalization. If necessary, add calcium sulfate, ammonium sulfate, rotted organic matter. When considering the soil by mechanical parameters, the stake is placed on light soils, black soil. Avoid planting the variety in heavy loamy areas.

Farmers use different types of strawberry dressing, such as the Rumba variety - root, leaf. Especially during the fruiting period. The Rumba strawberry variety reacts strongly to the availability of nutrients. At the slightest deficiency, the berry loses its taste, the plant becomes susceptible to diseases.

The Rumba variety reacts to the increased boron content in the soil. The first signs are found on old strawberry leaves - brown spots cover their surface, the leaves die off. This factor is taken into account by agronomists when drawing up a plan for mineral fertilizing.

Important! Brown spot on old strawberry foliage is a cross symptom of various disorders during the growing season.

Agrarians determine the cause by excluding diseases that have similar manifestations.

In order to get early products and have time to sell them at the highest possible price, farmers use greenhouse complexes and covering materials. Thanks to this, the fruiting period of Rumba comes 2 weeks earlier.

Growing in a personal plot

Owners of private farms and gardeners also allocate plots for this variety, or replace old strawberry plants with Rumba. The desired end result is somewhat different from that of industrialists. But the main parameters that they achieve remain the same - a high-quality fruit with excellent taste.

Based on the reviews, the Rumba strawberry variety has all the makings required for this. The main thing is to help the plant to show them.

Recommendations for those who plant the specified berry for the first time

Description of the planting method of the Rumba variety for the novice gardener:

  1. First, determine the area where plants with common pests and pathogens are not grown for strawberries.
  2. Choose a place that is sufficiently lit, protected from gusts of wind.
  3. They select flat areas, without depressions and slopes.
  4. Rumba seedlings are planned to be planted both in the fall and in the spring.
  5. In the first year, the mustache and part of the inflorescences are cut off from the variety for better survival.
  6. The surrounding area is cleaned of weeds.
  7. To keep the berry clean, the ground around the strawberry is covered with chopped grass and straw. Mulch also prevents the soil from drying out.
  8. The perimeter of the cultivated area is planted with onions or garlic - the essential oils they release into the air confuse the strawberry pests.

Although this strawberry variety tolerates relatively persistent conditions of a continental climate, reviews of gardeners growing Rumba in conditions of damp and cool springs indicate that the plant loses its taste when there is a lack of heat. This should be taken into account by residents of the northern zones.

The video provides a visual representation of the Rumba strawberry variety:


The Rumba variety responds well to feeding. This positive quality plays a bad joke when the gardener introduces excess nitrogen. Increased doses of the trace element provoke thickening of the stems and leaves of Rumba strawberries, to the detriment of fruit formation.

The preference is given to organics. Its action is stretched out in time. It helps to improve the structure of the soil. To do this, they take last year's manure and lay the ground around each strawberry bush in the spring, before the start of the inflorescences.

Fresh manure cannot be used - it is a source of pathogenic microorganisms. And also it contains nitrogenous compounds in such a concentration that it leads to burns of the root system.

It is permissible to use mineral fertilizers to adjust the content of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in the soil.

Using berries

The correct approach to strawberry cultivation guarantees a bountiful harvest. Large farms use Rumba's good transportability to supply strawberries to wholesale markets and canneries.

Small households consume berries raw, as well as in various types of culinary processing.


The strawberries are harvested in the morning, but only after the dew has subsided. Only the one that lies on the mulching layer or on the covering material is selected. The density of Rumba berries allows them to be stacked in layers directly into the freezer. But the best effect is achieved in the following way:

  1. The berry is collected together with the stalk, which is separated immediately before storage.
  2. Washes lightly and spreads out on paper towels for quick drying of strawberries.
  3. Rumba is stacked in one layer on a pallet or wide flat plate, after which it is placed in the freezer.
  4. After 6 hours, the strawberries are taken back, poured into a bag from cling film.
  5. Is laid back before winter.

Thanks to the recommendations, separate berries are obtained, which are convenient to take in the required quantity directly from the refrigerator, without taking out the entire package.

Dessert preparation

Rumba delights not only with its taste and aroma, but also looks spectacular in the form of jelly with whole strawberries.

It is taken:

  1. A spoonful of gelatin.
  2. 350 ml hot water.
  3. 125 ml of cooled boiled water.
  4. 150 grams of sugar.
  5. 500 grams of strawberries.

Rumba fruits are separated from the stalk, most of them are ground in a blender, the smaller part is laid out in containers. The strawberry mass is transferred to a saucepan, mixed with water, brought to a boil and cooled.

In cold water, gelatin is softened. Add to a saucepan to the boiled mass, heat until then (not bringing to 100 ° C), until the gelatin is completely dissolved. Pour into molds with strawberries, cool, put in the refrigerator. Dessert is served frozen.


Klavdia Ivanovna, 53 years old, Rostov-on-Don

On my site, I often try new varieties. I want to find a strawberry that tastes like the one we ate as a child. A neighbor gave 5 bushes to try. She says that she took from official representatives. The variety is called Rumba. Frankly, I liked it. She is sweet and beautiful. Next season I will increase it to a whole garden.

Ivan, 34 years old, Volgograd

I am engaged in the supply of strawberries to the wholesale markets of Moscow. Farmers, from whom I constantly buy goods, a new variety has appeared. The berry was praised for its density. I tried to deliver 500 kg. And there is. Rumba survived a two-day drive on our roads without losing its appeal. I recommend!


Rumba, like any other strawberry variety, has its pros and cons. Taking into account the strengths and weaknesses will help in practice to reveal the full potential that this culture has.

Watch the video: Rumba De Bodas - Freaky Funky Official Video (January 2023).

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