Pickled cabbage with garlic, oil and carrots

Pickled cabbage with garlic, oil and carrots

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Few would argue that sauerkraut, pickled or pickled cabbage is one of the most coveted dishes among the many salads that are served on the table in winter. After all, the time for fresh vegetables is long gone, and most salads are prepared from boiled or stewed products, which quickly become boring, and you want to dilute them with something fresh or spicy, crispy. But sauerkraut takes a long time to cook, and there is not always a place to store it. Pickled cabbage is prepared quite quickly, but sometimes there is no time or energy even for quick preparation and you just want to get a jar of ready-made cabbage from the pantry or cellar and crunch it to your heart's content or treat unexpected guests.

In this case, it makes sense in some free period of time to make a delicious harvest of cabbage and twist it for the winter, so that later you can enjoy it at any time of the year. Pickled cabbage with garlic will be a good example of such a preparation, since it combines pleasant crunchiness, and pungency, and healthiness.

Advice! If you are pickling cabbage for winter storage, try to choose medium and late varieties to maintain its firmness as much as possible.

Quick recipe

If you have very little time, then it is possible to use the following recipe for instant pickled cabbage with garlic:

  • A head of cabbage weighing 1.5-2 kg should be freed from all contaminated parts and the outermost leaves. Chop the rest as you like using a regular sharp knife or a special grater.
  • Wash two medium carrots, peel and grate.
  • Divide the head of garlic into cloves and peel off all adjacent scales.
  • All of the above vegetables are first mixed in a separate bowl, then poured with boiling water so that it covers them completely. After they stand in boiling water for 10 minutes, hot water is drained, and cabbage with carrots and garlic are laid out in sterile glass jars prepared in advance.

It is necessary to prepare the marinade in advance so that the chopped vegetables do not languish for a long time in jars just like that.

For the marinade you need to take:

  • Purified water -1 liter;
  • Salt - 45 g;
  • Sugar - 55 g;
  • Vegetable oil - 150 grams;
  • Apple cider vinegar - 200 grams;
  • Allspice - 3-4 peas;
  • Black pepper - 3-4 peas;
  • Bay leaf - 2-3 pieces.

All ingredients, except vinegar and oil, are mixed in an enamel pot and heated to 100 ° C until completely dissolved. After boiling, the marinade is filled with oil, heated again to a boil. The heat is turned off and apple cider vinegar is added to the marinade mixture.

Attention! In addition to apple cider vinegar, any natural vinegar of your choice can be used in the same proportions.

Now everything is ready to complete the production of pickled cabbage with garlic for the winter. While still hot, the marinade mixture is poured into jars of cabbage. The jars are immediately rolled up with sterile lids, turned upside down and left under a warm blanket until they cool completely. This guarantees additional sterilization. Garlic cabbage pickled in this way can be kept cool throughout the winter.

Spicy recipe

This recipe will take you a little longer to make garlic pickled cabbage, but your efforts won't go to waste.

In general, in addition to garlic, many different seasonings and spices are used to improve the taste of finished cabbage. Experienced housewives are actively experimenting with the addition of such a "gentlemanly" set of herbs such as: dill, basil, celery, cilantro, savory, tarragon and horseradish. But the most interesting spicy and spicy additions, very well in harmony with the taste of the cabbage itself, are cumin and ginger root.

And the ginger root came to us from the recipes of oriental cuisine, but many people liked it so much that there is practically no such preparation in which its use would not be welcomed.

So, for an ordinary medium head of cabbage, weighing about 2 kg, it is worth preparing 2-3 medium carrots, a head of garlic, about 100 grams of ginger and an incomplete teaspoon of caraway seeds.

Cabbage is cut in any way you are accustomed to, carrots can be grated beautifully for Korean salads. After cleaning, the garlic is crushed either with a special crusher, or simply using a sharp knife. The ginger root is peeled and cut into the finest pieces. All prepared vegetables are lightly mixed in a separate glass or enamel bowl.

The marinade for this dish can be prepared in the most standard way. To do this, 90 g of salt and 125 g of sugar are dissolved in one and a half liters of water. The mixture is brought to a boil and 90 ml of sunflower oil, as well as caraway seeds, 0.5 teaspoon of black pepper, a few pieces of cloves and bay leaves are added to it.

At the last moment, 150 ml of apple cider vinegar or any other natural vinegar is added to the marinade.

To marinate the cabbage properly, it is poured with a still hot marinade, covered with a plate tightly on top and slightly pressed down, so that the marinade liquid covers all the vegetables entirely.

The container with pickled cabbage is left for a day until it cools. After this period, you can already feast on cabbage with garlic. And in order to preserve it for the winter, you should sterilize the workpiece in jars, using any method convenient for you, not forgetting about the lids.

Then put all the remaining cabbage in jars and sterilize them in boiling water for about 15-20 minutes.

Advice! It will be most convenient to use an airfryer for these purposes - it is enough to put cans of cabbage in it for only 10 minutes at a temperature of + 150 ° C.

Having hermetically sealed the jars with the preparation of cabbage and garlic, put them to cool under a blanket and place them in the pantry the next day for long-term storage.

Pickled cabbage with garlic, harvested for the winter, will help you out more than once in the most unexpected cases. And she will be able to help you diversify your home menu without much material costs.

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